Cypher Market


Cypher Market is a relatively new market that supports Monero, Z-cash, and Bitcoin


PGP Keys

Cypher Market Public PGP

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBF4amb0BEADD45g8sIygDAFj/xytJdOM1yok73cHmIr9uX/v3rtBW/wpTA0r NH/NWx7MFDS/gr32cgrcwgfPdYPlQFrU5M5KqwGO3j24IpDlxk0W6cRubDcTtu7a e0Mq14KigLkktfbW9GXoSn8FqaUNR9sebCDOZpEyRI78tbARdxZEH2DXCBw5wMhU 23sOAMJAxVzS5vaUbn76eglHVoUE3bDpLpjRcgxR/8HzieHRRlDKMSKKeZHfbjH5 IULu4Idrb45G4fAiHFZx1SgJdLxuLl5ayywf3/xGOJN78ekk4mBTgYJ3/mZwbgIL NrNYUPu4+Pi4CoJt82iQEFhiFkF11/w2CJWqSavNGlAsDRypTc2NFRQHrzXXXWOt WObO6x+iqn/NPZvCI/m0m3x7ooww4v6Je6ydFo9qZvXQjobgBbdrCE8SoghJpqs9 Z03LnoPOKzMWfZ4Z7dbWIPH66ia6WDZsIU3lxA+exY63Coc2PdhJtC+PaVZ91wB7 DwUXxy/s9p0EwdJWq03Nrt9uWGrnCRb2hkP7qx0o2yOUwKOoK/iWd2wBeHhsKVDS BVwlW2UERfzdPn0iRXhNysQe+pt5sFtUB2r8/liacpf/din+k+Rs0hXdrK43Xrq0 SRf4Lvth3I0V4V00GPMB56ub6BBJq+oYREgCxIETus/a3VIBRpjR8afFuwARAQAB tBpDeXBoZXIgPEN5cGhlckBtYXJrZXQucGdwPokCTgQTAQoAOBYhBFjs0EwkWa73 NlNNiu1gfkS6xYsdBQJeGpm9AhsDBQsJCAcDBRUKCQgLBRYCAwEAAh4BAheAAAoJ EO1gfkS6xYsdDIQQALWD+7W1dSUDVlp80MfpD/yCwDiQ//vdds+FCESf6G28ZbMs H9QhDckwC4YRlxYnnXiFQuHtx3VH02hxJPfcHsLTumdCQ6FvXOIO4WiY0A/DHXqz i5sCXhrRIlrwWfhHItxSFPINgVK2Qb2oRk4/KTz7+7WGqsiM3J7xy1i+pElh/FOc mLjOJcbVsyeGQEQLWvf2oFzM5mk4wG3XZZGnklRRF/Rg8BW2xKt/OJB4Kd3RN/mL lzu0f/n3pkiR6MvJGnxjP+qp05hOfyOOOi7+n8nSEI936A56Q99FEPEd+HFoaepC BPA0FrvvnWwc8n6E8OBwOVZdYA2ldJNDcJgY5Ks1QFyMy5cPYJj9vRGSxG2ae2kd iVElwQqWOb/DGNVpKmcBHHNK3Ixlb0PfEYtDuQBTQVqezU0L3Nt3ZGXXJeSSEovb slY9JxjJvv7Wa7e1h8ku1TDyF0Dks6pprPMvHpfdEN0Yiv5P3JUNC3jU1hJuqU3v NGQLJyFNLtaNw2xTovPDjp3QT0cYu6H92kR7iwikuFUT9K0nNcmeJj3o2PgLjMBw uZXYhrgO4qe9vnTSjRF5SrBkPcUts3icu1IkSfkFJUyLxnoMhDRzhOhIfJSsDy5h IxnKuPFZ0YGjItwA1+cXppeW7/6NdZjvVzMA4CAWLqFO87y+VcOevsv1QIOguQIN BF4amb0BEAD1DNDSZfw5B7QatM9atqjJDvrmDUp8WuaLXHwGKgfnnmZBLZiFI1JM q5x1KiqWvDSWWR2S23knx06vZZeKWxyWPGgDzm0iGRUoBxY5qB7oc6yjh7zgK8n/ /8JeJpq75Vz3s6qR3LsC5nHMygwuysnBquj2JvJsxZauilaoaHC11RJbHdBe4RsQ dMkK9mSg+yBMT3BTOwJMHDwUX6IVedl9qyUFUezeaFQA9PoZEX6TvvRvsaWQpJ70 gw7jCcz+Z/2r7Xdb8M0jWm//FFvOXToklJF1hrHsfbCKsSAMbU6ZVq11s8v5GUcx lPKbelYqna6HnuQdtMgYCrG9zOD6VLwNK0CjY7eFrva7WszSlaITgKaVmnHIlDhF GusPDHZNKIuAKWilgw78UrPG+9dRozM9+Fq1QtolKwhlK0M2o/MPPi28CaNxyi4X e1Wxt+0YPoLZn/Bx2pWeQrQPAfp3C0Sp8LKH1Xwmuj3ObY8SERfr2Bf+i17uR8sx NqrjeruWpn5kLYm+rbk7Z/zTSpIS2gstE82r79Z4IZ17v2UT+OZwKMRefJ/pqatF WphFQaUMMu80kIJd/iLPp0X1+SfIEaUVaUEULbTwx300mRBst0B4GE0BPJ2y+Bd5 hGG2uotyMU1lXXzMSWmOyHqKrCtfVtphIT5ri/VUgI7qk+eqgnMc5QARAQABiQI2 BBgBCgAgFiEEWOzQTCRZrvc2U02K7WB+RLrFix0FAl4amb0CGwwACgkQ7WB+RLrF ix0pjg/8DbQE/20tDVSDxHzwI568SJkx8e3O7tf4v8rJl2hJ2bFnVdjqOI9Rs6Ac DbKx40VkBEtz20djLkKQ8HF4f7XxZcZpJaUYs7YTHw5dsvX5+t7Le1qIPP2Y+yUs Kg+effi5KVmXOVH3ac4Iauu7GXQmENa0B0vLhXK4w7o3M+foaZ+QdpZVy69DOykr ciV1qq5yJYYdRzHPnCRZ4A0HFvui4JHR3T6SHiWqoYOt4ruLabLOhIEhFRCLAuQ9 rTwTiqN6fLvJw/g9PLGZdCA/n+5QNp6mvR0FrUdUgWaCrpgzTmZEHS1owR+6qGY3 QbM+Y+PTPPBY5Ez6xmOpoznsHGX1Hd6zINT6K915loq/dpYeWBeey2GwEGze7fAw Wps4Wf4mbC0PlcHswKGd4sXZ+CcVJzHTWgaSgxNnxjdFl4soqGUvL3edf8E3sFx8 z1zFkJTj8t8DMLbKWXwWMloWNX5ZPPfz3MwfrSLjxzCR+cUvkPsnFd+oJ4Rh4yvL W0BCgY9C25PtbQw5ePZjly9mOdBpxR7Ho1gPwWdaEa6+sQcSCmKi7m043YpZ28op nooE/+o/I65otqHLDfZq/7ae9m7D1wcFv2GMrgm/P9xCHDsVKEucuGLXvxLhD4gJ lChSVMwFibmBXGT/is3QzIlSMcP387id8XA0KUI0siRDY/+kjsU= =tAcF -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Brief Market Description:


We are happy to announce our new marketplace called Cypher. We are a walletless escrow and FE market with no traditional deposit wallets. You can pay for orders directly from your own wallet without having to deposit on the market first.

This doesn& #8217; t mean its any safer than a normal wallet based market because its still a traditional escrow market, the only difference is that you won& #8217; t have to deposit more than you need for a specific order.

Finalized and refunded orders go directly to the wallet you have specified in your settings so you do not have to withdraw anything manually from the market.

While we support both btc and monero, we strongly advise to use monero because of its privacy features.

We are a very positive minded team and hope to become a great alternative for people with the same mindset. We want to be a community driven marketplace where people can meet and discuss all sorts of topics and educate each other in improving opsec, harm reduction etc.

The market officially got launched 3 weeks ago and we already have some great vendors who signed up and set up shop here. All established vendors from other markets can open a support ticket for a waiver and will get accepted after we reviewed their profiles.

We currently have a vendorbond set at $75 for new vendors with no feedback from other markets. This will increase in time.

Our rules:

-No contact outside the market allowed. All orders and communication must go through the marketplace. Wickr and other ways of communication are forbidden.

-It is not allowed to sell weapons, explosives, fentanil, carfentanil, CP or anything that is harmfull to humanbeings.

-It is not allowed to threaten someone, dox or blackmail.

-Scamming is not allowed in any way or form, this includes feedbackpadding.

-Asking for FE without having permission is forbidden.

If you any questions or issues, please open a support ticket and we will do anything in our power to help you out.

If you want to request a vendor bond waiver, please set up your pgp key first and include your profile links from other markets you vend on.

All the best,
Rootless Cypher Moderator

Reviews (27)(Average Rating 4.2 / 5.0)


Just received my first order here from CocaBoss, really nice interface and great support. Vendors seem to get vetted first before being allowed to sell here since i only see real vendors here as oppose to the many wickr scammers you see on many other markets.


How do I get a referral code for cipher?


tried to deposit hours ago and nothing arrived




i have been using cypher since cartel went down with no problems


A no FE market for big vendors is just a joke


SCAM, Bought and they banned me from entering site

MKUltra - Cypher2023-02-20

clearly shilling for another market. this never happened..


I put an order in with swipper and got evrything! thanks


Order from Full Circle arrived in a day with extra! First class service.


Just received my first order without problems. Thanks!


Received an order from puregear. No issues, product tested out. good stuff.

Emma Tee2023-03-01

Great site, with some fantastic vendors. I have had no issues. Ordered early evening, received next day. Really happy. Best site i have used in a long while.


Best site I have dealt with. Ordered easily and product arrived quit.


Hello, I have just arrived on this market and I really appreciate its simplicity of operation and its rigor

VOID - N/A2023-03-17

Ordered product from Thuggaking54 and it arrived quickly.


This is the market to get the basics down. Simpliest escrow system and admin who actually responds to comms. Yes for Cypher!


Good market


Free wab free us


scam scam scam!


Just got my first order from vendor DutchPirate




is this real or not im trying to make some money

jeffrey 2023-08-25

i placed an order in bit,send the funds along with email and reciept ,they confirmed the transaction and still havent sent my order


I've been using Cypher for a couple of months.. made around 10 orders from several vendors and all has been smooth and perfect


my go to guys, thumbs up!


Whelp, just joined after T2D went down.. placed my first order now and just have to wait for the vendor to ship it