Rapture Market
Rapture Market Returns Amidst Exit-Scam Fear

One of the relatively new darknet markets called “Rapture Market” disappeared for long enough that even the media wrote about the marketplace’s disappearance. It turns out that Rapture Market did not exit scam. They are back but are being hit by an allegedly intense DDoS attack.

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Almost 20 Arrested in Brazil’s Operation #UNDERGROUND 2

On April 26, the Federal Police (Polícia Federal) in Brazil launched Operation #UNDERGROUND 2—an operation aimed at cracking down on illegal child abuse content shared on the darknet. In searches throughout seven Brazillian states, the Federal Police executed 11 search and seizure warrants and ten pretrial arrest warrants. 

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Drug Fugitive Caught in Germany with Fake IDs

According to Baden-Wuerttemberg police, an Italian man admitted purchasing false Italian identity documents from the darknet when caught attempting to finance a car in Stuttgart, Germany. The Tübingen Public Prosecutor and Karlsruheand police headquarters announced that an examination by financial police revealed that the papers were fakes.

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Dutch Police Busted Anon-IB

With the confiscation of a server, the police have seized a forum for the sharing of so-called revenge porn.” Site visitors were especially interested in nude photos and videos of girls and young women, who stole them from the clouds of their victims and shared them.

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Two Amphetamine Cooks Busted in Austria

Customs in Frankfurt seized numerous packages of Amphetamine throughout 2017 eventually led to the arrest of two men in lower Austria for distributing more than two kilograms of amphetamine throughout Austria. According to Austrian authorities, the men both cooked their own amphetamine and resold amphetamine ordered from the darknet.

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