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SamSara Market is a re-branded version of Dream Market that launched after Dream Market shutdown in 2019. This page contains details about Samsara Market as well as mirrors and alternative Samsara links. The market is like Dream but better in many ways. It is considered a Dream Market replacement.


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SamSara Market Public PGP

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBFvMx8sBCACf2wZ+Gp109AR/J5WWC36oKDFe6U+xMwPBc0eDgTQmAwRhPvzl HfrwjRidfV4/9GrSPvAI4NwG5Klyu8bJXftSUkzbMU+sqSQhggj3QbC2Ly71ZpZV +Y55MVHBMtVpwGjiA9PVnh3JLvJ2AYt7GVuS8/fO1jacJ8m54ycwSGt60Ona+AnO oGyXN9z1RsZDSnw8BPRXB/q5wF2vxivQ7+K7+jFJGQy3+iSmaZ0wWTG/nC3ByW5z yPsGyXn/yGs6L3EU2bd2+ZepKtZxpniItbFSgD6zVVvsBpP45/582rfsL4QnMhPT SJcwJ87r/BZlsfnWSvXWrOcfXTyKiaTFJFz3ABEBAAG0B1JpZGRpY2uJAVQEEwEI AD4WIQSLb4si0V5I7JEMvF2Ha+X2oe5+RwUCW8zHywIbAwUJDSqf5QULCQgHAgYV CgkICwIEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRCHa+X2oe5+R4wNCACOhLrCDIm7aLCqAUd2/Vyb zjJ/mZO5z/Eh5XGXbPrUR6OkvVT1C08QV1/c6Rd3zZI1cPL49QFPVqgRCeQ/ss3P 3gObj+7bOfJLeNLH5dJDaDB3zRlKm6NRH1th53Sro1gd8xQrJiA+yl3IfIT0hn5e dtJF7lBigolmMWKdH4Y4MTWwZ+W1Ou3gcgColPIbfdxSCqQ/d1g+Hep8Sk5+7xBt Hz9nd5Gh4vc/G6SSi0HKfFoLVoQYPHFkYPuyWrABjRPjWZUqQacCerKddDg0+ldF FHKqaj3Aw2Xu4JnJaWln5IMW6LuBaxLuMKNDKxZQI2ku1tI+rurvcVJCiSkDYbQG uQENBFvMx8sBCADXYU41UMYDWiCnsVld14cdJiFMyU/XtTDuJFW/YR3+aXJds5l8 po+8Fbp5h897xIugYhx4/OmwRvBgq/0zPkbpvV5QgVWMuSghwbLDAcHJxiBlpGO6 crGzi4WhvgNspzTzEt7nh1KPPI3FqIGDJz6QcOMz4EEyPYpXOukwpdqbJc21hZUC d6ngLdhnCP7qymRF9dtfsOnJCl0cE0X6yw5EUd1wd/ARhb3h9dusod3WxnWPqJBj 1/TDArV8sd7IdWQq0tPyo1NHDccCsE7ZhSNb8evSJIYjVsCIhyVb/z+rdZNR+vNf rcE+qmU+yFU8/5o2iBp9x5SxwZStxIUiUknTABEBAAGJATwEGAEIACYWIQSLb4si 0V5I7JEMvF2Ha+X2oe5+RwUCW8zHywIbDAUJDSqf5QAKCRCHa+X2oe5+R1ByCACM JR1QOBkasrqW6t5+hdJxTIoN2cqGBRkEEJryJcS9pl9z20Y2m8c8p7W5ztczLLkL SrQNge3UTiwLFSr5uAaxnuA8/qece+kzIeqi+Fk4+DpIf5rijSWMwJDGBsTF+F6o JqrfAAKkViaHJ37jF/eMIjMFpr1nXvjE9MVCvwfgIfFGR3ISkaUwikICdzlUORpe JqhpYg5iwqzcofWueocHotRlWS3fgaHPUokqpmuuPxJlMEO6izkcdh5Ll2W4Rv1s 2Ek+VUOkgTPHBkIeXhyDAOZtKLtAqOi7slpoTGS4X5hc2mhAcPf9wNNA5aJOFmHL I41HO2hvmtlqnXMnloQr =BjFr -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

SamSara Market is a re-branded version of Dream Market that launched after Dream Market shutdown in 2019. This page contains details about Samsara Market as well as mirrors and alternative Samsara links. The market is like Dream but better in many ways. It is considered a Dream Market replacement.Exit Scam
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SamSara Features
Featured escrow market platformUses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to increase anonymityEscrow system is designed for buyer and seller protection.Functionality of the site matches what users expect.Favourite vendors listFirst market with anti-phishing measures that completely defeat transparent MitM proxies!New Community page to decide what features get implemented.Search form that works perfectly.Search based on geographic location, like country or continent, keywords, price, etcThere is no paid stickies or ads. This only costs vendors money and pisses off customers.Our dual-rating system allows buyers to rate sellers and sellers to rate their customers.For completed transactions, reviews can be edited at any time.For vendors, import your stats from other markets and show them on your profile.Sellers can list different products in different currencies.Currencies are automatically converted at the current average of worldwide exchange rates.Easy to use messaging system with conversations.Trading fees 4% are transparent and fully disclosed on your dashboard.Sellers have a full product and order management system.Easily set multiple, per-item, shipping prices.2FA login and automatic message encryption configurable.Ability to recover lost passwords with PIN numbers.Add a security password for purchases/withdrawals.100% Javascript-free Stay safe with us, we don& #38; rsquo;t even use it.NO icon fonts used. Bootstrap / FontAwesome not awesome. They are unoptimized and have no suitable fallback. They really have no place on a dark market.Professional, no-nonsense teamEverything just works, allowing you to focus on trading.
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How to Make an Account on SamSara Market
SamSara Market FAQ
SamSara Vendor Guidelines
SamSara& #38; rsquo;s Message
Everyone should know we are a new company.Internally, many of our team have worked alongside one another for many years. We& #38; rsquo;re pleased to introduce our marketplace and its distinguishing features. First however, some words:One adage, familiar to many users of dark markets, goes like this: & #38; ldquo;This is not amazon& #38; rdquo;It is intended as an irreverent reply reminding people not to get too comfortable, the markets are chaotic and upheaval occurs often. Of course the saying is true. It obviously is not Amazon. But it is pretty remarkable that this comparison can even be attempted. From the beginning of this great synthesis of anonymous e-commerce, all the way to the present, there have been many cycles. We need to be mindful of our cetan and with right intention, up the ante and usher in a new era of professionalism and prosperous trading. We want to one day be able to reply to those who say this isn& #38; rsquo;t Amazon that maybe it is not, but that doesn& #38; rsquo;t mean we can& #38; rsquo;t make it damn close :Farewell to a dream. Now let& #38; rsquo;s have a better one The shutdown of DM was the end of an era. I think that for us, SpeedSteppers did a really great thing. He provided, for six long years, a venue for everyone to do their trading. For this reason, SpeedSteppers will forever be considered a founding father of the darknet. The way the market was shut down was, while not perfect, still deserving of a lot of respect.It is apparent now that the Dream market will not be coming back. With the loss of the largest market on the darknet, it is time for a new beginning. We think SpeedSteppers can look down from the sky and be proud of what he inspired.
SamSara Announcement
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;
Hash: SHA256Dear users of dread, i have great news!
I can say by this that Dream Market is gone and that there is a complete new market.
A fresh market named : SamSara market!
The market is a updated version of dream market!
The staff is all prepared to handle a big user base as before.
We are willing to stay forever, and serve every customer & #38; vendor as before.
This is the market we need right now, with the right security and support.There will be free waivers for the first 500 trusted vendors.The mirrors can be found on the right sidebar.Samsara - it is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;iQEzBAEBCAAdFiEENJ+n07tDUPYF9CiUM/PNzinRK4EFAl0fnFcACgkQM/PNzinR
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;END PGP SIGNATURE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;Signed List of SamSara Mirrors& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;
Hash: SHA256PGP signed list of active Samsara Market mirror links.samsaraccrn2jmin.onion

Date of signature: July 5, 2019, 5:06 pm
Signed by the Samsara Market http://samsaraccrn2jmin.onion/about official PGP key.& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEofPjP4DfTCMfvqAaOzJJybbjrggFAl0fyfwACgkQOzJJybbj
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;END PGP SIGNATURE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;
SamSara Security Announcement
If the main link is ever down, please do not go around blindly searching for alternate links. The links you find are liable to find will most likely be phishing links.To shed some light on this, there are basically two varieties of phishing sites:Completely fake websites. a superficial rip-off of the HTML of the site and the phisher typically adds another field to request your PIN while signing in. These are used to harvest your login data and monitor your deposit address.
If you have ever used one of these sites, any future deposits you send will alert the phisher who will login using the credentials they stole and drain your account by buying something from a vendor account they control before the market bans them. The poor user may even think to blame the market, claiming they stole my f**** money!!.Man-in-the-middle MitM proxies. Technically, they are a little more advanced but much more pernicious since a user feels like they are using the legitimate site. You can best picture a MitM proxy as acting like a little window; through which you can view the site that is being proxied. Everything will seem normal as the user will see everything that they expect to see: their mneumonic, PGP, messages, orders, etc. What is actually happening is that the proxy is rewriting the market URL to point to the phishing site and rewriting Bitcoin addresses to point to their own wallet instead of the market& #38; rsquo;s.The first category can really only be resolved by user education. Ultimately nothing can prevent an user from going to some completely fake website. But it is this latter group, the MitM proxies that we will now be targeting through our anti-phishing campaign, as these will tend to fool even some experienced users if they are not diligent with verifying everything with PGP To accomplish this protection, we have planned a series of countermeasures of escalating difficulty if you guessed that the next countermeasure will be adding a validation field to the Anti-phishing image on the loginyou guessed right The phishers who try to circumvent the protection measures will merely be jumping through the hurdles and traps laid for them far in advance. We can cause them to waste lots of time due to fallacy of sunk costs. We feel it is better to keep these parasites stay occupied with busy work, wasting time in fruitless endeavors then to spend that time actively stealing from people. While thieves have always been a part of the DNM eco-system, the barrier to entry should really be higher.It& #38; rsquo;s easy to say they deserved it when people get phished. But we are committed to making the market as safe as possible, even for users who may otherwise be susceptible to being tricked by phishing sites. But please do your parts too. Please, if you can, use PGP login if you have a valid PGP key associated with your account. When in doubt, wait until you can get on the main mirror for this site, which is: http://samsaraccrn2jmin.onion Write that down and save the alternative mirror links now for later use. An easy thing to do is bookmark them so they can be launched later with a simple keystroke.Most importantly, please check the url in the browser matches samsaraccrn2jmin.onion. If the address is different, you should logout and login again with the correct url. If you happen to act careless and realize you visited a phishing site, please take care of your account by changing your password and enabling 2-factor authentication. At the very minimum, change your password and set an additional security password/withdraw password.

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