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A complete Marketplace solution for buyers and vendors coded 100% from scratch.


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-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBGFuFlgBEACzHQ7qZfwtiNhBHD5M6ThxQMl7Du8M+XFCQ5LXENYzAL8pDcdK Frajw3gYLcHC/o6+K3xSiLjUx4WoF1Ch9xmMzFj+ET69ypLAE1eb+FWJmgSSVQyL 5Y+eP7Y+mR4ODAgXlkQR36AE5WSSKUUWN4E0bScxhtuERZ9Vpy4Vw+YVzWcM12Wo 3H4ghTuS0syWvhFXBOwMPNPYZGl8aFqVe2X8x+HnefbkcGiEMDgegaCiPGW0VreT Y1b5LnFXJsS4cn5NDkUcVIqB74k3YcyVrQdbF7yydGv0R0volLbOWvRBF8RuaRJt EqmDodVy7cZDe+Fl+CqiHbhZx0qH7heN5rRjNO4/9EDnxqxG1kA+6YfOp9Hdhjuw ys3Y+/vec2YpMtELmSKHudyMJdYiFHzBaMXA4Y5qoJRrJP6jnC6CmCzsdfHy4vHA jrp/zkzG4WmTV9Y7LhsaW0wBGN8TywWlD822FnbnfzzK8tGD1ZeMIZBhjpZ+5cP7 hD8gPSjOz6C+fizAdvpkKFeIR5dnusNvY8Ez3y/2X9DHwWf4+PevnxBLOdTTr+vk czGg+HNZM98SDmIkYS0RY5oXB3l35KAHGbdoMdKRWNU/YGzmJo4TW4V96ym2X/57 QbnOGam28v2HRa0BMkqTwl2pztjjSRE2HDCCaouxr5DMLatVtBpgoDcBpQARAQAB tAZBYmFjdXOJAk4EEwEKADgWIQTCGWIsSfaMAPTzA3mj7VzBME9RgwUCYW4WWAIb AwULCQgHAwUVCgkICwUWAgMBAAIeAQIXgAAKCRCj7VzBME9RgxmZEACts7Q/pDcR ZbcvmKj07XoylLCNyROYNp5eRRq0yU4J2y3e3nhl25CYQ+Lz/nOP016sgsjGzgM8 ySDmwGX4mXvCgO3XS5Hfb2HTIDvs5k36+/8kbRMTMplH2HR84pb/QYWtBsWXuZlp /U2T5EX8caZRFSlZcBjVPuDWtajJ9F5/f50S2yAgHo3KlTTR7fKCJ3avZRwgxttp M9kfCSP5FQxUxkfe4ed1ju/WIQBu/my8jWln+0S1o0CmkzDqrJ74l+BQ81V+P7Fi 4o7Bp4chVPFvhZZ/wi5tmnJM72r70/FTFkFM8FbAglWqXefv5QCTzCOhlOh4BGCv Q4dGHRFktAiqQo/7qq1DksuwCjbkiIWmhpS0JKJ8kohud7q0WoaMklYDaZJWn0uf 5mDhKVZI7JEOTcsIln5jMfbhKIhBPvCK5e9Eexc6hYCMOQpz/9RZstX601p2VtKc y6QiGMxDbRI2HP/dPr6sLWOdqF/PXraTKnxxQ3iZNsRFqyJytYUD2t1YGKCq9+67 kKFRcioJfQYoINbzPvj4rJLDlZnLvjSXZDcWmn4MprdSQz9qZ1Qg/JoNjslJF1Gt x0oeKL0R3fM/7scpknEAIhOIj4uWQfZJg6cjg9aVsGbqsXua6SzctQ9UBkS2OKKA SUGAuap3X3rYJmubqCcO541UWh22Diva37kCDQRhbhZYARAAzU4s54SZUdwgwHrR 7pB/dwkkRC8iI3AECIkrO5/pTnNj8TiyWq9MI3RL/iK8w3LS4IoQ7O09NKYnhjuy kAiSq+k8dFqMD3IzJGR5dt+gdydvNs70hK1wpE4vh1xgmGdfsrlT43V0ixhSz+y0 8fQkaNCPIOoof1r5lTOTc5m3zLNEKSUYHvWzksemjdHqlvbkXDMprn97RUlgvmfj 5OVSF7EB+1mo8BZPaY19lmxQPPGifMKn7WvskuwawLe7/nNtiXotpux6KDAoD2nG 0igsqWx3HaoI+u+lMlJJemtroo1wBQOX6HTStlr14QeXdE4Z1eHnD7aGoXu1pkaz 26JrobkfQSMqKzHTCqOrVAjMG6A1dkyITQfSeQGBEURZqLa3V/FBhn6TqPoLHjYq g3eoQoZuzrKq2kbdeA6Ht2BgWRkniSNg3xnGsHfeNgW6Pan1JLwyDxvPmteI+So3 aRlw6mERJDSFH35yb2FQPwG/HImD5g4Z4KO9LtcRfVOCzj0BkAIb5hPMib6YYXhV zK46i0c7t9PEm6V83QFZn7A/PnUMP2O2CaZ5SURi/zRI9Y3BcSmDmRmTt74TaNPN PA83/2A16FnEFsU3p4bcBUj+nGEWrLOwtilj9RONIHfYTCgOUk+U0m1AVvKo33nL I4Y0m93XPKcPicHVlYVpdjhDKT0AEQEAAYkCNgQYAQoAIBYhBMIZYixJ9owA9PMD eaPtXMEwT1GDBQJhbhZYAhsMAAoJEKPtXMEwT1GDJHsP/jGCbMackTUFq4WhQS3c GcyP/AbS307M0s4JvIDjNOfwe3jdud6o83QpR3p0H4f1y4cIWJwG0nA1xayWmZC2 +hcVM7E92+AUQBX36fnMRjDZklJofCB2gjyW03b25vq0lWFL3obvGaCC+FD4P7GO ejoW85CRSAa74UfbVQLVMAPEkItqRrIQdAoyp/GTde+blbb5lZOTkE3tegFzDP9C 4WkeZj6g7g4Fy6V4kviJCtX3UnXehD9bJFDMsT2DfozDTss9OTrNjQ/3W8RR601U TJXxmjE3uGi3ARrK+ijXSa2iM2kbpTCkyogskb44nmdtfFF19H0oUkgRRELZWFfe Jut2X5TfV69XzZISgsWc3yg3LeEMw9r1ZYkhhqYkpUyJRao7em1kZtWWs0AgEDEM E14Q17wSzycTt+vCCgWp3ZqjznibZiKpmTStRcaJ4kvJUWS3oNctgE+RhBMYU4Bb CXwkrfiJoTOWHverlyCwnqKIelVsVxBegplEWylUA6dK/9ri+P3OGcVDe8wa0dEm 3SOwMcRTJM3LIFFUz6zqJGVliUjd+r16q8djgQeEtgtaapGV2NLO24DGLmemZGD0 2KOpVhkEupp769klH5byuwovS0i69VLeI7NsKafFVjNVsLnbRtYnMli02tjvLRw5 lwWduxiLlx8hdzd4h1PNAod9 =YUbh -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

  • vendor bonds are automatically waived for vendor with more than 75% of
  • positive feedback and at least 100 sales. All vendors are manually
    reviewed to avoid scammers
  • Marketplace with 2/3 multisig 100% functional (with a feature to
  • combine and broadcast unlimited transactions at once, similar to Hansa
    Market) along with escrow, and fe in different percentages as 25%, 50%,
    75%, 100%& #8230;
  • XMR and BTC enabled
  • Market coded from scratch 100% with custom endgame (without timeouts).
  • We have been working on this market for more than 9 months, you can check
    our subdread creation date. /d/AbacusMarket
  • We have a Forum translated in more than 10 languages, 2FA security,
  • communities and boards well organized , rewards and more.
  • Vendors can automatically import their products from WHM or ToRReZ
  • with just one click

    The Past - Silk Road & #38; AlphaBay Market:

    Ross Ulbritch outlined in his personal diary his idea for a website & #8220; where people could buy anything anonymously, with no trail whatsoever that could lead back to them& #8221; . A while later, he made this idea a reality with the creation of what is considered the first darknet marketplace; Silk Road, and with this the beginning of an era founded on libertarian principles which in fact did not pretend to be an utopia but it came very close. The end of Silk Road and all attacks against genuine free market has only spread on a global scale the existence of of darknet markets.

    After Silk Road, there were more good markets, but it was not until Alphabay came to achieve a huge and varied market of different categories that the & #8220; Dark Amazon& #8221; concept of having a large-scale anonymous market became a reality (lastest stats of Alphabay proves that since Alphabay, no other market has reached those numbers again in terms of vendors and listings).

    We like how intuitive AlphaBay& #8217; s interface is for buyer and vendors (specially we like how alpha02 added some unique features and how some of those features still cannot not be found on any other market). We improved lot of things and added some necessary changes). We do not believe that it is fair that the most friendly and intuitive layout that the darknet has ever seen be remembered in a bad way due to the exit scammed Empire market.

    Excited and convinced with Ross& #8217; libertarian economic theory, which will be our guide for this great and long project, and in love with alpha02& #8217; s intuitive interface, we decided to bring live the AlphaBay& #8217; s layout with some improvements with the name of Abacus Market. We do not want to be another market more, time will prove it. We worked hard to code from scratch a complete platform with high standards. Over the time we will start implementing more unique features. This is going to be a long way to go, and we know that we are going to find difficulties, we have already found them to get where we are today, and we know more will come but we have love for this and the only thing we expect is Abacus to be of great help for all of you that believe in a free and anonymous market.

    This is it. Before we could contribute with fresh and unique ideas to the darknet community, it was neccesary to look at the beggining of this freedom revolution. Only knowing about our past we can make a better future.

    Present & #38; Future - Abacus Market:
    You may be shocked to find listings here that are outlawed in your jurisdiction. That doesn& #8217; t mean Abacus is lawless. In fact, we have a very strict code of conduct that, if given a chance, we believe most people would agree with our rules are based in treating other as you would like to be treated, do not try to scam others on market and mind your own business. In the spirit of those rules, there are some things you will never see here, and if you do please report them. We do not allow child pornography or any resources that might lead to, selling humans or their parts, services to harm other (physical or mental including assassination, threatening, arson, surveillance, harassment etc), fentanyl or analogues, poisons, selling guns, explosives or any items which may lead to any terroristic actions (some exceptions are tasers, pepper sprays), just to name a few.

    Although probably the darknet community has never been as big as it is today, we do not see anymore the same enthusiasm or a solid community around markets like before. We want to extend our hand in a sign of friendship to all other markets like us, and the possibility of cooperating together to make the darknet an unified and united community for the freedom of all of us. We want to thanks valuable figures like HugBunter, Paris or Mr White working really hard for the darknet community and even making opensource the EndGame giving market& #8217; s admin a free tool to fight against ddos attacks.

    Abacus Market is totally against the War on Drugs, which today is questioned around the world, has only brought deaths, abuses of power, spending on public money. We are against of limit people& #8217; s access to controlled substances that they decided to get. The will be able to get it from streets without knowing what they are buying and eliminating the simplicity of sharing information with other people in the same situation.

    We have lot of plans related with harm reduction, some of our closest friends died due to an overdose from a substance they bought adulterated and they did not know it. We encourage to all our buyers to learn what are lethal doses of each substance and to not trust in nobody, buy your own testing kits or send some samples to your nearest testing laboratory to be sure about what you are going to take. If we find that some seller is selling adulterated substances they will banned forever from our platform and all their customers will be immediately warned.

    The old saying, & #8220; with freedom comes responsibility& #8221; , couldn& #8217; t be more true here. You will find easy access to things that could get you in trouble with your authorities and are downright terrible for your health. So, just because you can, doesn& #8217; t mean you should. However, You are owner of your life and it& #8217; s your job to judge what is good and bad for you. No one else can do that.

    Reviews (25)(Average Rating 4.2 / 5.0)

    hanma 2023-03-12

    May tough

    ghost 41392023-03-18

    Want to purchase

    Charles 2023-07-02

    The first thing that comes out


    I cannot get passed this captcha :/


    trying too


    keep on trying


    heroin please


    Just me#1!




    how do i get to the market?

    Abacus W2023-10-25

    Good Market, no scam


    Need to buy


    good market, nice admin (helpful) and so far i had only good experiences there.

    1 / 52023-11-04

    Hello friends Today I wanted to make a deposit into the account that is always generated once by Abacus Market and was scammed. The money never arrived even though all blockchain requirements were met. I was subsequently told by my provider that the address was suddenly invalid. Abacus Support blamed me for supposedly missing an m in my deposit address. I compared the addresses with each other and yes, a letter was missing...but the deposit address generated for me by the Abacus system simply did not contain an m in this place after comparing it several times. I think that was just an excuse. You should only deposit money to the individually generated abacus deposit address...and only once. But as I said, nothing ever arrived and Abacus didn't refund me a cent even though I generated an incorrect BTC address. shame on Abacus They are slowly starting to scam


    Be careful, be careful!! Abacus Market is starting to cheat. Incorrect, incomplete and invalid deposit addresses are being generated more and more often, leading to complete loss of money. Support then assigns the blame to the buyer. You are accused of not having copied the address correctly because letters are missing. Of course, I immediately checked the error assigned to me by support and found nothing because the same address was generated again and again. Support supposedly had a different address for the missing letter, which was correct. I was only told that after my money found itself in Nirvana. Because after generation, the system tells you to transfer bitcoins to the generated address. Because if the PGP decryption is successful you will see the supposedly correct BTC address. The support should be treated with caution. That's more and more true and nothing more... Please pay attention!!!


    I have information for sell how i can sell it ?

    shooting star2023-12-01

    captcha prevents you from logging in while site admins steal ur money lol


    why dose captcha not respect right answer

    bouba star2024-01-01

    does it working now ?


    This market is scummy, I would not trust it. A lot of vendors just taking their customers and going private. Cloned cards / Fullz / Carding manuals my go to was earrlth protonmail com he was big on empire a few years ago and went private. Tell him glo sent you


    Hello, I am noob


    SCAM MARKET, DO NOT BUY! Checked both market link and deposit links, made a deposit but money never appeared in the wallet and was scammed BUYER BEWARE DO NOT USE!!!

    Frank chem2024-01-19

    Good market


    Trying to purchase


    abacus going to moon 404 not found