Captcha Tweaking

From /u/Paris on Dread: So humans solving captchas are so 2019 right? IN 2020 WE GET MACHINE LEARNING.

Fucking hell. The captcha has changed to accommodate more icons with lower contrast between the background and the icons themselves. At the core this will only make the person to redo their machine learning to accommodate the new icons and learning.

I will be tweaking the captcha and hug is soon pushing another to dread which will be much better than what I cooked up.

As of how to solve it. Look at the darker spots in the row and mark those in the checkbox. There will be randomization for the icons (about 5000 of them…) changing periodically. Sometimes it seems the icon doesn’t render appropriately or within the same font size. I’m cleaning the broke ones out here and there so it will get better in time. If it is blank just leave it blank and hope it went blank at the end.

This is only a temp solution to stop all the spam. Remember darker spots signal the position you should replicate to the right to answer the captcha.

Edit: Being that people seem to like the chest pieces I’ve added more of them in there.