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Dutchman Sold Counterfeit Banknotes on the Dark Web

Published on 2023-02-04, using 240 words.
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Second-Largest Darkweb Counterfeiting Ring Busted in Portugal

Published on 2019-09-09, using 456 words.
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German Man Accused of Buying Counterfeit Euros on the Darkweb

Published on 2019-06-09, using 334 words.
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Austrian Teen Arrested for Using Counterfeit Euros

Published on 2019-05-13, using 187 words.
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Europol: Massive Counterfeit Vendor Busted in Poland

Published on 2018-09-25, using 680 words.
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German Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Euros

Published on 2018-08-03, using 170 words.
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