Saxony Gun Deal
Saxony Man Arrested for Buying a Gun on the Darknet

The Dresden General Prosecutor’s Office announced that a 41-year-old Saxony man landed in police custody after he had purchased a firearm and ammunition from a darknet vendor. The deal seemingly involved a real darknet vendor—unlike the majority of the gun deals in the region—as the police announced they had successfully recovered both the gun and ammunition. […]

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Teen Tried to Buy a Firearm on the Darknet

“René F.” went on darknet in June 2017. He found what he was looking for from a supplier from Australia and ordered a MAC-11. In Germany, the acquisition, import and possession of such “weapons of war” are strictly regulated and punishable without appropriate permits. He also paid $1700. When he wanted to receive the firearm in August 2017 […]

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