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Welcome to our website. Here you will find a wide variety of research chemicals, nootropics, and naturally occurring chemical compounds. These have great potential in the fields of organic chemistry (as synthetic intermediates), agriculture (as fertilizers, growth hormones or pesticides), and also in medicinal research (in licensed psychotherapy, in vitro research, and binding affinity studies). Our chemicals have been used by laboratories, including the University of Massachusetts, for the sake of scientific advancement and research!

We believe in the freedom and power of choice. If you do too, please feel free to explore!

PS – Don’t forget to check out our new sister website, Run by affiliates of The Indole Shop, they are our complementary companion and would like to garner new customer base and business. Please help them out and check their site out!

They currently offer only 1P-LSD and 4-AcO-DMT but they are going to be stocking newer compounds, including EU-exclusive and Canada-exclusive chemicals not available on The Indole Shop. 🙂

Max, Sandra and The Indole Shop Team <3

  • Lysergamides
  • Organic Intermediates
  • Tryptamines

Q: I paid for an order but have not received a confirmation email/email with tracking, can you send me one?
A: Our emails are typically flagged by spam by most mail service’s filters.
It is possible that we sent an email but if ended up in your junk/spam folder. Be sure to check there, and if you don’t see it, send us an email on the contact form.

Q: Can I choose Email Money Transfer on the checkout page for sending payment?
A: The payment method Email Money Transfer on the checkout page are typically reserved for Interac e-transfer and Tangerine bank transfer, which are available to Canadian customers only.

Q: Where is the best place to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?
A: In our opinion, Local Bitcoins ( is by far the best website for purchasing or selling coins. It sources bitcoin vendors closest to your physical location as well so that you can purchase bitcoin locally.

Q: Can I obtain MSDS or purity analysis for a compound?
A: Yes, just email us on the contact form if it is not available already on the product page.

Q: Is shipping enabled to the US?

We are no longer shipping to the US at this time.

Q: Will I need to sign for the package?

A: No signature is required for any free shipping packages.