Vendor Shops

Many established darkweb vendors have moved to their own personal onion shops in an effort to avoid paying market fees and losing money in the even of an exit scam or takedown by law enforcement. This page serves as a list of personal vendor shops.


An LSD vendor serving only customers in Brazil

Address: brasilsdwzc33v33.onion

PGP Key: BrasiLSD Key.txt


European supplier of Weed, Coke, Hash and CBD

Address: baxiy4r54fakb5yj.onion

PGP Key: drugSEC.txt

Dutch Drugz Psychedelicum Market

Address: dutchdr5gsol4dde.onion

Subdread: /d/DutchDrugzSupport

EU Benzos

“An EU based Vendor Supplying Benzos, MDMA, Ketamine and other meds.”


PGP Key: (txt) (Proof: [onion]/home/about)

Medicine Man UK

Address: medmanukmb2cdmfq.onion

Forum: medmanukmb2cdmfq.onion/forum


Address: mushmerwell2h6tb.onion


Subdread: /d/MushMerica

PGP Key: MushMerica Key

Opiate Connect

Address: opiatelimlidwmow.onion/

Subdread: /d/Opiateconnect

Pushing Taboo (Gamma Goblin)

Address: pushingtabu7itqj.onion/

Mirror: jich6wsx2nmvayh34mjo7zj6wwu6jiahzdf3au7fiazx2wzvlftqcxad.onion

Subdread: /d/GammaGoblin

The Grass Company

Address: grasscoiajeytipp.onion

Subdread: /d/TheGrassCompany

PGP Key: TheGrassCompany Key (Verify)


Address: vendyrulesucuhyw.onion

PGP Key: Vendy McVendface Key