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About Feather Wallet

Feather Wallet was created by dsc, tobtoht, and contributors.

The code is free and open-source, licensed under BSD-3.

The official repo lives at github.com/feather-wallet/feather.

Development is entirely funded through the Monero CCS and by donations.

Feather wallet GUI development by dsc, tobtoht
Continued Feather Wallet development (Q1 2021) by tobtoht
Continued Feather Wallet development (3 months) by tobtoht
Continued Feather Wallet development (3 months) (nov 2021) by tobtoht


Provide an easy-to-use, small and fast graphical wallet that runs well on any modern hardware.
Be beginner friendly, but also cater to advanced Monero users by providing a feature set that is on par with the official CLI.
Serve as a testing grounds for experimental features that may later be adopted in the reference wallets.
Ship with sane defaults that suit most users, but allow it to be configured for high or uncommon threat models as well.

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