German authorities accused two brothers from Hamm of running the darkweb vendor account “GermanTeam” on Alphabay, Dream, and Valhalla. They allegedly sold carfentanil and fentanyl to more than 700 customers.

Dream Market

Terms and Conditions

Dear customers,

Thank you for your interest in us.
We provide the best quality of pharmaceutical made opioids in Germany.
We try to be as cheap as possible with the best quality.  We can do this because we don't have a source to buy like a retailer, because we are able to synthesize our products in our own lab with European quality standards.
We also try to send all orders as soon as possible.

Our store provides you with a lot of types of Fentanyl analogs

These analogs are a way more potent than morphine, which means the handling with them has to be in a proper way not to harm you or anyone else. If you're not an experienced user we would advice to start with the less potent opioids (Acetylfentanyl [around 20x more potent like morphine], and Butyrylfentanyl[about 35 times more potent like morphine]. Fentanyl is 120 times stronger than the same amount of morphine in comparison which means for a not regular customer amounts of 1mg can be lethal at all. Carfentanil is about 3000-4000 times stronger than morphine which means microgramm doses can kill you (seariously 1 single grain can kill you if you don't have a tolerance) to reduce harm to you you should not take strong opioids alone for the first time to avoid an Overdose which kills you. If you overdose naloxone or buprenorphine can reverse these OD's. To offer you a safer way to consume these opioids we also sell liquid solutions which are dosed properly and where you can take drop by drop like in a medical bottle. Also very soon we offer China White, which will be like very good synthetic heroin, which also reduces harm to you through improperly handling of these toxic substances. Toxic not because they are poison, because very low dosage can kill you easily when you have no tolerance.

If you want to kill you please don't ask me which dosage will kill you..please call a hotline for help but please i am a salesman not a psychologist..we are here to provide opioids for people who need them and don't get them on other ways. We're not here to harm anyone, evermore we are here to help people.

Also especially for carfentanil...if you are not really high dosaged experienced opioid user please don't use it...or first please use our liquid products to reduce the harm to overdose you. This i a very serious advice by us. We don't want people to die.

Delivery times:
!!working days!!
Germany: 1-2 days
NL: 2-3 days
Belgium: 2-3 days
Austria: 2-3 days
France: 2-4 days
UK: 2-4 days

Other EU country's max 15 days

Asia 10-20 days
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We do not ship to this country's
USA / Canada / Australia
!!!!!!If yes must pay before!!!!!!
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Vacuum sealed and send in business type standard sized envelopes
All orders fit through a mailbox and got a fake return adresse.

Shipping is done by postal services. Not by courier!
Signing:! Only in Germany ! No need to sign for your orders!
Tracking: yes, your orders are traceable with trackingnumber

If the product does not arrive, we will send it back to regular customers. Also if the tracking says the order disappeared you will get a reship or refund.

Messages / support:
Every day we do our best to answer all the questions.
Unfortunately, that is not possible every day, I hope you understand that and do not panic immediately.
We will always solve a problem!

If you have any bad issues with an order please don't hesitate to ask me, we will find a solution in every case. Giving us bad feedback excludes you from reship/refund and will blackmail you as buyer. We are here to make serious business and we proofed on different markets that we're serious so in any case if something goes wrong please be professional like us and give us the opportunity to solve these problem

Please just encrypt your messages when they have sensitive information like addresses....when you just have questions to products or anything else don't encrypt your will take longer for you to get an answer when you encrypt your messages just for chitchat. Please take notice of this. This decryption takes a lot of time for me when you think about the huge amount of questions we get everyday

Please give us FEEDBACK:
We will be very happy if you provide feedback

Thanks a lot and Best Regards


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