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Update: Four Years for British Bitcoin Launderer

A 38-year-old British man received a four year prison sentence for laundering bitcoin for darknet drug dealers.

Prison for 24-Year-Old Who ‘Illegally’ Sold Bitcoin

A stunt from US law enforcement sent a 24-year-old to prison for unlicensed money transmitting. Authorities arrested the young man after they discovered he had been trading Bitcoin and not reporting the transactions to the government. EveryCryptoNews explained: Eldon Stone… Continue Reading →

Tochka “Foundation” October Status Report

Tochka Foundation Tochka Market rebranded: “Tochka Foundation is an independent research organization in field of experimental countereconomics (Digital Shadow Economy). Tochka’s activities include: Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research; Integrating software solutions into prospective fields of Digital Shadow Economy”… Continue Reading →

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