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Monopoly; a direct deal, walletless, userless, XMR exclusive, drug-focused, marketplace aimed to provide a portfolio of well-vetted vendors for reliable, safe trading. Over the course of the past few months, we have built Monopoly from the ground up while taking keynotes from comments made on Dread, especially within /d/DarkNetMarkets.


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Monopoly Market Features Greetings and welcome to the official announcement thread of Monopoly; a direct deal, walletless, userless, XMR exclusive, drug-focused, marketplace aimed to provide a portfolio of well-vetted vendors for reliable, safe trading. Over the course of the past few months, we have built Monopoly from the ground up while taking keynotes from comments made on Dread, especially within /d/DarkNetMarkets. Below we will share a short explanation of our features and why we decided to implement them;Userless -Not only do we want to mitigate phishing attempts, but due to the slow way in which the network runs, we want to reduce the number of clicks required to place an order. Before you would create an account or log in, find your desired listing, make a deposit, wait for confirmations, likely have to re-login, place an order, then check back for it to be accepted all while logging in and out to check its status. With Monopoly it& #38; rsquo;s a much more lean process when ordering and checking the status of an order is as simple as entering your order code. While phishing for order codes is a lot more convenient with this type of system all trades are locked in which means if you lose your order code or is obtained by an unwanted party it can only be reset using the PGP key provided during checkout, this goes for refunds as well. Vendors who decide not to follow this are liable to compensate you for any losses. An added security benefit is you are no longer linked to multiple orders assuming you have encrypted your messages with PGP. A real-world example of this would be a vendor was caught and had stored customers information physically, after police reviewed the accounts of his customers they noticed a specific user John Doe had made a large number of orders and suspected he was purchasing drugs for resale, resulting in John Doe being investigated and raided.Walletless -Payments are made direct to the vendor, we do not generate wallets or have any control of them. It is very unlikely we will ever have an onsite wallet/balance or hold user funds. We are dedicated to making this direct deal system work as the current trend is only to offer it to established vendors, which we intend to do. So you know any vendor on our marketplace is as reputable as a marketplace where they would have select FE privileges anyway.XMR Exclusive -We think its time Monero became the standard because not only is it superior but people are too lazy and simply don& #38; rsquo;t care about the tracks they leave. Every hit against our community is a bullet in the hands of law enforcement and the mainstream media propaganda who denounce the & #38; ldquo;big bad deep web& #38; rdquo; in their low-quality articles. It is time we bankrupted these blockchain analyst dogs because they are profiting off our misfortune and as a community, we need to put an end to it.Drug Focused - Due to the way in which our marketplace functions we want to focus on physical drug sales as fraud/digital products come with a lot of accusations and problems validating if an item was actually sent as described.Segregated Design - The vendor panel is entirely separate to the marketplace, which means if our main URLs are attacked, then vendors are still able to fulfill orders without an issue. If a vendor URL is leaked we know which vendor the link belongs to thus can thwart the attack fairly quickly.Link Distribution Network LDN - During the current climate we have introduced an automatic mirror rotation, for now, this should be the only place you obtain links to Monopoly.Purge Order Data - Again you should treat Monopoly as if it was a law enforcement operation, you do not hand us information that can be used against you. All of your messages should be encrypted and when a trade is final we don& #38; rsquo;t even want record of these so as a perk for leaving feedback to the seller we offer the ability for all order information to be deleted minus the feedback you leave.How does the ordering process work?
Just like any other market, you send your Monero to a given address and obtain the Transaction ID plus Secret View Key for that specific transaction then verify the payment. By default your payment needs to have ten confirmations, we do not have any automatic queue or cron job, you confirm the transaction on your time, and it will trigger our script. To reduce spam, messaging is disabled and your order is not visible to the vendor until your payment is marked as funded. All unfunded orders will expire after 12 hours, which should be more than enough time for your payment to be confirmed. We have provided an in-depth tutorial covering the entire process located at the bottom of this post.Methods to reduce scamming
We do not control any wallets nor forward on payments which allow us to avoid the annoying confirmation delays, technical issues, price fluctuation, vendor complaints/delays, and generally, shorten the time it takes to make a purchase. To avoid evil vendors before they are even allowed to sell on the marketplace we conduct the following checks;Past feedback on other marketplaces.Posts within the community mainly Dread to review how complaints were dealt with, involvement in drama, and other general activity.Age of their vendor profile and how long they have been in the community.Once we have established a positive footprint we will allow them to vend on our marketplace applying limits to the following;Defect Rate - Which is essentially how many disputes a vendor can have open at any given time. Once this limit is reached, their selling abilities will be automatically restricted until it falls below the threshold. Yes we are aware this will be abused and if we suspect orchestrated attacks against our vendors they will be removed and the funds will remain in control of the vendor.Pending Orders - To avoid huge exit scams from taking place when a vendor hits their limit for simultaneous orders, they will be unable to take any further orders until they fall back below the threshold.Listing approval - All listings are manually approved before going live. This is to ensure the quality and to keep the marketplace tidy.We are hoping that with the limits described above, detailed statistics on each vendor, and the power of Dread an informed decision can be made by each buyer to ensure scams do not take place. While 2/3 multisig is our main goal we feel that at this stage it is far too much of an ask and simply wont be used. We will revisit this option later down the road.What options are left for you to be scammed?
As we have zero control over user funds the only way we could possibly scam users is by;Replacing all sending addresses to our own, which should be seen fairly quickly resulting in an absolute collapse of our marketplace within a few hours.Creating fake vendor accounts and boosting our limits which is again a quick red flag for an inside job because nobody is going to fall for some random vendor nobody has heard of that magically has insanely high selling limits.We respect that there is no way in this world we can launch a marketplace and demand trust so we have tried to design it in a way that from the get-go you can physically see we have no intentions of ripping people off. Even our own money in commission is paid the following month, so we stand to lose money just as you do.What are our future plans?
One reason why we love this community is because the users are unfiltered, and real. For too long have new marketplaces popped up with & #38; ldquo;X coming soon,& #38; rdquo; and & #38; ldquo;Y coming soon,& #38; rdquo; which is just pathetic and shows a lack of dedication to launch a complete build. Everything should be ready and then built off based on what the community wants. We feel as if we have a very solid, lean, functional marketplace prepared to be flooded with ideas and implemented. Monopoly was built off very few minds, and we are so excited to see the direction it goes once feedback has been obtained.I would like to vend on Monopoly
We do need vendors however, we are only taking on current/established vendors. If you are interested, please respond to this post and we will vet you accordingly. You can expect a private message via your Dread account or your XMPP address. Our current commission rate is 0%; however, it will be raised to around 4-5% once we have a decent sized portfolio of listings. Balances are due on the first of every month, this is paid for the previous month and is visible on your account overview. Vendors will be issued with a dedicated access link segregated vendor panel and is complete with PGP 2FA security.Commission rates for sellers that excel can be negotiated as we do not have one flat rate for every vendor. Your listings are ordered fairly by the number of successful sales, and stickied listings are limited to 3 per subcategory to reduce low-quality spam.You will never have to withhold packs or worry about why your latest withdrawal is delayed, as long as you treat your customers right we will look after you and provide you with every and any possible addition you may need to shorten your workload and scale your operation.How to Order on Monopoly Market If you& #38; rsquo;re planning on making Monopoly your main source for purchasing it is advised to read this information below to obtain a better idea on how our marketplace functions.How does the buying process work?Instead of creating an account, depositing, waiting for confirmations, then creating a trade, you find the item you would like to purchase and fill out the form. Once the form has been completed you will be issued with an order code, amount and address to send your funds to. Once the transaction passes one confirmation, you will be able to chat with the vendor and proceed with the delivery process. To revisit an order, all you need to do is enter the order code into the search bar located in the top right-hand corner of every page. If you have any issues during your transaction, click the dispute button, if you do not see a dispute button but are confident you have sent the funds then head over to our sub-dread and create a post. Please note, you should never send your funds from a marketplace address. You can read our guide here for further information on sending payments.Why do I have to use a unique address for each purchase?We need to be able to validate the payment you sent, and for us to do this we require a unique address from the buyer for each trade.Why do I need to provide my PGP Public Key?If you ever lose your order code we will only be able to recover it by sending you a verification message linked to the PGP public key you specified on the checkout page. If you do not know how to use PGP then follow our tutorial here.What happens if I lose my order code?You can get in contact with us on our sub-dread, we will then locate your order and verify you own the PGP public key that was provided during checkout. After this has been done we will re-issue you with your order code.I think there is a vendor attempting to scam, what should I do?If you think a vendor is up to no good then you should alert the community immediately by creating a post on our sub-dread. We do not tolerate this sort of behavior from vendors, and we will not deal with these situations behind closed doors. Everything we can make public will be made public and discussing with the community on how to deal with problem vendors as well as alerting potential customers to vendors who may be up to no good is our number one priority. With this being said mistakes can be made but we will not tolerate false accusations or attempts to start drama against our vendors.How can I avoid being scammed?Before making a purchase you should always check Reddit, Dread, and other marketplace forums for possible reviews made for that specific vendor. If that search finds no results and you are still unsure about a vendor keep an eye on their open orders, feedback, and dispute count to see if users are receiving their goods.
How can I contact staff?If you have any issues with a trade you should always try to resolve the matter with the vendor. If for any reason you are unable to then simply dispute the transaction and staff will mediate. If for any reason you cannot dispute a transaction visit our sub-dread and create a post outlining your issue.
What type of feedback can I leave?Constructive feedback is welcomed both negative and positive. If you leave silly comments or immature insults that provide absolutely no insight, it will be removed from the vendor& #38; rsquo;s profile.
What if I send the incorrect amount?If you send more than required the vendor should send the difference back to you if the value is of a large amount, if you send just below then the status of the order will not change. If you have sent less than you should have do not send the difference, create a post on our subdread and we will assist you.
Somebody is asking for my order code, what do I do?Ignore them, if it is a vendor asking you for your order code you need to report them to us immediately on our subdread. Not even staff will ask for your full order code as it is sacred just like a password. Do not share your order code with anybody, for any reason, at any time!Monero Wallet CompatibilityThe only wallet we provide support for is the official Monero GUI/CLI wallet, we do not provide support for any one of the hundreds of other wallets available. If you are experiencing issues installing the official Monero GUI/CLI wallet wallet on your machine please consult any search engine for a tutorial on how to install the wallet on your specific operating system. If you do not want to do this please use a different market.Expert customers that are 110% certain that the wallet they are about to use provides them with the transaction ID TX ID and transaction key TX Key feel free to use the wallet, however if your wallet does not provide you with those things you are not going to be able to verify your payment automatically, which means you will be forced to submit a payment issue so we can manually verify your payment. If a vendor denies that you sent the payment when a manual check is made, we cannot do anything because you cannot prove the payment was sent, screenshots mean nothing as they can be manipulated. To confirm a Monero payment on the blockchain the transaction ID TX ID and transaction key TX Key is required by standard.Please listen to what we are telling you, use the official Monero GUI/CLI wallet. If you are not an advanced user and are unsure as to if your wallet provides you with the transaction ID TX ID and transaction key TX Key then do not use that wallet until you know for sure. Just because you used one of the hundreds of wallets available on another market does not mean you can use it here, on our market we provide a platform for true direct deals and escrow. If we the market want to verify a payment to a wallet we have no access to we need to prove the payment, and to prove the payment we need access to the transaction ID TX ID and transaction key TX Key, the payment process for both escrow and direct deals is the same to reduce confusion and keep the process fluid. This is not us trying to be difficult, trick you, or make your life harder. We do not own or have any say in how Monero or its blockchain functions, we simply follow the Monero standard and to prove a payment we need the transaction ID TX ID and transaction key TX Key. For customers that use wallets on their cellphones, we do not support the use of cellphones on this market thus we will not provide any tutorials for wallet applications.If you are using a hardware wallet like a Ledger device please do not send funds direct from your hardware wallet, you need to send your funds from your hardware wallet to a temporary wallet, and then to the market. This is again out of our control, for some reason when sending from a hardware wallet the transaction key is not true to the transaction you sent and we are unable to decode the output value/amount you sent. If you send directly from a hardware wallet our system will not be able to verify your payment and you will be forced to submit a payment issue so we can manually verify the payment. Please do not send directly from a hardware wallet.How to use MoneroDownload the official Monero wallet from The Monero Project& #38; rsquo;s website and proceed through the installation. Tails users are advised to follow this tutorial as the process can be a little complex for the average user. Once installed open the wallet and select your desired language.For most use cases you can use the simple mode as it will save time downloading the full blockchain. For those who use Tails, preconfigured Tor, or whonix you might want to select advanced mode so you can specify a remote node of onion flavor. You can obtain nodes from, it is essential to know that using a Tor node is no different to not using a Tor node as your transaction information remains private, the only difference is the public IP that is visible to the node when receiving data. If you& #38; rsquo;re super paranoid the only way to protect yourself from all risk is to download the entire blockchain.As this guide is mainly for customers, most of you will likely want to create a wallet quickly, send a payment, then destroy the wallet so we will go with simple mode. From here specify the closest region, check the box, then click next.We will be creating a new wallet here so click create a new wallet.Note down your seed just in case and input a unique wallet name, you can also save the data files to a custom path. Once done select next.As the wallet states input a secure password and ensure you do not forget it as this is required to send payments.Review the following details then proceed to open your new wallet.Wait a few minutes for the wallet to synchronize; you can check this in the bottom left corner. While your wallet is syncing, it is safe to send your newly obtained Monero from the exchange to your wallet. Your receiving address can be found on the receiving tab located towards the left side of the GUI.
Once your wallet has synchronized, there will be a message as seen in the bottom left corner.Now your wallet has synchronized and loaded with the required ten confirmations it is time to make your order, head onto the market and fill in the order form below any listing. Once done, you will be issued with the amount you are required to send and a payment address.Navigate to the send tab and send your payment as usual, you will have 12 hours from the order creation date to send the funds so take that into account when selecting which fee to use, typically even the low fee generates the required ten confirmations within an hour. Double check you are sending the correct amount to the correct address and proceed with the payment.If you have the required funds, you will receive a confirmation pop-up as seen below.Now we have to wait for your payment to confirm, marked in red you can see the current status. When the confirmation number disappears from beside the blockheight it means the payment has all of the required confirmations. From here we need to obtain two pieces of information so click the circle with a question mark inside of it as also seen in red.When the transaction details page pops-up you will need to copy the TX ID Transaction ID as well as the TX Key Transaction& #38; rsquo;s secret key.From here input the TX ID Transaction ID in the box on the left and the TX Key Transaction& #38; rsquo;s secret key in the box on the right then press confirm.Assuming your payment has the required confirmations, and you have entered the correct verification information your order will be marked as funded allowing you to proceed with the transaction.Vending on Monopoly Market Without vendors we do not exist, we are always looking for trusted vendors. Our commission rate is unbeatable, and we offer various benefits including no vendor bond so read the information below if you& #38; rsquo;re looking to set up shop here.Vendor Application InformationRead this entire thread!We do not accept vendors from the Netherlands, no exceptions. Do not rush through reading this thread, do not skip reading parts of this thread, read it all, from top to bottom before submitting your application. If you do not do this, you will be denied. If you make mistakes within your application your application will be denied. If you don& #38; rsquo;t want to pay a bond, we have to adopt another tactic to filter out the idiots. You cannot have the best of both worlds, we must vet vendors carefully. This is your job application, this is your resume, take some time, and show us some respect by doing as we have politely requested, a human has to review your application which takes time, if you don& #38; rsquo;t show us you have put in the time to read this and submit an application to standard why are we going to put in the time to review your application? You get, what you give& #38; mldr; We will not do business with idiots, any individual that is able to read this thread, and submit an application without mistakes will be accepted almost every time because the amount of people that have an issue completing this basic task is just unreal.Welcome, and thank you for your interest in vending on this market. Reading this thread is not optional, it is a requirement. Think this through in your head before you even attempt to create a topic in this section because there will be no comebacks, crying, complaining, or second chances. Once you submit your application it is final, it can not be changed, edited, or deleted. If you have an issue with this, please do not submit an application.Common issues that result in applications being denied. Users that copy an entire application from another, if you copy and paste an entire application from another thread we will know so please use the template below and stop removing the BB code, it is there for a reason.Prospect vendors that do not know how to use PGP, or have any idea what PGP is other than a bunch of random words/letters on the screen. If you cannot determine the differences between signed messages, public keys, encrypted messages, and private keys& #38; mldr; You have no business being here.The title of your thread should be your vendor name and vendor name only.We don& #38; rsquo;t care about anything other than the facts, we don& #38; rsquo;t care how good of a vendor you were on SR1, we don& #38; rsquo;t care about the list of things you are going to promise us. This will harm your application, we deal with only facts here, not emotions, feelings, or promises. If your past market history is not archived on Recon http://reconponydonugup.onion we do not want to hear about it. We need clear cut, direct answers to our questions, anything more may result in denial.Key notes applicants should know. We have no vendor bond, you are not required to pay a vendor bond on this market, instead we have an application process. This means if you make mistakes in your application your application will likely be denied just as say your resume would be ripped up if it contained errors. Bonds do not keep out scammers unless the bond amount is insanely high, the application however tests you on your reading/writing/ability to follow instructions. This is why so many people are denied, they rush their application resulting in mistakes. Keep this in mind before clicking the submit button.We charge a flat rate of 5% per sale, you are expected to pay your fees once per month. We do not take fees out of your orders directly, we pay you, then you pay us. There are no excuses for non-payment of fees.We will actively follow your set refund policy, in the case of a dispute we refer to your refund policy before making any decision on who is right, and who is wrong. This is made perfectly clear to the buyer. Vendors with large defect ratings disputes/issues will be further investigated for scamming and possibly removed. Do not think that because you have some tactical refund policy we are just going to let you get away with tons of disputes/problems.We expect all vendors to login everyday weekdays, we do not require you to login on the weekends. If you do not login for 72 hours you will be automatically placed on vacation mode, if this continues to happen you will be removed. Established vendors that ghost will have their DD permissions revoked without question. This is your job, if you don& #38; rsquo;t do your job what do you expect to happen?We have two ranks on this market, new vendors and established vendors. New vendors are forced to use escrow where as Established vendors can use both escrow and direct deals, you have the ability to toggle each setting on or off. You also have the ability to offer a flat % discount for DD orders, this is displayed as a notice on your listings. If customers think your discount is worth the risk, then they will place DD orders with you.Exclusivity, we do not flood vendors into this market, we also have strict rules on spam. Low quality listings make for bad user experiences, instead of having one listing per weight, we have one listing per product which creates a much better user experience.New vendors are given a 50 concurrent order limit to start, established vendors are given a 100 concurrent limit to start. If you reach your concurrent open order limit you will be able to request a manual lift within the account changes section. These limits are raised on a case by case basis. Currently the base defect dispute limit is set to 10% of your concurrent order allowance. This means if you have a concurrent order limit of 50 you cannot have more than 5 active disputes open.What rules do vendors have to follow? The obvious rules of no scamming does not need to be said, we just expect vendors to login and handle their business it& #38; rsquo;s not much of an ask. Do not constantly be on our ass demanding we close orders, remove feedback, and such. If you are the type of vendor to constantly be messaging us on the admin panel crying, complaining, and just being an general annoyance you will likely be removed, this does not mean you cannot contact us - if you think you have a genuine problem then speak up but we will not accept users that just pass over all their problems to us. This is a drug exclusive market, if you are not selling drugs please do not apply. Established vendors that use direct deals may have to manually verify payments if the customer fucks up, this is how a true walletless market works, no different to if you had your own vendor store. If you cannot accept this, don& #38; rsquo;t enable direct deals because you are expected to be able to read the blockchain, or check your wallet should you need to. You are to read the handbook, and follow all of our requests. If you do things out of your own free will you may end up getting scammed so that will be on you, and it will likely result in removal. Arguing back with staff, demanding stupid things like expecting a 3 day auto order completion time, or for us to just close disputes or release funds a week into a deal will likely get you removed if there is no reason for this action to take place other than you just wanting your funds now because you claim the customer has vanished. The auto completion timer is set to 30 days, this is non-negotiable and effects all escrow vendors, if you complain about this despite us clearly telling you this is the case you will be removed. We are extremely reasonable, and we will take care of you. Certain things have to be enforced so we have a fair balance, vendors you cannot have everything your own way so stop the bullshit crying when you don& #38; rsquo;t get your own way, minors are not permitted to use this market so why would we want them vending? You need cashflow, you need to off-set your risk by using multiple markets, do not build your escrow balance too high here because we are not a bank. Think about it - mitigate our ability to steal large amounts from you by controlling the amount you sell via the use of real stock amounts, not just 9999999 stock and then complaining as to why all of your funds are being held for so long. We will not punish you, for opting to only sell a limited amount here, we encourage it.Still interested? Please follow the application template below and create a new topic within this section.Copy the entire application template into a notepad, fill in the required information and then post your application. If you ignore this your session may expire and you may lose the application you have written. Double check your shit before you click submit, please follow the instructions below to the exact letter.The title of your thread should be your vendor name, nothing else, do not add anything else to the subject title. Below contains the raw code you should copy, paste, and then edit. If you edit this application, remove BB code, or change it in anyway you will be denied;Exact Vendor Names:Insert your vendor name here.Dread Username:Your Dread username if you have one.Your Public PGP Key We will check this PGP matches other markets[code]Paste your PGP public key here, ensure you do not remove the code tags[/code]Identity Verification[code]Create a signed message using the key above, the signed message is to contain the following words & #38; quot;My vendor name is ....... and I am applying for Monopoly& #38; quot;, do not remove the code tags.[/code]What products do you sell, and where do you ship from?Please list all of the products you sell, and the country you are shipping from.Signed proof of stock imagesPlease read the bottom of this thread to find out what this is, and how to correctly provide these images. Please try to picture a bulk amount so we can tell you're not just providing us with an image of your personal stash. We will need to see proof of stock images for each product you sell. This means if you sell Carts, MDMA, and Cocaine you would need to provide 3 images in total. These should be used as your listing images along with additional images if you want. We promise the time you take to provide these images will result in more sales because people are tired of looking at images stolen from Google.Are you ready to create listings and sell immediately:Yes/NoDo you accept our activity expectation?You are expected to login daily except for weekends to handle your business, we understand sometimes you may be busy which is acceptable but if you do not login for 72 hours your account will automatically be placed on vacation, if you are an escrow vendor we reserve the right to refund the customer despite the contents of the chat if you have gone missing, this is usually dealt with on a case by case basis though. Do you accept and agree to this, a simple yes/no is acceptable.Do you agree to keep the market tidy, use correct spelling/grammar including capitalization, keep item descriptions clean, and use full resolution images?It is incredibly important for all vendors to keep their listings tidy, just put in some damn effort. Do not come here, make a listing, rush through it like the world is about to end and expect us to approve the listing. Your listing, is displayed on our market and it is our market that people judge. Keep your shit tidy, clean, professional. Do not come here acting like this is some Indian pharma spam email because you will be removed if you do it. User experience is extremely important and a serious factor in conversions. Another important note to make is your listing image, would you buy a used vehicle off the internet where the image is a 100x100 piece of shit quality preview? No, you would not. So do not think differently here, where people are buying drugs. Stealing images is going to be a problem, because when you steal images and you get a customer complain about the product, they then send us an image of the product they received, and it's clearly 100% different. They will be getting a refund. While we do not expect you to picture your product every single time, just ensure it's very similar. If somebody purchases XTC and they get a different style press they are likely going to be upset unless it was agreed before hand. While the product may be exactly the same, it's going to cause problems.Do you accept our listing rules and purity claims?All purity claims 95%, 50%, 93%, Pure must be backed by valid test results Cannabis listings are exempt, these results can either be linked in the description or added as a product image. The purpose of a title is to inform users of what product you are selling, manipulative marketing and just general bullshit is not going to be allowed because all it does is cause every other vendor to do the same thing because you are doing it. If nobody can do it, then there are no issues. Those that take the time to have their goods tested will reserve the right to claim a purity unless we find otherwise which we will, because we have customers that place orders for us. Do you accept and agree to this, a simple yes/no is acceptable?How do you pay market fees?You will have to read this thread because the answer is contained within this thread.Completed ExampleExact Vendor Names:
MrMonopolyDread Username:
MonopolyOfficialYour Public PGP Key We will check this PGP matches other markets-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----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
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;Identity Verification-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512My vendor name is MonopolyOfficial and I am applying for Monopoly.-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEj6Kh2ScWrV4w0yiSHVHcL/9fQaAFAl6Jly8ACgkQHVHcL/9fqaA0RQ//VB8rgZfPvcWHYVT6JgwxYtm2D+nmypkwY3G3sObSrULm0rVbDgWM+DUW
& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;END PGP SIGNATURE& #38; mdash;& #38; ndash;What products do you sell, and where do you ship from?
MDMAI ship from the Netherlands to worldwide excluding the USA.Signed proof of stock images
Follow the instructions at the bottom of this thread.Are you ready to create listings and sell immediately:
Your answerDo you accept our activity expectation?
Your answerDo you accept our listing rules and purity claims?
Your answerDo you agree to keep the market tidy, use correct spelling/grammar including capitalization, keep item descriptions clean, and use full resolution images?
Your answerHow do you pay market fees?
You will have to read this thread because the answer is contained within this thread.Where do I post my application? Your application needs to be posted in the Applications sub-forum, if you cannot find it simply add & #38; ldquo;/forum/viewforum.php?id=16& #38; rdquo; to the end of the .onion you are currently using. You should be able to find this section, it& #38; rsquo;s literally in the same section this sticky post is contained within.What are signed proof of product images? Ensure you picture your product you have to prove you are a drug dealer, do not take pictures of small quantities next to a printed or hand written note containing your vendor name, the date, and the market name or the name of another market should you re-use signed proof of product images. Ensure you clear the EXIF data, ensure you upload the full resolution image onto one of the following image hosts;http://hrpyqtpeueznvudzs7j4j7guvorl4uii niad.onion
http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5 uzid.onionWarning! Please ensure you take care when taking photos, watch out for reflections, body parts, and just key items around your place of work/home. For example if you take a signed proof of stock photo and there is a piece of furniture visible, when/if your place of work/home gets raided they will use that image as evidence against you. Please try to use a blank surface, you can even lay down multiple pieces of blank paper so all we can see is the product against a white background with of course the signed note containing your vendor name/date.Failure to follow this procedure will result in instant denial.My application has vanished?It has not, your application was denied and is now located in the application archive. You will have to wait 1 month before applying again, if you make any kind of post within the application sub-forum without waiting 1 month you will most likely be banned. No, means no.My application was accepted, what now?You will need to await a response with your vendor credentials, do not spam your thread to speed up this process, simply wait patiently and we will provide you with your account information when we are ready to physically have you logging in, and creating listings. We tend to do this in batches so we can effectively handle new listings and onboard vendors. Your application thread will be located within the vendor megathreads section.How can I become a vendor?If you have a reputation within the community then you will have no issues vending here, we can import feedback as well as set you up with higher order limits and negotiate a lower commission rate. If you have never sold before or have no reputation within the community, you will be required to go through more steps which include but are not limited to; offering vouch copies for your products on Dread, providing evidence you own said product and limited in how many simultaneous orders you can have at any given time. To start the process, please visit our subdread and create a request to vend, it would benefit your application if you had established profiles vouching for your legitimacy.What fees do I have to pay as a vendor?The current commission fee is 0% this will increase to around 5% at a later date and decreases per sale mileage, there is no vendor bond as we vet every vendor in detail before they are allowed to vend. Optional extras like promoted listings are available for purchase.How do I obtain top vendor status?Top vendor status is for the top 1% of vendors on our marketplace, those who have displayed excellent customer service skills, activity within the community, and most importantly satisfied customers. With this comes a lot of added benefits which are discussed on a private basis. We are planning on implementing an insurance fund where top vendors customers are compensated for any losses you may cause to them. This means that your sales as a top vendor will increase because of this added security. While this is currently not an active feature, it will be once we begin earning commission.
Can I purchase promotions for my listings?Yes, we offer vendors the ability to bid for their listings to be promoted. More details of this are available on the vendor panel.

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Good market2020-02-11

Good market, needs more vendors though


Vendor platform is built on Shopify. How secure can that be?

this is nuts2020-02-17

lol at the shopify comment.


@Idiot @this is nuts Ask ANY Vendor on Monopoly. Better yet, set up as a vendor yourself on there. You will receive a private Vendor link to sign in to your store; Onion routed to the Shopify platform.


shopify is butt hurt


Suit yourselves. No sweat off my balls.


-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 It's so funny reading the stories people convince themselves is true to try and discredit others. You know what I find hilarious, what you are suggesting is actually not possible but if I was to sit here and explain the technical impossibilities it would go over your head or likely not even be read because you are not here for any other reason than to spout shit. The Shopify logos are purposly intended and placed for peace of mind. Vendors have families, some vendors may even access the panel in public. I forgot plastering "ILLEGAL BLACKMARKET" was a sensible thing to do. If somebody so happens to pass a vendors screen they are going to see what appears to be a Shopify logo and think nothing of it. What I find funny is, if we did use the Shopify API why the fuck would we advertise the fact we used Shopify when we are clearly using a bespoke panel, why would we add the Shopify logo on purpose? I mean... What? Whoever is writing this is one of 3 vendors, vendors that we declined to do business with. The only reason I am even giving you your 5 minutes of attention is because DNL is nice enough to put up with this bullshit and I feel for his brain cells. Be very careful though, because when I do find out which one of you it is I will just pass the evidence across to the only other markets you will be able to vend on once Empire gives you the boot. Please do keep raising awareness though, I appreciate the free publicity. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCgAdFiEEj6Kh2ScWrV4w0yiSHVHcL/9fQaAFAl5PUsUACgkQHVHcL/9f QaCOsg/9F/0KVI/pIC0vDoR3iK0+3ij1MD44w4p39C7AQKEacA3hPbnLt8qOeUzZ Cas3urW9UTXQ2Ce63j7jJf36G59rKxjXZJXWOMkDAnxYiilr24mgLwPQpCHP80Es iFK68zSt5ytuHvxhs2NYP1Krn1X5lnA76oL96uQQfp1bL6S3WfTA+URdeG2cAMMD +IABKWXuBARzTtVKLCHxPKQmRHeKnETsXab+TmjL4yqIyuqjxXbQa1HWyabDt3yK RzhsTC6kkUd8TJTs5vsPCBFfouQDEAlqagqnynt2S1O4CI/Gshlt6uXYARoPthx4 rBhxdEysOwR1Sg8d+DjetmiGrwzUozF770Vt9h1f+1AVm8o0LxuZe5k3nNHk05dY +FgI0JkWyuPlKssWcxqFoYSiFTc9sLgJcjRn3J6smX710e9MAIpfygGV2EV19Drk XuNXmFmFn/8OvX+yIS8TdXBN5+IBuuHrDBXnExwRoDBoKjRdh78grRXZ221lsaIJ m3k5ZmLsUWtauW30NdX8ESfY0Hl7oSwWXy3behoT29x9g8uIC/8un58w/bIIzGQm Mjvl/O06eNk+ovAg46KBjNkKTqgEd63BK8rBJCjmkK+lAiy8ZktypgiAzuXaPD9t 2ALRW4z42S+q6B2VDdm4suYgNIYhelslDeko3aIPK54fJkwKBsY= =r962 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


Ya I ain’t got nun to do with my hair cut out here now I’ll come get back with you


Thanks for clearing that up Monopoly. There is no evidence to pass along. This is a legitimate OpSec concern. You talk a lot of shit for claiming to demand such high standards. Your ego will be your undoing.


Shopify is a fed looking for info, sucks you gave them what they were looking for.


Design is good and DD gives me peace of mind.


Good market. Obvious shills here are obvious.


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You know a market is good with this many shills in the comments talking about how bad it is.




why so many butthurt shills? the monopoly idea is great, its obvious you have put a huge amount of thought & effort into building it as securely as possible!


complained about vendor scamming and monopoly ban me and keep my money. go to whithousemarket they are more professional that this fucking scammer dickhead.




great individuals often are mentally ill. the operator of this market has shown if the shit hits the fan he'd snitch like the bitch he is


Very bad market beware buying there !


They scammed us read our post dread ! We have to pay 3000$ to get our account back what scumbacks beware better use icarus or darkmarket


Monopoly is my favorite market to this date, the admin has high standards and I really think this is the right way to handle a market. Market also looks fine af, great UI+UX and it's the only walletless market. Overall a great market.


Quality Market standards. Too bad their mirrors have been down as of late. I will finalize my order Malrboro! I know you're waiting on your funds my friend. As soon as we all are able to reach the market again, I will finalize for ya. Thanks for your patience with my frustration during the holiday issues. Final note, I love how the market is built without the requirement of users, but has found a way still be able to verify you are indeed the buyer who paid as well as how the system is still able to hold the vendors accountable, be there any issues. Very ingenious. Admin's standards have not gone unnoticed. \m/ Wish you much success. ~ABs#######


what happened to Monopoly? It's offline!


We're has it gone? It the only one I use what is next best?

loki M2022-01-03

Anybody know what happened to monopoly???


MONOPOLY down for me awswelll lame


but why is it down? anyone know this?


Still down :(



DieCast Dave2022-01-07

Yep Monopoly still down, got money in escrow waiting, no refund on my order :/

Kevin Garvey2022-01-07

Monopoly completely down for a week now. Exit scam?


Exit Scammed? nahhhhh told you I made him I sold him I got paid




received blow from Budex through wickr(although different package) but shit was fire, on point they are also now in darkode as far as i saw.


Great market, well set up! Good protection and privacy built in.


Great market, well set up! Good protection and privacy built in.