Monero blockchain explorer - no javascript - no cookies - no web analytics trackers - no images - open sourced


  • exploredv42tq2nowrll6f27nuymenndwupueqvyugaqzbrvmjhhceqd.onion
  • xmrchain.net
  • monerohash.com/explorer
  • monerochain.com
  • blox.minexmr.com

i2p Address

  • 7o4gezpkye6ekibhgpkg7v626ze4idsirapufzrefkdysa6zxhha.b32.i2p


  • no cookies, no web analytics trackers, no images,
  • open sourced,
  • made fully in C++,
  • showing encrypted payments ID,
  • showing ring signatures,
  • showing transaction extra field,
  • showing public components of Monero addresses,
  • decoding which outputs and mixins belong to the given Monero address and viewkey,
  • can prove that you send Monero to someone,
  • detailed information about ring members, such as their age, timescale, and ring sizes,
  • showing number of amount output indices,
  • support Monero testnet and stagnet networks,
  • tx checker and pusher for online pushing of transactions,
  • estimate possible spendings based on address and viewkey,
  • can provide total amount of all miner fees,
  • decoding encrypted payment id,
  • decoding outputs and proving txs sent to sub-address.
  • listing RandomX code for each block

Source: https://github.com/moneroexamples/onion-monero-blockchain-explorer