Saxony Gun Deal
Saxony Man Arrested for Buying a Gun on the Darknet

The Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office announced that a 41-year-old Saxony man landed in police custody after he had purchased a firearm and ammunition from a darknet vendor. The deal seemingly involved a real darknet vendor—unlike the majority of the gun deals in the region—as the police announced they had successfully recovered both the gun and ammunition. […]

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BKA Logo
BKA: Investigators are “Restricted not Powerless”

According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), infants and toddlers are increasingly becoming victims of child abuse—at least on videos found on the darknet child abuse forum “Elysium.” German authorities reported that the percentage of under-six-year-olds abused in videos or photos has risen in recent over the last three years. Information like this, […]

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Tabooless Seizure Banner
Police Catfished the Tabooless Admin

During the recent sentencing of the Tabooless administrator, investigators detailed the steps taken during the investigation. According to two investigators, they caught the 50-year-old through what non-technical readers would refer to as “catfishing.” Long story short, they posed as a woman who seduced the admin, slowly chipping away at his anonymity.

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The BKA Talks About Darknet Child Porn Ops
BKA: Fighting Darknet Child Abuse Forums

Matthias Wenz, Deputy Head of a unit of the German Federal Police dedicated to crimes against children, talked about the current state of child abuse on the clearnet and darknet. He revealed the needed changes within law enforcement and other aspects of the crime unknown to the public.

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