DNMX: Secure Anonymous Email For The Dark Net


DNMX or Dark Net Email Exchange is a dark net email provider that allows anyone to create an email account anonymously and receive/send emails to the clear net.


PGP Keys

What is DNMX?

DNMX or Dark Net Mail Exchange is a free to use email service that works just like Gmail or yMail. We don't care who you are and will never ask for your information or reveal your identity; this is the dark net after all :)
Why should I trust you?

Don't! Don't trust any service on the dark net! We strongly recommend you use PGP encryption for sending sensitive information. We encrypt our servers and make the best effort to secure our site, but you should never trust us.
Do you have iMap or PoP3 support?

No. This would make it easy for users to send spam, so this is not available with our service.

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nice to know


10 btc na moje konto




Yo solo queria saber que era Dbed people por la niña de mexico


Raided by LEA on 13 October 23


Don't trust, they were raided by the LEA on the thirteenth of October 2023

dzik janusz2023-11-03

dawaj btc


malware creation


Thanks for the heads up Pychopomp.

Email Fiend2023-11-09

What I find strange is that there has been virtually NO coverage of this raid on the darknet, with the possible exception of Dread and Reddit, and even then, the coverage was scant.


The DNMX Website on both the Clear Net/ Dark Net/ Deep Web is down most possibly permanently as of 11/11/23.