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Signpost is a curated and uncensored TOR link directory


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Welcome to Signpost - a curated and uncensored TOR link directory!This service is built and run by individuals who believe in anonymity and freedom of speech. For Torproject to be able to deliver its promise, people must be able to find hidden services. There must not be any single party that can censor what kind of services are discoverable. But there must be a system to weed out people that prey on the inexperienced. This service attempts to help Torproject deliver its promise by providing platform for TOR users to discover new services from any category they are interested in. This service allows TOR publishers to share their services, gain visibility, and to get their voice heard.
Submitted links
All links submitted are checked and curated by us. Any category goes as long as it is not a scam. At the time being it is us who decide which sites are scam. There is no appeal process. There are plans to crowdsource this judgement. However, there are many challenges to be overcome as can be seen with other link directories.All listed services are regularly checked to be live and dead ones are removed. This is to provide users frustration-free experience in their search for hidden services.
Want to help? Please submit all hidden services you know of and tell about us to your associates. Together we can collect and categorize the most compherensive list of hidden services.

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I'm like new to this shit n how do I register?


kkks how you want to the next