vworp!: A link shortener for the Tor network

From Onion Ltd of OnionTree.org: I am proud to announce the launch of vworp!, a link shortener and a redirection service for the Tor network.



Many, if not all, high-traffic services utilize two or more onion addresses to stave off DDoS attacks. If unsuccessful and one address goes down, one of the others usually takes its place.

Vworp!’s redirect screen

Vworp!’s redirect screen

For habitual users, it’s become a common practice to visit the so-called link directories to find the online addresses. This may work for users but not so much for content publishers who want to link to a specific content.

This is where vworp! comes in. It tracks the uptime of service’s addresses and redirects to one that’s online.

Use vworp! to link to a content from your forum posts or in articles on your blog and be sure your readers will always get where you want them to be.