White House Market Adds FE Support

White House Market, one of the new markets focused on privacy and the security of buyers and sellers, rolled out an update allowing vendors to apply for FE permissions, among other things. White House is one of many markets to roll out an update in early October 2019.

  • Established vendors can now apply for Finalize Early (FE). To apply, log in
    and click “FE Application” under the user drop-down menu. Some vendors may
    already have FE enabled, to see your FE status check admin messages or go to
    your account page. Customers will see FE vendors while checking out a listing
    or a vendor profile.

  • Not everybody will be accepted. We won’t publish the exact requirements for
    approval, however you have to be an established vendor with FE on at least one
    active market. More details about FE on the “Info” page.

  • Finalized orders will be deleted after 15 days.

  • Withdrawals can be deleted by user after they are processed or declined.

  • Users who register and do not add a PGP key are considered inactive and
    will be deleted after 48 hours. They can always register in the future if
    they wish to.

  • Added “Report User” and “Report Listing” options on the “Listings” page.

  • Some UI and backend improvements.

  • Reminder: Verify links, verify our public key from multiple sources (Dread,
    darknetlive, dark.fail). Also remember that forums are not under our control,
    and what you post on forums (private messages included) are to be considered
    public. Always encrypt communication that should not be public.