Austrian Police Announce ‘Great Win’ Against Darknet Drug Trafficking

The State Office for Criminal Investigation of Lower Austria succeeded in striking out against international drug traffickers through its excellent cooperation with the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the Dutch judicial and police authorities. Three suspects were arrested and addictive drugs worth about € 1.7 million could be secured. Darknet-related Bust […]

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International Police Met with Hansa Market Buyers

On 14 and 15 February the police held a nationwide ‘knock and talk’ operation: Operation Mirum. They called at the houses of 37 individuals who had ordered drugs through the dark market Hansa Market. Simultaneously, in the U.S., the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) carried out a similar operation, ‘Operation Decrypt’, together with the FBI and […]

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Vendors Saving Addresses Pt 1

Shiny Flakes Famed German vendor “Shiny Flakes” saved addresses and German police found them. Years later, international police still use that list of customers to prosecute buyers. In the United States, the South Carolina fentanyl vendor “PeterTheGreat” saved addresses that resulted in the arrest of Alphabay vendor “Zane61.” Yet vendors still save addresses, and this […]

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