THCLEAR is a private vendor of cannabis products, and cartridges for THC vaporizers. The carts are considered high-quality on various darkweb marketplaces.

THCLEAR Onion Address





Users of THCLEAR's private vendor site will get better pricing and speed than with any other method. Presently this site offers 1g ceramic heated poly carts each with one of 6 signature flavors. This site will also be where unadvertised promotions and give-aways are listed.

Hardware Types

  1. 1g sized ceramic heated poly type carts (currently offered)
  2. 1g sized CCell glass type carts (coming this month)
  3. 0.75g sized JUUL superior carts (coming in samples presently)
A listing on THClear's site

A listing on THClear's site


e-cig type flavors

  1. apple
  2. berry
  3. watermelon
THClear's Homepage

THClear's Homepage

cannabis type flavors

  1. purple kush
  2. hardcore og kush
  3. skywalker og kush (new)
  4. pineapple express (new)

Pricing (accepting BTC)

  • 5x for $150 (1 flavor)
  • 10x $225 (1 or 2 flavors)
  • 15x $315 (flavor mix divisible by 5's)
  • 20x+ DM me for options, discounted further!


  • for items II. a, b, and c free priority usually same day or next day shipping
  • for items II. d shipping is same or next day on a schedule, blackout shipping dates for bulk occur each week. This is an opsec rule.


  • E-mail or this site usually same day comms, sometimes not on Sundays or shipping holidays, and usually most available in the morning. you must have a modern PGP and send me your public key
  • Empire or WallSt markets: if we have a pending trade it will be as expedient as E-mail
  • Dread DM: hit or miss. I am working most of the time so I make sure that promises made are tended to in priority, with haste