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Nightmare Market staff is focused on provided a user friendly hi-tech and safe e-commerce platform. The user is centric and the Privacy is sacrosanct.


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The Nightmare Mission
Nightmare Market staff is focused on provided a user friendly hi-tech and safe e-commerce platform. The market focuses on user privacy, prompt responses to customer service, and ensuring that a customer& rsquo;s funds remain safe. This page has Nightmare Market URLs and mirror addresses. In July the market reached more than 80,000 customers.This market has exit scammed Post: Potential & lsquo;Exit Scam& rsquo; Imminent After Nightmare Market Breach& ldquo;Finally you find your home to experience freedom of speech and freedom of purchase.& rdquo;
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sh4eul2h2g3d2mtu.onionNight Forum Link uiou5sidva7ylu4x.onionNightmare Subdread /d/NightMareMarket/Nightmare Market Cryptocurrencies MoneroBitcoinZcashBitcoinCashDashLitecoinNightmare Market BenefitsHere you will find a serious commiteed team focused on 3 tasks: Security
Friendly and responsive customer support
User centric features for an amazing purchase and selling experience
We are here from an age, we saw markets and forums start and dieing. Wee studied how and when and we discovered, andd you can confirm that by yourself, that 100% of the previous and current marketplaces were running with very poor security, focused just to avoid DdoS attacks and nothing more.
We provide all features available in other markets without javascript even bootstrap and we have everything encrypted. The market is already under attack by many but we are here to stay and defend us and you against everyone who wish to stop our freedom.
Customer Support:
We want you as a buyer and/or vendor to feel at home, is our interest to provide you a quality service to make you feel like you are doing the right thing by selling and buying on the most advanced platform actually available to the public.
Check out our upcoming guides and avoid mistakes made by our and your collegues in past.
Our customer support will be always there to answer as fast as we can and we will always focus to act like the white label competitor such as Amazon or Ebay, even with refunds options in particular cases.
UserCentric Features:
We studied all the marketplace available and we focused on granting a safe but a complete experience for buyers and sellers.
We accept multiple coins from the start and we will add many more in future, we offer auto ship for digital items, GPS drop and Common ship services integrated in the vendor account.
The friendly look of our platform and the intuitive shape will drive you in a peerfeect customer experience to easy setup you security measures 2FA and PIN mandatory for all vendors and next you will able to buy and sell with an amazing speed and multiple filters to suites your search requirements.
We will focus to avoid fraud scam buyers and sellers by giving rates andd feeedbacks on both sides. You will be able to chat and many more.Nightmare also uses a 2-3 Multisig system:
A transaction will only be enabled, if at least 2 out of 3 parties sign it.
This makes an Exitscam by the vendor or Nightmare practically impossible.Furthermore, we implemented several more interesting features for our users,
such as:jabber notificationLivefeedGuided listingsa very transparent rating systemand many more.We wish you a lot of fun and success on Nightmare!If you have any questions or criticism, please contact our support.
Nightmare provides an & ldquo;Affiliate System& rdquo; for its users.
This means, that you will get a bonus for every order, where a user, that entered your Referral-Link when signing up, is involved as vendor or buyer.
For every finished order by a recruited user, you get 20% of the comission fee.
The Bitcoins will be sent automatically to the wallet you entered in the UserCP:How Configure Jabber Notification System
To do that go to & ldquo;allert Settings& rdquo; or read or step by step guide on dread and/or on forum.Rules1. ALL SALES OF RUSSIAN DATA OR SHIPPING TO RUSSIA OR IT& rsquo;S PARTNER TERRITORIES IS STRICTILY FORBIDDEN.Two factor authentification 2FA is mandatory for all vendors and will be automaticly activated when you become a vendor.3. FE Finalize early is not permitted unless you get permission later. You will get banned without a refund or warning if you ask for FE without permission.4. If you get too many scam alligations, we hold the right to revoke your vendor account at any time.5. There is a USD 250 vendor bond. Refundable upon ceasing to vend if your account is in good standing.6. All sellers must have a PGP key in their profile before starting to sell so buyers can contact you securely.7. Prostitution, child porn and murder services are not permitted, personal informations about Russian citizens is also prohibited.8. Doxing or threat of doxing will result in an immediate ban.9. Digital orders auto-finalize after 3 days, and physical orders auto-finalize after 14 days.10. Selling Fentanyl is Proibited.11. Acting against the community will result in an immidiate ban.General FaqWhat kind of cryptos are supported?Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and ZcashWhat is a dispute?If you did not receive a product or if you received an incorrect product, you can start a dispute.Before you start a dispute, please try to find a solution for the problem by contacting the vendor first.
For most vendors, a smooth and flawless trade is really important and many concerns can be dealt with by contacting them directly.If both parties can not come to an agreement, you can still start a dispute.
The order is then & ldquo;locked& rdquo; and will not be finished automatically until the dispute has been closed.The Nightmare support will then look at the dispute and all of the relevant information and decide how to settle this dispute accordingly.If the dispute is being settled in favor of the buyer, the bitcoins will be refunded.In case of a Multisig transaction, you will receive a signed transaction, which you must sign as well.Partial refunds are possible at will.What are good reasons to start a dispute?You did not receive your product
You received an incorrect product
The product is incomplete or damagedWhat are BAD reasons to start a dispute?The quality of the product does not match your expectations subjectively
You bought a tutorial or guide and you dont understand it
You dont know how to use your productWhat is minimum deposit/withdrawal ?A: Minimum deposit is 0.001, be carefull, if you send less you coin will be lost.
Minimum withdraw is 0.01 due to our mixer system.

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