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They say: 'Kerberos Marketplace - Be faithful to us and we will never be unfaithful to you. Hell yes.'


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Good morning my friends, I wish you all a wonderful day in our beautiful underworld.

We thought long about whether or not bringing Kerberos to life.
The reason for this is that if we call a project into life, it is done right: Without compromises and with the necessary responsibility.
And when we saw one market disappeared after another (and mostly by Exit-Scams) we decided to do so.

The Kerberos Marketplace was created under the premise to stay forever. We wanted a great and a fair marketplace.
Vendors can build a lasting presence for their business that can grow and flourish without worries.

This market was designed to stay, not to disappear like all the others after 1 or 2 years.
In our opinion it is just pretty shitty to create a marketplace and then, just when it was established, do an Exit-Scam or to retire.
Especially after vendors have just built up their store with a lot of work and effort and build up the necessary reputation and customers have found a reliable place to acquire their preferred goods.
It happened to us personally - both as vendors and as customers, like: What the HELL!??

In addition, we very closely monitored the markets in recent years and rarely - if anything - has improved in terms of the quality of the markets.
It was always just another marketplace or it was trying to bring back a new version of an old legend.
But in the end all have disappeared after a relatively short time.

That's why we finally decided to create something new, which has never been done in this form.
Regardless if you are a vendor or a customer - every member will very quickly feel the difference.
Due to the constant further development of the Onion Network and other technologies, today it is possible to create a marketplace which can last for many years.
We have focused on safety and security and made no compromises, including multi-layer encryption and the Kerberos Guardian with integrated Strike-System.

Whatever happens, we will provide whatever it takes to make Kerberos stay forever.

We also wanted to use the opportunity to do something good with this project. That's why we support Heifer International.
Vendors and customer can participate and do something good as well, making our world better and help turning hunger and poverty into hope and education.
Participation is completely voluntary.

Main Features:
- Kerberos is a decentralized marketplace since the first day of launch and operates on multiple server and backup systems around the world.
Kerberos is the first and only marketplace that operates special multi-layer encrypted fast servers and services.
- Further, the whole marketplace was created from scratch and especially developed for over 2 years before the launch, only for this purpose.
Every line is hand coded and doesn't use any foreign scripts which are public and attackable.
- Kerberos works according to the whitelist principle. Every function has been designed for maximum security.
In addition, the Kerberos Guardian with the integrated Strike-System was created to guarantee the highest level of security.
- You can access Kerberos over Tor (Onion Network), I2P and a secured clearnet mirror address.
- The marketplace is constantly being further developed for improvements and new features, so we can provide our members with a feature-rich marketplace.
- Kerberos Cataclysm Protocol
Our members can have peace of mind that their funds which are currently on the marketplace, will be accessible for withdraw before the marketplace shuts down after 26 days of a canary expiration.
- A detailed FAQ where all regular questions are understandably answered. In addition, an Information Center with helpful tutorials.
- Kerberos does not charge any fees for deposits or withdraws, besides the current estimated network (miner) fee for withdraws.
- Supported crypto currencies: Monero (XMR) and Bitcoion (BTC).
- Withdraw addresses will be validated for correct format which makes it unlikely that you accidentally enter an incorrect crypto address and lose your money.
- Supported fiat currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF) and US Dollar (USD).
- Sensitive data will be automatically removed from purchase and sales history within a certain time, leaving back no traces.
- Auto-Feedback function.
- Professional ledger with reset function.
- Kerberos uses simple but exceptionally secure captchas for DDoS 2-Factor Protection, marketplace registration and login. Never again bite your keyboard after endless captcha fails.
- PGP encryption option is everywhere available on the marketplace, either through Kerberos or by yourself.
- Automatic Kerberos Mail with tried password, if there is an attempt to login with a wrong password to your account.
- A friendly and fast member support.
- Historical vendor feedback from old marketplaces, to assess a vendor fast and reliable.
- An impartial and fair dispute system.
- Item views in categories.
- Promotion item listings.
Vendors can create promotion item listings that can only be purchased once per customer.
- All regular features like 2FA security, canary etc are included without saying.

The Administration:
- At Kerberos the member is still king, as it should be.
- The Administration is more than something special, just like a touch of magic.
All our servers and services are designed to detect any type of errors immediately and inform The Administration.
You can be sure that if there should ever occur an technical error, The Administration has been informed and fixes this.
- The same applies to our member support.
All support querys are processed within a short time, usually in just a few hours.
Depending on the effort, it can sometimes take longer but we try to keep these times as short as possible.

Vendor specific:
- Kerberos offers 3 vendor account types which fit for every vendor and business.
- The vendor marketplace commission is between 6% and 2%, depending on the vendor's reputation tier at verfication and decreases to 2% with increasing reputation.
- Existing vendors with the required reputation on other marketplaces get a lower marketplace commission for every sale which is between 5% to 3%,
depending on the classified reputation tier at verfication and decreases to 2% with increasing reputation.
- Verified vendor accounts with the required reputation becomes trusted status and gets a higher reputation tier after verification.
The reputation tier is adjusted based on an average of reputation and feedback on existing and historical marketplaces.
- Vendors can prove this with their DarkNet Trust or recon history or with their current profiles on other marketplaces.
- Finalize Early (FE) option can be instantly available for verified vendors, according to our assessment. If it is not instantly available, the time to availability is faster than with other accounts types.
- Finalize Early FE-Discount as option (Escrow and FE) or FE-Only. All FE options are with or without percentage offer option.
- In addition to the regular marketplace mirror URLs, a vendor gets access to special preferred and secured mirror URLs, protected by Onion Authentication.
- Payment will always be settled in the item's provided fiat currency and it's current crypto exchange rate.
- All members can view the item price in their selected fiat currency, but this is only for their information.
If vendors create an item with USD $ 100.00 for example, the customer pays USD $ 100.00 and the vendor get USD $ 100.00, minus commissions of course.
- Additional optional special listing features.
- There are no listing limits.
- Up to 45000 characters per item description possible.
- Duplicate item listings with one click.
- ASCII logo creation possible for your vendor profile.
- Vendors can also choose between 1296 colored unicode pictogram symbols for their item labels, description and their vendor profile.
The symbols will be displayed in every browser incl. Tor browser, no small squares like everywhere else.
- Automatically generated packing lists provided by Kerberos, graphic or plain text.
- Vendor response function for received feedback.
- Kerberos Advertising Service.
Vendors can advertise an exclusive and limited personal banner and/or a preferred item listing on the home section.
- Vendors have the opportunity to get their personal review thread at The Hub for detailed reviews.
- Vendor accounts are integrated with vendors DarkNet Trust profile.
- Vacation mode.
- ... and much more.

Customer specific:
- Fast deposits. Deposits will be checked every 3 minutes.
Monero deposits will be credited after 10 confirmations, Bitcon deposites after 1 confirmation. You can see the current deposit and confirmation status.
- The customer marketplace commission is only 2% per purchase.
- Why is there a marketplace commission for customers and not only for vendors? Vendors and customers both benefit from using a decent marketplace. Sharing the costs is only fair.
We see no reason why just one party should pay for everything alone, regardless of how low our marketplace commissions are.
- Secure Escrow Service.
- Customers can add multiple item listings to one order by the same vendor.
Customers can select Escrow or Finalize Early (FE) for every item in the order seperatly, if the vendor offers Finalize Early (FE).

Reviews (7)(Average Rating 4.4 / 5.0)


this is the worst looking market i've ever seen


Amazing market always accessible has I2P - the design is a bit out there but full functionality - highly recommended


Cool sounds good


this is a piece of shit market ... they are liers they were world market that exit scammed... there pieces of shit will run away with you money... all the top vendors joined nemesis market ...... long live nemesis market they are the best market


Fantastic site - so so happy all orders fullifilled genuine site quick delivery. proper happy with this site thank you


SCAMM !!! I dont get my deposit


the best Market very easy!