Here at Skookums we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality products. We are Europe’s number one destination for the highest quality research chemicals on the market today. Leading supplier of 3-mmc, 4-cmc, 4-mec, Etizolam, Diclazepam and many more.




World Wide Shipping.

We ship worldwide from the Netherlands. We use the national postage service to ship all orders.

Due to the different legislation regarding the products we sell around the world, you need to check your local laws regarding the specific products your order from us.

We now offer 2 shipping options.

First Class Mail (No Free Reship Not Tracked): € 10
Delivery: 4 – 20 days

International Tracked – No Reship: € 20
Delivery: 3 – 12 days

International Tracked – 1 Free Reship Up To €500: € 30
Delivery: 3 – 12 days

Important – Please note reship value only goes to the value of €500 euros anything more and it is not covered. Which means for example if you order for €1000 euros and the package is lost we will reship for free €500 worth of product.

If your order is received and paid for by 2pm C.E.T your order will be shipped the same day.

We Ship Monday To Friday.

Estimated Shipping Time

Europe 3-12 days Business Days

Rest Of The World 5-21 days Business Days

These are shipping times are estimates and can often be quicker, and in rare occasions can take longer.

Please allow 20 working days before you contact us over un-delivered orders as we can not do anything to help until this amount of time has passed.

High Risk Countries:

There are certain countries that have a higher loss of packages, because of this we have created a list of what we deem high risk countries and anyone that orders from these countries do so at there own risk. We will not reship packages to these countries or offer compensation under any circumstances.

New Zealand

We No Longer Ship To The USA

New support Policy

We also have a new support policy. We are happy to give you support and we have hired more people and a new support system to do this better. We understand there were some recent lapses.

By purchasing you agree to the following.

You wave your right to reships or support of any kind if you make threats or post negative reviews before 2 conditions are met. We have been around a long time and are known for taking care of our customers.

  • The shipping times posted have past. Europe 3-12 days Business DaysRest Of The World 5-21 days Business Days
  • Give us at least 48 business hours to respond.

We are not trying to stop reviews. We encourage them. They build the community as a whole. If you want please place a review stating “it was shipped 10 days ago and has not shown up yet” if that is factual and true. However, if you post “selective scammers was shipped 10 days ago and still no show” you calling us selective scammers, in this case, waves your right to support.

The reason for this is people post a review then 2 days later they get their product. The review is not removed so even though we took care of the customer properly we still are left with a bad reputation.

For the security of other users please don’t post anything specific about packaging. We encourage things like “I did not like the packaging cause it smelled bad” or “the packaging is secure and discrete” Please do not mention anything specific.