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If you are looking for blockchain privacy, you have arrived at the right place. We are now back and no longer dependent on any third party for address labelling. Label dataset contributions are appreciated and will further improve the service quality of Antinalysis.


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Antinalysis is provided by the team behind Incognito Market.Antinalysis utilizes the innovative edge of data science and machine learning for onchain analysis. However, our goals do not lie in aiding the surveillance autocracy of state-sponsored agencies like the commercial sellouts.Our team believes, that in the current democratic world, every one last human being has the right to do whatever they want and possess complete overview of their privacy while not violating individual rights of others, not to mention the digital footprint on the public blockchainWe consider ourself activists that dislike state agencies conducting mass surveillance under the name of national security and criminal investigations. This service is dedicated to offering a perspective from the state actors& rsquo; point of view in order for users to comprehend the onchain footprint of their funds.

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