How to Become a Verified Vendor on Tochka Market

Tochka staff recently announced a new project in an effort to cut down on fraudulent vendors. Vendors are required to send the staff a photo of their product(s) with the Tochka market onion address or the vendor’s username. “Hello, we are introducing Trusted Vendor Verification feature that will help to keep high quality of Vendors, […]

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Tochka “Foundation” October Status Report

Tochka Foundation Tochka Market rebranded: “Tochka Foundation is an independent research organization in field of experimental countereconomics (Digital Shadow Economy). Tochka’s activities include: Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research; Integrating software solutions into prospective fields of Digital Shadow Economy” They now offer an ICO and claim to be a research organization. Tochka Foundation is […]

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