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ToRReZ is the first "Community Driven Market".


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-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBF4vMjMBEADMsNUt1P5mB64mnU865yAJVkvRRKbduu5PNK6HK9P/3xwICJlv waSJjyuCJatp4vzURsJycadnX6/6Q++sNpo11O2Sp1oLYxKqWL9OuM01dBmQFKL0 mh2OooWQt9SCGW1j5lb213pJIzUbkeHDj297/iV0611mE7yee5m11Xx48JJ/PdWw uEYf+3b1JP8Vi8UNhB6AUJujvbqpXGgum+pxR9ynWRBvWma0WN1+zpHI+sCuazLW +9a+iGT5VYlWUva2E7VH/OWtzvAcnPgoyms4wLeImC00tFF+8zY5zlqy6zmutIab PwyZSDLzFTW2ZLoqBkHc8zGRjBoAo+l/Ya4DePstqyYePvkoMMZ8BvCWAuZLVRBm 0/o8RSm8FplF46FU9iRQGjZBor8Q+YmWs0f0SyHf8wTNQXrog7pSb2b4WcpNiihP zZU+Z9BQWQg3fW634vaLe/qlmLx0mVJDWV9+y9VCSFi4Hq2/cTEk1PU/zQ/AeUVk uCedkP/Tg99KS+pn5q4YZWzv88jB+ZYcD1sRJ8R6Ld8gmIuJdsske78v17WOOLK3 hP3QpR0aGynG7GxCiG6P6PNdAe5AxKMGkRG1HC/tX4fNsG+nWrOWZXkueRlaTvzY 6Mwkcm9zt/huGEEOAx9qHFmcVsPTB/nVcVqPtNTv2sYaa34w4pqJv5Cq/QARAQAB tCFUb1JSZVogTWFya2V0IDx0b3JyZXpAbWFya2V0LmNvbT6JAk4EEwEKADgWIQTg M2QJMCOv2yojHJu5GPwhtUKYKAUCXi8yMwIbAwULCQgHAwUVCgkICwUWAgMBAAIe AQIXgAAKCRC5GPwhtUKYKNmrEACwSJmUi/EPkXwOARpHvFqTeF2gdTJ4lBUW9y+t EUCakH8SIjIHZtq/tlynVX20nbPku5x4iQO5xgAbNHTeW7QB48vJ4p2ElwLLQAgX vtErcPmr5gNuwgdIlsBGcqICQQFNazrdyXaiyIKjSPBWDkp+AlRQcqDWwHbGhDUC SdKiGcw8TDWu3HFJVHBciNNGb4pquMBR0sL4O1HA0Pj+UVlDaSkRw1H3dU6donuZ YASUN5G1XAJtcOqGbCM1MtKfkJX+T1Ojg+4rUVunBvpV+65ytmN1CDOYKShCNbJe VnnZXX9BPn6ZCxUsNSyLpDeYn4BqfolM+eEK3MA4mIDhBPLGuiELOHbxmcYc9bGC Sh+fd/7rGQhsRkm61b/+jg0yB/ihRFcboaW+5ti/gyv8a0l5rDSh5wvawwSpWo7N rjlxlDqEek+WnrzUSCqoJ2c8YY2J/yu5tSQRuL5th4vJ/0kkNCfJXezdhJH3bgym rg64WUT9+f0L1l2S6SsSWnHEosLqs8gP4QmmYa2kBraFBiPfmZA0+vDcqLOR+ZzU escwctFDiJiBUaLePPtpRNuluEyY55vdEFG/6hA9MzqOeGbox4YWR/p1gDlYp/9a 4dD+N492cKZAsZvSxBByGU1M0weAOgttVxpY/vyef+zujmJQrrzMlrJENvHdBHPL LHRHirkCDQReLzIzARAAzhRX+I+/r3a3IbQXbaOfMb58yg/C8o7e0Y11CSC3ZwwU njBB4SIlrCIufyPUaRaLrXWk0/cW8QEeRSWt9xwcgSy6tU3qsmNJZtk250eezAyy rqJatrHxGjl/JCrGS1eajpwgLdIAlhO8N8SEL0MWjJzkJJKVfO+0akHWuGVfQsxz hO4etpYYslqZIDjVGyZ89HAvuasPWHN4bjxPHPBAgEMvLioWAwbaUS3tPuGUAXm3 nAUl+aL9mfvHj6RmFbK+y1jY5DCzuVtHY3J3yL4Z2IwFzfRjPcars4T+nnlBCLEG 5DIV8DwN0zXvuPOUoQBelnIUHDVxutAGx5P0vxP1puPwu9IwaZ/thvNF+ziCbj0a oGHVEoBIoVbYrvr6kisbeztk/FLmbtbinps9H9gHIHCCo6gKPEHeiAnsPkDKnmY1 7OY3VNpIALi/wuvGfaJdJGJ7+QCLIHBWkvW+k6aVUnpMwyRLig0oIy2qti7/6zqB EFDv863knkka2e3cKarLJeLo5TMRXYTQi836f4JdZYqp87rhbEp+XGyFxla68JdX PbE9H1VessEZCNcnPrxiQiAgsz51dgGtflyl1scvQxcZehDzoqJCbXDy15qQdbod hJ5KyUGXN2ncf5DcFCo9XoG1LwgG1tBQRSRjmhadKYjm4R9UteWXF81uUhal/qUA EQEAAYkCNgQYAQoAIBYhBOAzZAkwI6/bKiMcm7kY/CG1QpgoBQJeLzIzAhsMAAoJ ELkY/CG1QpgosO4QAMlZD0vGy+zcWJ6UsACctvwd1wNbd5Cv9tk2oDM1ONF+QSCz ICYahHnv218Rf7hoZvQFkw/EKXvVPAUPJ2yYU1ei6lWe3iv3runSKUrRhYk5npOY hHZs3pp6SJIcljTDoI6VYUvy7N+QNj4UozE5hYQ8aZvV6gnt1C6mQ2UeqboGqZFZ ZmCsSTkICwNJ2GoE5jw/KUBYyO7xTSVVYcql3wviaEiAhv3F0a90V2ETZFblrkyd vUryE82/s2uGSZxFWsEsMiF/DCDeSf9OrK61zwgNjXy9/zJ9Z5O225YiEnO3Y+n4 aVZ8o7gJSqM43f7HSBrC5z6YoLLfzofnH34ZHi0qyWwqUpAmUnUUBKre7sq1bXnb +4ZZ0KetA5c8sgB1fmt0JIf9uyT+lUUCjf91pk+o5UuceEcXtiIlT+0XiGZlmv38 s5gP0qaRQ/6pVsiKCAiE9RiA4aohEqGYHhxx35R6M/len9QpJS9RltLkapP1j8DO Myjh5GKuL5/eK/a5Pqc4qUGl5Kxf4W+G6wz9JcCPun2fOCladHk8lK8N9vKGsawq Bj4TWzDGUhZh/WgRInLBDiM3tjqThJvVO9QIl1iB35RgmOHoi7kwQG+QGnG22U2q qdvW8FHaodfQ41NT8Chq6HiG3DJQ2Y6IIjSUr9W+mLd88Y1FYj41I6BfZ/rE =8NOC -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

We are the group of the & #38; ldquo;free internet& #38; rdquo; enthusiast, which decided to make a difference. ToRReZ is the first & #38; ldquo;Community Driven Market.& #38; rdquo; What does that mean?We are open to our users for any suggestions, improvements, the feedback they might have while using ToRReZ. We are the first market with transparent RoadMap, where you can see what enhancements planned on the site. What is more, we have planned to implement the voting system, so it will be our community who decides in which direction ToRReZ development goes.[img=torrez-listing-full-98887329.jpeg ] [/img][img=torrez-index-full-86591361.jpeg ] [/img]The ToRReZ market HomepageUnlike many other markets, we decide to provide a truly safe environment for vendors and buyers. Our primary focus is to eliminate any possibility of causing any harm to users or vendors in case the market will get closed. That is why we encourage all users to use Multisignature payments if possible. ToRReZ also does not have any wallet system, which you can still find in some other markets. Instead, we have introduced the Simple Escrow System.Because we claim that we are Community Driven Market, we decide to put a lot of resources and energy into a properly working support system and the market overall. We are doing our best to serve every user in a timely fashion. We believe that none of the market users should be left with no response to their questions, concerns. Our main goal is to answer every query for up to 24 hours.Nowadays, markets are mostly based on the same software, making it more recognizable and more vulnerable. We took a different approach and designed the whole market from scratch by ourselves. What is more, we put a primary focus on the market& #38; rsquo;s usability - something that is forgotten recently.Please have a look around our site; we have prepared more sections about how the market works.Funds & #38; security on ToRReZ Market
Supported cryptocurrencies
We support four cryptocurrencies for the moment: Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Zcash.
MoneroFor the moment, Monero is implemented in Simple Escrow Mode only.To receive payments in Monero, the Vendor has to provide Monero address on settings page. The Buyer gets a new address with every item purchased. Then after ordering finalizes, we release funds from the address generated for Buyer to Vendor& #38; rsquo;s address, which we keep in Vendor& #38; rsquo;s settings.For Monero, we use all addresses except integrated ones.
Bitcoin and LitecoinWe strongly recommend all Vendors and Buyers to get familiar with the Multisignatures system. It means that more than one key is required to authorize a BTC/LTC transaction. Because we use 2-of-3 Multisignature Application, Vendor and Buyer are always protected.To receive payments in BTC/LTC, the Vendor has to provide BTC/LTC xPub, yPub, or zPub key. This is Extended Public Key we use to generate BTC/LTC address for every order.After the Vendor provides us the Public Key, we can generate a new BTC/LTC address from Vendor& #38; rsquo;s wallet for every order. We strongly recommend creating a separate BTC/LTC wallet to use with the Market. It is much more safe for users to keep their private BTC/LTC separated from the one they use on the Market.Buyer, while purchasing, needs to provide either BTC/LTC address for Simple Escrow order. While using Multisignature Escrow, we require the address and the corresponding public key. If the Buyer receives a refund from Simple Escrow order, we send the funds to the given address. In Multisignature Escrow, buyer or vendor has to sign and broadcast the transaction, which market will provide.
ZcashWe support Zcash purchases with T-Addresses and Z-Addresses in Simple Escrow mode only.To receive payments in Zcash, the Vendor has to provide the Zcash xPub key, which we use to generate unique Zcash address for each order.For Z-Address support, Vendor has to enter Z-Address on settings page.Buyer while purchasing, needs to provide either z-address or t-address. If the Buyer receives refund for any order, we send the funds to the given address.
How we manage security on the siteSecurity over the Tor network and on our market is our priority. We have spent an enormous amount of time to make sure that our environment is safe to use.First of all, we encourage all Buyers and Vendors to use Monero. While Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, it is not an anonymous one. We had seen so many cases when Vendors, Buyers, and markets got busted just because they were not careful enough when it comes to Bitcoin usage. That is why we actively promote Monero, which is the best solution to keep the transactions anonymous.We are aware that most users still use Bitcoin. That is why we have decided to make it as secure and straightforward as possible.We encourage Buyers and Vendors to use Multisignature transactions. This is the most secure method which lets Buyer and Vendor get protection in case of the market& #38; rsquo;s closure.We strip all exif data from the photos. Also, we decide to remove as much information from the transactions on the site as possible. We do not provide any detailed time of operations and actions taken by Buyers or Vendors. All timestamps are removed from the site to avoid any attempts of profiling our users.Because we respect every right for data removal, we implemented the & #38; ldquo;soft deleting& #38; rdquo; of accounts on request. If a Buyer or Vendor decides to leave the market, all we need is a request for account closure via the support system. All data associated with account will be safely deleted. The only one thing which will be left is the username - this will prevent opening new accounts under the same name.After a particular time, we delete all the completed orders from history. That includes all the conversation attached to the order like dispute, auto-delivery, digital items, so please make sure to save any needed data from your purchase.We try to push all users to use PGP encryption. All Vendors are required to use PGP Key attached to their account before they can sell. We do not force Buyers to set PGP on their accounts, but we strongly recommend to do so.Even that the market provides Google Authenticator integration, we strongly recommend switching to PGP Authentication. There are several reasons why every user should do that. First of all, PGP confirms the user& #38; rsquo;s identity. Also, the user can keep the keys to decode/sign the messages on a fully offline computer, which makes it much safer than using Google Authentication on mobile phoness.

Reviews (40)(Average Rating 1.9 / 5.0)

polski ziomek2021-11-04

good weebsite i got everything what i buy from inpost

Trenton Delaware2021-11-06

I've been rip off on dumps trying to find some real motherfucker who can help me get down with the get down the right way




Was getting what I needed at first, the past 3 ounces I ordered from different vendors didn't arrive, admins did nothing to help remedy. Order at your own risk.


terrible site. My pin which was working perfectly along with my codes wasn't accepted and now after canceling my pin request it says that I have to wait for the pin to be reset?! wtf. I am trying to pull my funds out and its been hours now. terrible site, terrible service


Love it


Place is a huge scam off the stole $300 from. All the vendors are thief's to. Do yourself a favor stay away. Unless you like throwing money down the toilet.


Habe 150 Euro eingezahlt, ist nie dort angekommen, echt mies


I placed a few orders, sent bitcoin from my Shakepay, it immediately left my account, but didn't reach the vendors account in 24 hours so the order canceled and now I'm out $350 cad. Hoping I see my money back, as all orders I placed have self canceled. There is still hope, but things are not looking good


Things have been reasonable, but I did a restore on my phone and I seem to have lost the TOTP on Google Authenticator for Torrez. But I still have the mnenomic and pin,, is there any way for me to get back on my account?


One word: SCAM.


Made an order for $110 but vendor cancelled due to issues their side. All fine, except the funds then disappeared before I could spend them elsewhere. Market admins laughed at me when I raised the issue. They are fucking thieves. Do not use this market!!! Sticking with ASAP and MGM Grand going forward, never had issues on those.


The price to become a vendor is not too expensive, the marketplace is fluid, easy to understand.


Looks like a scam. I paid for two order from two seller in Bitcoin. Now they have disappeared from my order history, money is gone and vendor nowhere to be found.


Looks like a scam. I paid for two order from two seller in Bitcoin. Now they have disappeared from my order history, money is gone and vendor nowhere to be found.


I paid over 550$ and they have disssapear


I thin the site is a huge SCAM. Sent the amount of bitcoin as needed for the order to the right adress. I double checked it. My money never reached the vendors account. It was only 140 Euros but nevertheless i'm disapointed.


How do i pay from my wallet ( funds ) Swedish thanks.


Ive had no issues using this Market. I'm surprised to see all the complaint



Some bloke2021-12-07

Currently waiting for an order to be marked a receive payment. Blockchain has 713031 confirmations. ToRReZ are "waiting for 1 confirmation"

Alt, Marco2021-12-08

Alles TOP !!!




I'm in the same situation as lot of people! Im new in Torrez but not in DN and market. I paid in bitcoin as needed for the order to the right adress verify with PGP. Blockchain transaction has lot of confirmations, in Torrez the order was cancelled after 24h and the money not received ??!!! What the hell is going on with this market ?


i been tryna log on here for like 2 hours straight and it freezes at the captcha screen. if that gets fixed then i'll def use it.


I paid, verified everything, torrez still show the money not received when I have proof and tons of confirmations.


im in the same boat as person above.


im in the same boat as person above. paid, tons of confirmations. still showing no money recieved


torrez is shuting down i guess we all go to Dark0de


Sent 350 euro for order and I recieved 1 small packet of jellies?? Told it was sent over 3 times in over 2 weeks now site is closed no communication


Great site!! Please let people withdrawal all funds from your site. I have less than 40 usd in BTC in my account and would like to withdrawal the remaining funds.


Really great site. I am really sad that they are closing. I hope that you don't care about everything and let your customers down where they still have something open


hi my order finish early and recevenothing from the shop what can i do ??


I opened disput, my order was canceled by admin, but I did not get funds on my onsite wallet. Checked onion with PGP for phishing. Exit scam !! Lost 2000 usd Thank you, Mr.Blonde !!!


2 days after I ordered they closed down . Orders have disappeared from my account nothing received through the mail. Can't withdraw balance from myaccount. Last deposit disappeared.


No onions work for it as of now. I'd kind of like to withdraw my funds, hard to do if nothing is working


Still waiting on order from November 27th from pharmatech


Looks like an exit scam. i lost twice £150 ,fck


Pharmatech came through, all good . Peace and love


I'm here.