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Flugfamp has once again established itself as the leading marketplace for drugs on the Swedish darknet.Flugsvamp 2.0 Admin has been arrested. Article
About Flugsvamp 2.0
Flugsvamp history begins in February 2014 when a Swedish Marketplace on Darknet for the first time is presented to users on the Flashback Drug Forum.Buyers of drugs in marketplaces have long preferred to trade domestic by Swedish sellers, but until now there has been no purely Swedish marketplace.The first reactions are cautiously pending, but when the dominant darknet marketplace at that time, Silk Road 2, is experiencing technical problems, both sellers and buyers begin to move to the new Swedish marketplace on darknet.Flugsvamp is already profiling as a pure drug market, unlike the completely free markets that are commonplace internationally.Here you can not sell weapons or stolen credit cards and similar goods that many other marketplaces provide.Early it is also clear that Flugsvamps administrators do not primarily have economic gain as a driving force but want to facilitate all Swedens drug users and, in the longer term, affect Swedish policy on drugs in a more liberal direction.During spring, summer and autumn 2014, fly fungi is growing steadily.The marketplace quickly gains a dominant position in the market for darknet trafficking in drugs in Sweden.New sellers and buyers are coming at an even pace, and in early November 2014, the number of ads in the marketplace is up to almost 1000.November 6, 2014, however, the happiness for administrators and users of Flugsvamp.As part of the internationalpolice operation Onymous, all Flugvamps public servers are taken down.A large number of international marketplaces also disappear in the same way.The application has limited effect because the seized servers are encrypted and the police fail to read any information from them.The Btc server where users money is stored also avoids the authorities.Unfortunately, it is not enough when it turns out that Flugfamp only has a backup server and this has also disappeared in the turnaround.Certainly, all users money is secure, but without a database that tells about the money that belongs to which user they are of limited value.In the near future, the administrators will try to figure out which sellers are entitled to the sums.Somewhat great interest in restarting Flyvamp is not due to the uncertainties about security and general fatigue among administrators.Once the sellers have returned their money, admin2 also disappears with the bitcoins left in the box which further complicates a reboot.After that, admin1, the original founder of Flugsvamp, continues to seek new administrators alone, a job that takes a large part of spring 2015.Eventually find them and help them to once again take the online marketplace.In April 2015, Flugfamp will reappear the ports.Unofficially baptized to Flugsvamp 2 with a new generation of administrators at the spokes.Since the restart, Flugfamp has once again established itself as the leading marketplace for drugs on the Swedish darknet.The number of users and sales has grown steadily, which means that street traffic with drugs has declined accordingly.Without tumbling on the principles laid down for the foundation, Flugfamp has continued to evolve to make the user experience as safe and appealing as possible.The ambition is now, as before, to take a significant part of the Swedish drug market and clearly show that it is beyond the ability of the authorities to prevent it.Given some time, it will lead to a change in Swedish drug policy

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