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Authorities to Sell Hansa Market Bitcoin

According to an announcement from Bavaria’s Central Office of Cybercrime, the authorities plan to sell the bitcoin seized during the arrest of the LuL.to and Hansa owners. The total amount of cryptocurrency seized from the Hansa market owners comes to roughly 12 million euros.

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Prison for 24-Year-Old Who ‘Illegally’ Sold Bitcoin

A stunt from US law enforcement sent a 24-year-old to prison for unlicensed money transmitting. Authorities arrested the young man after they discovered he had been trading Bitcoin and not reporting the transactions to the government. EveryCryptoNews explained: Eldon Stone Ross, a 24-year-old from Kennett Square borough of Chester County, Pennsylvania, has been sentenced on […]

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Tochka “Foundation” October Status Report

Tochka Foundation Tochka Market rebranded: “Tochka Foundation is an independent research organization in field of experimental countereconomics (Digital Shadow Economy). Tochka’s activities include: Developing Open-Source Software; Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research; Integrating software solutions into prospective fields of Digital Shadow Economy” They now offer an ICO and claim to be a research organization. Tochka Foundation is […]

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