Avaris Market

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Avaris Market is a Bitcoin and Monero darkweb marketplace styled similarly to the Alphabay darkweb marketplace.


PGP Keys

Avaris Market public PGP

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Market down, admins unresponsive How to Access Avaris Market Avaris FAQ Do you have any illegal symbolsYes, do not use & lt; or > symbols in any of your inputs the market will give you an error. Certain other symbols may also be illegal.Which symbols can I use?In most inputs you can use the following: / [ ^ - _ \ . £ $ , % ? + = | { } # ` ~ ¬ @ ^ { } \ ][] : ; ! * & ( ) " & rsquo; !.Can I use any other symbols in my profile, listings or refund policy?Yes all of the above plus ★ ☑ ️ ☢ © ℗ ® ℠ ™ ⁂ ‽ ⸮ § ~ ¡ ¿ ※ • ⁀ € ½ ½ ¾ . If you have a custom symbol you can always contact Support and ask for us to whitelist it, create a unlisted pastebin and set it to expire after 1 day.Do you have a seperate website with current market linksYes http://t442hdhyjial3qkdooeb4x6nm2ibcg3pcaiq5ocgxchsgi4x3757bgid.onion - don& rsquo;t forget to bookmark the pageAre you related to Alphabay or Empire market?No, similar to the Empire admin we love the look and layout used by Alphabay, we made some very subtle changes to give the market a more smoother look, other than sharing a similar layout we have no affiliation with either market.Where is the autoshop?We do not have one and currently have no plans to add one.Where are the crypto rates?The rates are hidden but they& rsquo;re running in the background.How do I add funds to my account?Click the balance link or the curreny under your name. Send BTC to the BTC address or XMR to the XMR address.My deposit hasn't showed up?Deposits are credited when the transaction receives 2 confirmations on the blockchain. In most cases when a deposit is taking a long time to confirm it is because you used a low fee try increasing your fee. Avaris_Support is always on hand to help.No direct pay option?Some users seem to think paying directly for an order is safer this mindset provides a false sense of security, those coins are still stored in the market escrow wallets and if a market admin was to exit scam those coins can all be taken. A few steps for those using regular escrow deposit only the coins you intend to use and withdraw any coins left over, vendors should withdraw their coins as soon as the order is finalized, if you want real security use 2/3 multisig Avaris uses 2/3 multisig for BTC transactions.Are you saying direct pay is worse than depositing?No, both methods are acceptable, we are saying it provides no extra security. Deposit only the coins you& rsquo;re using to pay for the order with. Withdraw any spare coins. Vendors should withdraw their coins as the order is finalized.Which currency does Avaris Market recommend?Monero, it& rsquo;s safer to use and is a privacy based coin. If your vendor does not yet accept Monero ask them to consider it. A vendor can edit their existing listing and accept XMR payment in just a few clicks.Will Avaris Market force vendors to accept XMR?No we will not force vendors to use XMR, if you& rsquo;re going to make a purchase and the vendor won& rsquo;t accept XMR you can always use the website xmr.to to convert your XMR to BTC their hidden service link is also available. You can have xmr.to deposit directly to your wallet so you don& rsquo;t need to install any BTC wallet.I'm trying to purchase an item and I have the exact amount in my balance as the item shows but the market is giving me a insufficient funds error, why?Avaris market displays 6 digits after the . for example an item is priced at 1.1212127 BTC Avaris will only display 1.121212 missing the 7 from the end, you can easily avoid this potential issue by deposting an extra 0.0000009 with your orginal deposit.I don't have the extra 0.0000009 or it's going to take too long to show up can Support help?Yes, contact Support. Support will credit your account with the missing digit.What currencies does Avaris Market support?Bitcoin and MoneroWhat is the mnemonic?The mnemonic for your account is used for recovery purposes, it& rsquo;s only displayed during registration.What do I do if i've lost my pin?You can use your mnemonic to reset your pin at anytime.How does escrow work for digital listings?Once you purchase the listing it will be marked as processing, the vendor has 72 hours to ship the order. If the order is not shipped within 72 hours the order will cancel and your coins returned to your balance. Vendors have the option of adding auto download information when creating a listing, this information is shown to the buyer after the order has been marked shipped enabling the buyer to download the item and finalize the order within a matter of minutes. If the vendor has not added digital download information the order will progress as a normal order.How does escrow work for physical listings?Once you purchase the listing it will be marked as processing, the vendor has 72 hours to mark the order as shipped otherwise the order will be cancelled. Once the order has been marked as shipped the buyer can either finalize the order after they have recieved the item, dispute the order if there is a problem or extend escrow if required. If the buyer does not finalize the order, the order will auto-finalize after a set period of time displayed on both the vendor and buyers item page.The market cancels a processing order after 72 hours, and accepted orders after 72 hours does this give the vendor 6 days to post?No the vendor has 72 hours to ship the item, for example they mark the order as accepted at 48 hours, they still only have 24 hours left to mark the item shipped before the order cancels.How can I become a vendor?Read the information on the BECOME A VENDOR page. You will need to follow the vendor rules and pay the vendor fee. Vendors are required to set up 2FA to secure their account. If you are caught scamming, padding feedback or breaking any other rule your vendor account will be revoked and you could be banned.Are all listings done through escrow?The only listings that are not done through escrow are listings by FE vendors. FE vendors are vendors that have been proven to be reliable and reputable.How can I become a FE vendor?The criteria for this is at least 200 sales, $25'000 in volume and 90% positive feedback. Vendors with FE stauts on another market can also request FE status without meeting the criteria.How can I leave feedback for an order?After the order has finalized you have 30 days to leave the appropriate feedback.What do I do if i'm experiencing a glitch or bug?Contact Support. If you encounter a serious bug always contact Support, after providing evidence of the serious bug Support will arrange to have the bug fixed and you compensated. Compensation does not apply to bugs such as broken links or grammar mistakes it is for serious bugs only that could hurt the marketplace or the userbase.What do I do if ive been scammed?Contact Avaris support and explain the situation. To prevent being scammed you should fully utilize escrow, this means don& rsquo;t finalize the order if you haven& rsquo;t received it and dispute the order or extend the escrow if required.How do I extend my autofinalize timer?If the item has not arrived and there is 24 hours or less left on the af timer, go the detailed order page for the item and you will now see a extend button, click this to add a further 7 days to the af timer, also contact Avaris support and raise the issue with the support team.Where is the PGP key for the market?The Avaris Market PGP key is located hereWhat is shared accessAnother vendor can be added to your team, this member will have access to your messages and sales pages. They will not have access to your balance. Messages sent from your team member will show their name to the buyer, you should add on your profile if another vendor is part of your team. You WILL need to contact Support first if your team member needs vendor access.What is MultisigAvaris market uses 2/3 multisig this is the safest way to trade using BTC.Setting up MultisigBoth vendor and buyers will need to set up their account to use multisig do so here. Using an electrum wallet right click on the address you want to use, click details, save both the address and the public key on the market multisig page.How do I create a multisig listingClick your store settings, select both under the escrow settings option. When creating a new listing you will need to select multisig in the option menu as the store default will always be regular.How do I claim my fundsOnce a sale is complete or if you require a ms order refunded goto http://coinb.in or their onion address http://4zpinp6gdkjfplhk.onion. Click new then transaction. Copy and paste your reedeem script and click load. Paste the BTC address you would like the funds sending to and adjust the amount, leave enough to cover any trasaction fees then click submit. You will be presented with a new hex code , copy this hex (continues below).Who signs the hex firstVendors you can either send the unsigned hex to the buyer and have them sign it first and return the hex to you with their signature, you can then sign and broadcast the 2/3 signed hex from either coinb or the Avaris website to release your funds. You could also create the transaction, sign it and have the buyer add the second signature & broadcast to release your funds.Buyers If for any reason you need a refund you can repeast the process as if you were a vendor and either sign the hex yourself first and have the vendor broadcast it to release your funds or create the hex and send it to the vendor and have them sign it and return to you so you can add the second signature yourself to realse the funds.How do I use the coinb hex codeClick the sign link, paste the hex code and also paste your private key from your electrum wallet that corresponds with the public key you saved on Avaris, right click the wallet address and click private key to recieve this. Click submit and you will be presented with a new hex, copy this hex and you can veirfy it using the verfied tab and see the hex has either 1/3 or 2/3 signatures.My Buyer/Vendor can't figure out how to sign, have I lost my fundsNo, Avaris uses 2/3 and we can act as the co-signer to help you release your funds.When creating a listing what does hidden listing meanThe listing will not show up in the regular results you will need to give any potential buyer a direct link to the item.A category states 10 items for sale but only 6 show up in the results, why is thisA vendor could have added a hidden listing or they have activated holiday mode.What is the warning systemAfter accumilating three warnings you& rsquo;re out, banned from the market for a set period time ranging from 48 hours to a lifetime. Serious rule breakers bypass the warning system and their accounts are terminated immediately. User warning status are displayed on their profile. Vendors can see a users warning status when processing an order.

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