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Ares Market is a market built with Security, Speed, Safety, and Anonymity in mind.


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Build with passion and only one mission in mind. Security, Speed, Safety, and Anonymity. The best support team and staff members on the entire Darknet. We offer full BTC and XMR support.

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Modern Design
No Onsite Wallet System
Friendly and Helpful Staff
Vetted & #38; #38; Verified Vendors
Fast Helpdesk Support 24/7
Easy QR Payment Option
Full XMR and BTC Support
Easy Checkout System
99.99% Uptime
Product Screening Against Scams
Encrypted Communications
Bug Bounty Program
Automatic Encrypted Delivery Details
Detailed Vendor Statistics
Reliable Escrow System
Fastest Growing Darknet Market
Advanced Anti DDOS Rate Limiter

Reviews (117)(Average Rating 2.5 / 5.0)


Good to see this market added to this list. Love this place! Easy to use all functions and good vendors.


Long Live


why so low on the list? this is the most legit market at the moment.


Excellent market, currently the best by far. The admins are quick and super helpful. And the site as such is easy to use, very clear and user friendly. We can only hope that it will last....


Excellent market, currently the best by far. The admins are quick and super helpful. And the site as such is easy to use, very clear and user friendly. We can only hope that it will last....


dont response admin stuff and vendors


Why so low on the list? This is the market where i generate most mysales and many other vendors too as far as i know. Perfect market in all aspects


I was skeptical at first with all the fakes out there. BUT Ares Market is legit and if I could I'd give it a 10 out of 5. Keep up the great work. I'm a customer for life.


Don't respond vendors or administration doesn't help.with problems...


Scammed....vendor doesn't answer..there so called sight moderators don't respond to your questions..would go else where.


I think at first glance we all want to believe that a black market is a legitimate enterprise, however this is never the case now is it. Play with fire, and burn yourself.


no response from vendors or admins


July 11. Sent funds to direct pay wallet. 13 confirmations over 2 day before the market auto cancelled me for "UNPAID". Have screenshots to prove it. No response from Admin Gladiator .


They scam some, not others. Establishes credibility. Makes buyers think that other buyers were phished, until the same thing happens. Buy small and move on.


Two payments went nowhere, they told me I used a phishing link when I can prove I used their own fucking links. These guys are 100\% unreliable.


They stole my money and they lie. Do not ever use this site.


very good market dont believe what is said here by haters


Sent money to vendor over a month ago. He never shipped and will not answer messages. I can't get in touch with anyone from the market. Luckily I only placed a small order. Stay away.


best market simple always fast always up and great support


lol. Looks like Gladiator deleted my ticket on dissapearing funds. Glad the vendor on there gave me a 2 for 1 deal on another market. Lesson learned


Made 2 small orders to test the market. One was claimed shipped quickly, while there's no response on the other. Now the site is down, which is disconcerting.


Same as so many, purchased with direct pay NOTHING, not from vendor, not from Admins! Fuck this site!


They are in scam mode before exit scam. Beware


They are in scam mode before exit scam. Beware


nice market and very good staff i like the place.


currently have orders open from a month ago that support refuses to close. they claim they're going to auto-cancel & that they should have auto-cancelled after 5 days or so but they didnt. & 4 tickets & a month later i still have orders that just aren't going anywhere. plus vendors on there are pretty much trash. they mark their shit as being auto-delivery but then take a week, sometimes 2 to send it & it's never exactly as they describe. review pertains to both drugs & digital products. can i rate with a half star please?


hey guys, do not trust the positive feedback here that are all lies. Got scammed there too... I sent the btc to the right address and next day they wanted the btc to another btc address. I bought goods and transferred directly, then the site was unavailable for 24 hours. When it was available again ->Change the btc address, my Money is gone, purchases are canceled, no answer from admins. Fuck this shit Translated with (free version)


Beware of this Market, huge Scammers and ignorant Support, Vendors get you no response at all Time, same the Support. They delete Tickets unanswered and leave you helpless! I opened a Dispute cause nothin was delivered since one month, now i try hardly to get my Money back but nothin happens since Weeks. Never deal with this Market, beware and keep away from this Bullshit!!!


tickets get deleted without reply. trying to resolve a disputed order with funds on hold but no help from them.

Morgan bane2022-08-26

Scam. You won’t get anything from vendors there. Tried few times- got nothing. Admins won’t bother refunding your money. I recommend wickr//cantelou

FUCKthis website2022-08-29

The first time i bought from here the order worked and package was recieved but when i bought the second time i received no help or anything and im pretty sure they scam before exiting.


I get scammed, don't buy on this market . Time before i was ordering and all where good. But now one order I payed since two weeks nothing came, vendor don't replay and support also not answer. I did other payment and scan the QR code and payed it. Now since two days my payment isn't shown and support don't replay since days . For sur btc adress was right because I scan QR code. Stay away


I get scammed, don't buy on this market . Time before i was ordering and all where good. But now one order I payed since two weeks nothing came, vendor don't replay and support also not answer. I did other payment and scan the QR code and payed it. Now since two days my payment isn't shown and support don't replay since days . For sur btc adress was right because I scan QR code. Stay away


Good market so far, but not reliable, no one to talk to, not even opening disputes. I ordered a good 4 weeks now and paid with a bonus even, but vendor (Harley Quinn) never replied till date. Think admins should flip out fake vendors to keep this market safe...


scam market !!! dont put any money buyers ***** from reputable vendor here xancan


Been 2 weeks and its like talking to a ghost. Trustee lucky never not once got hold of me after purchase. Im thinking a guy cant even buy a card and come up a little no where in the deep web. Has anyone out there sucessfully bought and recieved a CC non VBV card with high balance yet? I dont think its true. Can anyone prove me wrong here? Im donating money. Should carry a sign down here that says IM LOOKING TO BUY A SCAM.


This is real scammer market there is no respond from vendor and also admin once you make purchase and payment is complete you will only talk to youself I make purchase 6week ago digital product there is no reply from vendor there no reply from admin there is no dispute option open


no response from vendors or admins


Ares is full of scammers, admins do not reply at all. One Giant scam.


scam no auto cancel orders that are not shipped, admins not responding


"The best support team and staff members on the entire Darknet??!" 6 Messages to this "excellent" support team that were deleted without any response... What was it all about: A Vendor who won't ship my order that I placed and paid for 3 (!) months ago!! No possibility to dispute or cancel this order in any way, although I made several suggestions to this "excellent" team. I guess they're too busy counting MY Euros... :-)


Stay FAR AWAY from Ares these guys are pieces of shit. The admins set up fake vendor accounts to scam you. Vendors and admins are in bed together to scam users. I have NINE ORDERS (yes, 9) that have been waiting to be shipped for more than a month now. Whenever I open a support ticket, Ares decides “hey, fuck this guy, let’s just delete his ticket to make it magically disappear.” Absolutely garbage market. Would rather meet Tyrone in his trap “house” selling absolute doodoo than shop on here again.


I don't think any money coming out of my account. So many complaints about scammers. What a sad world we live in


j'ai passer 6 commmandes d'on 4 en attente et bloqué sur purchased!!! pas moyen d'ouvrir de litige ni de feedback tant que la commande n'est pas inscrite envoyé bizarre quand méme car 2 vendeurs m'ont repondu et disent avoir envoyé j'espere avoir au moons les 2 noté sent fuyez allez chez valentino cartel sur breaking bad forum et market dialogue reactivité rapidité honneteter et escrow toujours au debut au moins je vous direz si j'ai recu aux moins un truc.


Used to be a good market but now it is a scam. Run away, trust me.


I can totally confirm Megapwn story, ARES Market is a scam. Admins impersonate vendors to scam you. Once you transfer the funds "vendor" (remember this is actually your thieving Admin!) will tell you that they're not doing business on ARES and your coin will hang in limbo until it auto-finalizes and you're left with nothing. "Helpdesk" is just a black hole for any/all tickets you're foolish enough to create - they'll disappear in a day and you're left with huge time waste. On ARES - no one hears your screams. You've been warned - stay away. Rating -5/5


Bad customer service and can't give all information about how to become vendor any one know to help me I will provide a free drugs on set of vendor I'd on ares market




Id give them a 0 if I could. Two vendors took my money and shipped nothing. Ares said orders wold auto cancel and they did not. I've written to them, written to the vendors, etc. Nothing from no one. SCAMMERS


Just don't go i made one purchase i waited 2 days for shipping and noting they deleted my purchase and nobody is answering my messages BIG SCAM DO NOT GO THERE


For me Ares has been perfect tbh since the start. Never had an issue. I guess what we read here is a lot of competition to Ares as they are now one of the biggest


good place and for me now the best market. always online good helpdesk great vendors superb


as long as you use the mirrors here on darknetlive you will love this market. lot of phishing sites going around and clearly that is what most complaining people have used. great work ares keep it going


ARES is a fake market. They deceive you. I don't know why ARES is on this list, it is SCAM !!! I had my bad experience with this market!


Ares is terrible market this is total scam no reactions from moderators and also nothing from vendors. Made 5 orders the last 8 weeks i received nothing total loss for me almost 1500 euro. So people stay away don't spend any money in this shit market place!


its funny so many people blame Ares for using phishing links themselves. People just use the links here on the page and you will be fine. For me by far the market that is being put in bad day light by a couple people who are too stupid to use the rights link.

the meat 2023-04-27

BEWARE . ARES IS A SCAM they took my order , i sent funds ,the confirmations didnt start until AFTER the order had cancelled itself . very suspicious DO NOT SEND ARES ANY MONEY . they scammed both me and a friend on the same day , it was my 3rd order from the site and the first over £100

leader of the revo2023-04-27

they took my money with a wallet scam , sent funds and they didnt clear untill after the buy order had automatically cancelled , this is my third time buying off of ares because vice was down with no previous problems . no response for 2 days ... safe to say someone is corrupt and ripping people off after they let a few orders through or theyre just full on scammers who clone popular vendor identities to suck people in . and my negative reviews are being deleted from here and the other affiliate sites

the verminator2023-04-28

ill be back

cpt. burk2023-04-28

disgruntled an understatement . these fucks pulled a wallet scam on me , they broadcast the generated bitcoin addys before theyre active and use the automatic cancel system to make it seem like a mistake as theres nothing you can do after money has been sent


this site shouldnt be listed its literally the worst . they scam people ALL the time and blame customer stupidity . utter morons run this market . they deserve to get busted

coke ay in it 2023-04-28

bad website , malicious admin , fake vendors , fake drugs . dont bother

daily log 2023-04-28

absolute shithole , full of scams


these idiots picked the wrong person to scam . im autistic (monotropic) . ill be posting reviews of my experience until im dead also ...ares loves it when you post fake orders . have at it . ill be fucking with these pricks forever

victim 2023-04-28

they scammed me too . i sent every address associated with the scam to the FBI

how to be a bastard2023-04-28

theyre scammers . go to the site and make a fake order and send all the addresses they generate to interpol/FBI :D so they can hunt the dikheads while they wait for their scam money . if they ban you , make a new account and do it again

no one2023-04-28

obviously a scam , look how fake the vendor listings are

informed postmaster 2023-04-28

definitely a fake site , they took 200 euros off me and cancelled my order , no reply from support

dafuq are you 2023-04-28

ill be posting a link to a full list of the UK royal mail hubs and their respective postmasters names ...soon

sweet as fook 2023-04-28

id like that list . plus their contact details

DWM inspector2023-04-28

fuck ares . post it on dread

doja matt2023-04-28

used all the right links , verified . followed instructions and still got scammed by ARES . dont believe the sales pitch its pure bullshit

tha troof2023-04-28

yep . they mess with the temporary wallet somehow to delay the confirmations and blame you for it

jen the bren 2023-04-28

ha same thing with me first confirmation came in 20 minutes after the order cancelled no reply at all from support


people using ares and complaining about being scammed its your own fault theye a joke market

relboteer 2023-04-29

scumbag scammer market , all of their markets have been the same

the rilla2023-04-29

surprise surprise ..the admins on this market are pure weasels . proper scum

no peene2023-04-29


hooooner 2023-04-29

these guys are total scammers , they will send you 1-2 orders so you post good reviews to keep the water muddy . then they scam you unless youre dumb enough to order big they will straight scam you . theyve been at it for years everyone on the scene knows theyre cancer , they post their own comments praising their cancer website . its all standard practice for the lowlifes on the dark web


P.S they use good vendors names to scam people , you can tell its not the real guys from other sites because the packaging is different on the first orders they send out . the word needs to be spread far and wide that these guys are retarded enough not to value trust on a trust based business model

actual person 2023-04-29

all the real good vendors dodge this site like the plague as much as the regular buyers , if people read the community posts more they would know this


everything about this site screams scam

gok wans dong2023-04-30

dog shit market , fake as fuck


people that use ares would probably stomp their own grannys false teeth out for a drip of smack

the dong is hooj2023-04-30

worst market , if your transfer legit fails to confirm in time they just keep your money and ignore you


full of fake resellers pretending to be good vendors and there is no admin support the site is a basically abandoned and the drugs are shit

mo sellah2023-05-01

very bad market , lots of friends lose money


never use this market , they have scammed so many people


thismarket is the butthole of the dark web , only go there is you want s***

Wohn Jick2023-05-07

Scam! Vendors and admins are scamming. Stay away!!!


I'm do disappointed to have read these commentd after I was scammed by these mofos

fcuk ares2023-05-09

truly the arse end of the dark web market , they may as well own it and start selling child pron


WARNING SCAMMERS closed vendor account - did not receive payment - absolute scam artists - stay away


this market is really not as bad as people say here

powderhome 2023-06-26

They stole my money


Complete scam! Delivered once and then never again four times with three vendors. No moderation, no escrow!




its scam they stole my money do not buy anything from that market fuck them


Scammed .......ordered several items and nothing shipped. Actually got response for admin who told me to open a dispute. "dispute" button on order page just reloads the order page with no effect. Opened new ticket and got a response that I need order number. There are no order numbers on the order page. Complete scam site, bought through another legit site and mentioned to vendor that I bought through ARES if he would login and accept. Was told its a scam from vendor and to avoid, vendors don't get paid either.


Fucking scam Bastards!!


i read lot of negative reviews here but never had a problem myself. so not a bad market for me actually very good


BIG SCAMMER ! Never trust Ares!


as an FE vendor, i didn't receive my order payment, support just ignored and closed. so beware dont deposit much

Osiris Diamond2023-08-01

Wow I'm not surprised last time i put trust in some market place that's new or trying to start up cuz of this type of shit.But some people are outright fucking stupid like beyond dumb.


Scammed out of $500 bucks orders were paid but no ship, anybody saying this site works is a shill for aries use at your own risk. Since there is no escrow there is no way to get your money back. money goes into black hole on this site.


Don't use this site, got scammed for $1500. Admins are also in this business, deceiving buyers with fake feedbacks.


Don't use this site, got scammed for $1500. Admins are also in this business, deceiving buyers with fake feedbacks.


reading lot of mixed feedback here me i never had a problem? but be careful its loaded with phishing sites that impersonate ares market


SCAM! Never delivered and no money return! Even the Admins didn't response to tickets. Fuck Ares!


never received anything i bought, they lied, blamed me, were very slow in response,,,, and guess what your BTC wallet is currently unavailable for site maintenance 2+ weeks, just thieving scum, although apocalypse even worse! do yourself a favour try find your self genuine vendor shops or use a decent market, or just chuck ya money in the bin. ABSOLUTE AVOID.


LOLL, they didn't protect their IP properly!!!! had a login to, and java-script running on their server.... doh! steal, and the consequences!!!! posted on , 2d2ends


Seems like they are on exit scam mode. 5 orders. All disputed because no delivery. No response from vendors. Admins are responsive but just to say they are lookimg

dont buy on ares2023-08-24

The market is offline.... beware of this maket. The admins H0riz0n and H4ptic are scammers, they say on the market description that they have over 100 buyer and vendor acc. to see if the people follow the rules.... With these accounts they scam the people, with these acc. they wrote the positive reviews by their own, normal guys think the vendor is legit and they get scammed by the shop owners and admins. Please dont trust them and read the reviews on this site here!!!! Dont buy on this market! PS: H0riz0n if you reading this, wait....!

yes buy on ares2023-08-31

new post got it wrong after investigating ares admins correct a lot of phishing websites. Just use the link here and all will be perfect


Do not use this market. I placed 2 orders, never received. Opened a dispute, never got an answer from either the "seller" or the admins. Stay away, SCAM.


I played 3 orders and never recieved product and owner /admin will not respawn


got scammed. mfers. vendors are fake.