Cannamed Launch Date - June 16

/u/devil wrote:

Thanks to /u/f0rtuna and his skilled devs, Cannamed is online and currently having the final few bugs ironed out, and content being added.

We are excited to announce our official launch a day from now (depending on your timezone, it’s already the 16th for me ;)

The forum and website is running off of Envoy’s new custom CMS, and once you see it in all of its glory, we have no doubt you’ll agree - she’s beautiful.

Cannamed Logo

CannaMed Logo

You can find our current staff list to the sidebar in the subdread. Under no circumstances should you respond to any other person claiming to be a part of the Cannamed staff if they are not listed within the sidebar, as always, treat any contact with suspicion and confirm with me if you aren’t sure.

If you’re going to contact any of us on Dread and it’s more than just general chit-chat or general discussion, please PGP encrypt your message to us, via modmail. Cannamed Public PGP key is located at the top of this page under the banner. Use it. If you don’t know how to use PGP, learn.

Any other important information related to Cannamed, why you should join and become an active member, and for all vendor membership, perks, sponsorships and partnership opportunities please contact me on the Cannamed forums and look for relevant information there. It will eventually have its own thread here.

Banner advertising is available for purchase, if our demographic is the type you would like visiting your vendor store, marketplace etc - the process is simple. Find it on our website.

I will update this thread closer to the hours prior to launching.

Sorry if I forgot anything important, you’ll live :)

See you on cannamed!