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Agartha, Feature-rich Referral Market that accepts BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, VTC, and XMR. Like Agora Beta or Agora Reloaded, Agartha Market is another Agora clone.


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How to access Agartha Market agarthaourmnyhq3.onion
iwnyvwf5th4gpgsofcryy7blb3jpqw2evnwstxkwfok3xghgx3mjxzid.onionThey wrote: The current age is one of obscurity and confusion. As long as these conditions prevail it is necessary that the initiatory knowledge of the "Darknet Mysteries" and the history of things prior to the beginning of this cycle, or age, remain hidden. Secret organizations offering valid initiations according to a true and traditional doctrine are no more than a shadow when the spirit of knowledge no longer gives life to the symbols that are only an external representation of the bound to what is called the spiritual Center of the World. At such a time the loss of the tradition is felt, especially when the direct and supportive relationship with the spiritual center is lost. It is then, as we said previously, something that is hidden more than truly lost. It is not even hidden for all and some possess it entirely. This promises the possibility of others being able to find it if they desire. Each one seeks in their own way, directing their efforts in such a manner as to awaken to the harmonic vibration, according to the law of action and responding reaction, that puts them in spiritual communion with the Supreme Center. Agartha, it is said, was not always underground and will not always remain there. A time will come when those who live in the communities of Agartha will leave their caverns and return to the surface. Upon their disappearance from the visible world, they took the name Agartha, meaning & ldquo;unreachable& rdquo; or & ldquo;inaccessible& rdquo;, & ldquo;inviolable& rdquo;, because they found it convenient to establish their habitation of peace underground. Features 2-2, 2-3 Multisig Escrow Low Fees Familiar Layout 2faMulti-Crypto:Bitcoin DASH Litecoin BitcoinCash Vertcoin Monero General Rules Anonymity is Sacrosanct No products allowed which are intended to harm another No products that are known to kill people Security Methods utilized to offer the highest possible security Encrypted DB fields Truecrypted server Bug Bounty If you find a bug that actively results in loss of site funds, you will be rewarded with a permanent percentage of the site take. This outweighs any short-term profit that could be made by exploiting such a bug. URL:agarthaozozhidet.onion FAQ What kind of market is Agartha? Agartha is an anonymous market. This means that its users expect and are entitled to anonymity. Doxxing is not tolerated. Vendors must destroy all customer information upon the completion of each order. Is Agartha related to Agora? No, Agartha is not related to Agora and was invented prior to the emergence of other Agora clones. Agartha incorporates features and ideas from many DNMs while using Agora as its base theme. What is the Fentanyl / opiate policy? In an effort to balance the medicinal need of chronic pain sufferers with the prevention of dangerous drug abuse, The Market takes a proactive approach to the real problem of drug overdoses by banning sales of the most dangerous and deadly drugs. Banned Products No Fentanyl; Heroin; Chrystal Meth; MDPV; Crack; DNP; Scopolamine; and no other synthetic concoctions that haven't been thoroughly studied. How to become a vendor on Agartha Market Only unused buyer accounts can change to vendor. Become Vendor link is in your profile. Vendor Bond cost: 0.01 BTC. Contact support to pay the vendor bond with an alternate crypto-currency. Fees The Market Commission Fee is: 2.5 percent. The fee is subtracted from the paid amount. Buyers must have the site fee present in their wallet to make multisig transaction purchases. Referrals For every purchase made my a buyer you invite, you get 10% of the site commission. For every purchase made to a vendor you invite, you get 10% of the commission. Referrals are paid out immediately.

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