Vice City

[Dead Market]

a new marketplace which takes pride in our customer support and operational security. Our number one priority is to listen to customer and vendor feedback alike, to create the ultimate user experience here on our platform.


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-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBF645g8BEACryq8Krq5j5ICR0VsblR4cS3g8hT0SvUtZiCUwCkdMw54YDWRZ 1fNMfdiAoAhpfdTyRp6GQeViRr5QWgrRdm5Rbr19i9D49DB9StV0/HL344N+TfCW yszcMVkbTxxJ8gHPCVlRYCy8JSpENhHVjGMISz66nZQpe4dW3/652IEYCFZ95hCE YEL5w4nkQbUDuZnfw2y6Fe675PBJ4OHww45z7HoMzCpIqCotUIRdar+M6QzMKv5A RIivkBQcx/C6QGEdhtJVmiqS2RRwekw5qOx2CUGuxcr5wYWWiFR/84nTWEIWPkQh TeHfjAy3c2lW6u9ex3Z8ljP+VCbD5OWPPuCqbbIwySOA//XrV0aUuGD28MAinVhp sg0YUVyXDOIW3iGIJatLtq8D0gXnjXm3J0Xx7ZPrYGm3dEhTmBpyNH5Dp5j0MWJ3 P/HeJ2FrtLP5muLjjj/xsBX20CBp0bjGkhXJyy30lqLGOhvpIqYTpUJOyBmlGn9i NcGgDFLF/eZT9shDtPUjccngewmMwFMq2t1sG1KJRMBhLow30+CT4jggZ9kD5J9p TUVDKPq5Pq7nOgTnn9jbf+6sG2u08AKth8dZOdkIjiU53QzynHONZGNyi1Jhicx7 fnHLeWXVeoB0iedrYO4uKr7YKEBFalmtPENBiTcQoVjMgpYfkz6pC5XfmQARAQAB tAlWaWNlIENpdHmJAk4EEwEIADgWIQTtMP19xyUWuF613I68OyIOPogG6QUCXrjm DwIbAwULCQgHAgYVCgkICwIEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRC8OyIOPogG6f5HEACVqOJp Ps3YPqaZZXFUFfZgf4CRvWt9cl8fuqN9envphj+SePdb6nfWavyPplqTWspvBCV1 +iiXwYvfJVGTiw+b6w0ILQOfG7folRlhmuagX1dzts3u6ZJMGAITcHkjrNPRyWAV vFIEaOgVLFSLgRPef2Z2evtKZ+2cwEfM8Xmn1/IzyjLwOfwGyVYSccPyypnm8JJE rjHthU3t/0oo+CHdU2OrFrod/URN2W/bmxFCra7XuzXdtLHTG2MSYHC+YzbRqEBG EMM3XcD8DGZfp3cHoUE5s58ZNTAH/m9ARvc7NG0WbhDn4v+DMh+B0l/vCDIxFlJT Xs4vZbbLdNaAthSi1lSutFhPIMcQaukqfbBPIHb1ht2dlhGdYKENTdHtdF6m42OD ZMdu3dEfbUWYUD7UHGAk1KYhwZrk1Rv0DYzdOfjC4j4JKdPD0XOZLWGSvvEASinb NIvT+ep+Rv2dQjgMmetFIC7UhxW4RRh+eK45hapLx8J7JYC0A/bVA8MfD13LltVk JLrI6Z9xV8ZqYc1FGWYHzI322ggkmnusWcnWw+KFYoscoyGmWx9etXVApPcu8Yzp /L5foVucK4NJF+KMr+/luBXEQVXGGcw2s91vUbXo98Lz66xYEJvNTlEcr9Qzpgqp xIlWAhxIAmMw4PkX8s8x93yBOgJgBhERchdcDbkCDQReuOYPARAAsKLkXA0pD3qD f1a6pthO5wygklxLC2rKoBdTQOOLpbEdCw36gQdj94C5gFDPFXmdtGzwC01kZAC4 Z/3uaLaTdnGWpbRw2tAFanqaEbGx+Tf4krPb+N58irP+9wESR/aKqFaCKp3MJC+W PH9phETFWYU3TIzTna36NulJqU/PhBI1RDUExqope9jEPhxIO8KQAX3hgkImaecE /VE/IWXWqxIwuDNP3U5StcutJSHyh/gBLM+MZyi2dnnRfgUvUs0juiIa/8EugvWN wspp3S4x/G/HrS0Kpv5igrusqK7J6iJtRIW+60Aw/YpQPQh/4GVOcziDS9DuCjig FD/VfACuVZSlQR/gUwoMyAE0IHx7xZhXpa4ULFshD/BRT27WJumYzDTrL/og9n/w rYMYU/7awxQfAj/QJXoIP04+TpE1MxMBJ6qk5tDwaEJaI7giVMFvOURzeeCtIImU ysWrXArFsUUtwnOhowGtD7V3uzn40F0SFDqaCl4H2YkE6SNsifBPDOXYvlQ/OE2t 3qOC1huaNUb9zvCdWFDrPzQsOAWrSSkecccP3hg18emJy1UlfJhxktfdWf39R23M 0TXOa19jDshAxTgb1oAwJNaOFGeLFjcQBsd0PCOUq9REttyKX7w4asecnasYUVBR FPTxz1h5wWqPKaWGJYO1S9MOZNxq4bsAEQEAAYkCNgQYAQgAIBYhBO0w/X3HJRa4 XrXcjrw7Ig4+iAbpBQJeuOYPAhsMAAoJELw7Ig4+iAbp268P/Ag3qYUdqAockRzA Oyyoh+VUaiv7oEa0EE1JyiHkdcUmccwysPBGJprttcx5sCFtDefi3LdtZ/vmODT7 ZP3h/RDv3M2cvWEmvYRb4mjBKSrBw+3TNqdqNFpDqr/dHhEqc0GBzDE5UzkQdBNE PQNaHnB5AFw5pacy6IwTpN7ZQyfpEgNFzPYY8uU3wAk69LfxzlLCvlSk/IskaiqQ g5iYUbGXrfBvL/ZpSWXg+uKAgkI9j1oU6RuUQIxr1NNyLtDikB0xulCs1r+BrqRQ gxSRVy00h8SgSFueRoYLyyzTio1+L8uML2I/kbHG5dW8D7JdAKmjJ/oIVGEVZFkF PG5H5xa90MpZRiUi/hLNjsu7ep6nJPPzl1PpzMClq5ol0/mcxWdcbrDAYoP5buKA o+Ouw9/Qln7UmwWV3ffW+Q/vYVO+Uoip45ZtenCtdypHAYbRv19zxVpmXXkArRE5 xQfNQ7AKRXN6ALl06yrj3XwQy07ao2POv4Xf59UZFiQndHkANz7Q6CLgGuynZRDL kCnJfE9ImGu/iO9i/7UG+Iq2Un8WTufUcCF/+WqQ52mcfeNWp34Pz3KRrSFF12QU OxE8I+53Z/6TMOlna15psKFmJRuI/xfar+FEdXdM+wJUyU5cDOzThw2lQpnZZBVA +O88YmKlce0qGQNpA7AO6HbIfjFf =L6Fx -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Launch Announcement
We are a new marketplace which takes pride in our customer support and operational security. Our number one priority is to listen to customer and vendor feedback alike, to create the ultimate user experience here on our platform.
We currently support 2 of 3 multisig, Escrow and Finalize Early. We also support wallet-less orders, so you do not need to deposit into your account and store extra money, or risk losing balance during crypto fluctuations.
The plans to implement Monero are already underway so this will be coming within the next few months.You can find many questions you may have about our marketplace answered within our FAQ section, located by clicking Support at the top of the page.
If you have any questions that are not answered within the FAQ you can create a ticket which our staff will swiftly respond to.FAQ How do I add funds to my account?We do not advise you adding funds to wallet unless you need to. You can create an order with no balance and you will be provided with an invoice with a static amount.You can add funds to your market wallet by adding ?page=account to the end of the markets url or by clicking your wallet balance on the top right hand corner of the page.We always recommend verifying the unique PGP signed address to avoid being phished. You can find the PGP Deposit Address Sign Key at the bottom of the Signed addresses page.
You will then see a unique wallet address tied to your account. You can deposit funds to this address which will be credited to your account after 3 confirmations on the blockchain.What am I allowed to sell on this platform?The sale of specific items are prohibited on Vice City. We believe by disallowing the sale of any of the listed products/services below it greatly reduces risk to innocent people, regardless of who they are.This is a list of the products/services that are NOT allowed on Vice City. No Weapons / Explosives
No Hitmen / Murder for Hire Services
No Fentanyl including any analogue
NoStolen data containing information of any user under 21 years of age.
No Doxxing or Doxxing services.
No Pornography of any type. This includes & #38; #38; ldquo;porn accounts& #38; #38; rdquo;.

Reviews (63)(Average Rating 3.0 / 5.0)


u/GhostDog on Vice City Marketplace Great Walletless Marketplace with Multisig and Escrow. Awaiting for more mirrors and functional XMR.





Eric gallow2021-11-06

Wanna get in


I'm trying to see if my order is ready


I'm trying to see if my order is ready


anyone know if vice city closed? any new links?


Looks like Vice City market is down.


their captcha challenge makes no sense


Good site but admin got to speed up the site please !


Good site but admin got to speed up the site please !


Ive ordered 3 times money disappears and no order big scam.

black man2022-01-20

Not site lem zo will vige pip jonson what? Noob ko & soupi


Exit market...down after placed order, someone create a good market like Agora, Torrez, or silk road...


good good


it's always down and sometimes for weeks No one answers support tickets If you have a dispute it will stay open for months


good job


Looks like an exit scam to me too. My account had 80€ on it from a refund, can't access it anymore ("invalid password" my ass).


RIP :(


Why is it down?, it was ok yesterday!


i really like the site does anyone know how long it will be down or is there another one im missing


the links are not working. does anyone know how i can access vice market or if its gone down?????


Great market.


good Market, nice DDOS Prot., good safety BUT Slow to sometimes not reachable and thats a biiiiiiig -


very good market but since 2 days i can't acces to site after captcha i had message: 502 baad gateway. So i expect they not scammed us


Good market for me !


Sites good but im pretty sure this webpage got dos'd and all of the links got plundered, use the 2fa for private links on the site


Seems like a scam to me. Sent money my order won't "finalize," now the damn money is stuck and all of a sudden my withdrawal pin doesn't work


Nobody responds to orders or messages.


The market works good. It take 2 hour for my deposit arrive now my order is confirm. Will make a update when order is finish.

jenwkfj w2022-07-01

is the market down right now?


great market and also great support.


do filthy fells or tescoexpress have a seperate shop im 1000 poun d down with this going down and tor2door ang news when it will be back up if

boris johnson2022-07-11

phishing site, avoid at all costs


ice market with market wallet and direct pay options. Probably the most stable right now and Easy to see they are not scamming - unlike ARES.


They took my money never showed up in my wallet. Can’t find any way to contact support.


Really good i send the BTC to the wallet and 1 Houres later i have the BTC on my Vice city wallet.


Scam site. Money sent but not registered on the site. SCAM alert.


I put money in my wallet and it doesn't arrive


Sent money but never showed up in the account. TWICE!! ugh


Market work very good for me with many successful purchase since last year.


This market is my favorite. The walllet less feature is the best.


I am sending a btc but market wallet not show my btc scam alert don't deposit money


Funds not showing in Wallet after hours and many confirmations. Hard to see if the link is genuine. Do not trust and try Incognito instead which has better address authentication and verification.


Exit scam don't deposit your money totally scam


i'm so sorry, that's horrible .which vaccine caused you to get Autism? i'm supposed to get the shingles vaccine next week


i'm so sorry, that's horrible .which vaccine caused you to get Autism? i'm supposed to get the shingles vaccine next week


i need cocaine get good price on here t2d is ded


Links no work


Funds not showing in Wallet after hours and many confirmations.

Thomas 2023-03-18

Same the money not see in the wallet after hours !!


it work good for me deposit here in 1 hour now i wait my order for arrive.


they are exit scamming. i just wasted 330 and don't know where to go. if you scan the qr code it all goes to the same account and none stays unpaid.


Funds do not reach wallet. Order not delivered and no response to open tickets. BTC lost in the wind.

Mr Tickles2023-04-14

Lost 60$ not going to my wallet. Lost 60$ Due to order not arriving, but 2 seeds turned up. Not best pleased. No reply on support.

Ugh scammed2023-04-15

Scam! Lost lots today


Vice City down for anyone else?


Funds do not reach wallet. i think got scammed


I have been using Vice as a vendor for 2 years, all went well until about a week ago. When you withdraw coin it doesn't make it to your wallet. Leads me to believe they are exit scamming.


currently Exitscam!!!!


I have been a seller since I arrived in Vice City and now they do not answer the messages and when I withdraw my money from the market the money never reached me, I can make sure that they are in exit and scam mode, be careful with them, I am an established seller in More than 15 markets, my name (Pinkcard) they stole about 400 dollars from me!


Exit SCAM - avoid!


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