Selaminy – The Xanax Expert

Selaminy is a supplier of Alprazolam powder, Etizolam powder, and S903 Green Hulk Xanax bars.


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Selaminy – The Xanax Expert
Welcome to Selaminy Shop!
We are a team of darknet professionals that have been working with benzodiazepines for years. Xanax is our business and we do it well.
We strive to get you the xanax and powders you want, safely. Packages are carefully packaged and discretely shipped so you don’t have to worry about your pack in the mail.
We provide only the best high quality Alprazolam powder, Etizolam powder
and S903 Green Hulk Xanax bars.
We have been operating for more than 1 year just on Empire and now a
Level 8 Vendor with Trust Level 8.
Visit our vendor shop at http://uhajdfjpcwncj5hyl3pmou34gekvcrxv76unjlqa5pjkgvg76bzg4bqd.onion/
Always trust Selaminy for all your benzo needs!”
Selaminy – Experience and Expertise
Confidence guaranteed in your orders and transactions backed up by several years of experience in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.
That being said, you should feel comfortable shopping with us, because we have many years of experience dealing with benzodiazepines, and uphold high standards of quality control to ensure you get the product you need and want. Over the years, we have been able to cultivate relationships with various medical and pharmaceutical professionals, as well as streamline and integrate our supply chain and distribution/transport processes.
This allows us to get an untampered-with, quality product to you at a fair price. Our quality standards do however mean that there are times when we may run out of product, or have delays in restocking. If this ever happens, rest assured you will be the first to know, and we will make sure to go on ‘vacation mode’, refund or reship any orders as needed, and otherwise make allowances and announcements to let everyone know what is going on.
Selaminy – Rhymes with Stealthy
It takes years of experience to be an expert in stealth and logistics. The Selaminy team always has the client in mind. We do not keep records of addresses and other sensitive information after the transaction has been finalized. This ensures no loose ends and trust between supplier (US) and client (YOU).
We also take great pride in our own logistics and delivery system that assures all packages will be received on time and in good quality. Currently we focus on Local USA to USA delivery.
Upon ordering, we will need your address (Place it encrypted on the order details pane) preferably in this format:

  1. Receiver’s First name and Last name
  2. City Address
  3. State Address
  4. Post Code We ship daily.
    If you order is processsed beyond the cut-off period for the day then we will be shipping it on the next day. For contact details, questions and other related concerns feel free to check our Policies, Terms and Conditions page or our Contact page.