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All my friends .
This is your old trust friend James li. I just come back from vacation. just accompanied with my mother through chemotherapy. we still have a lot of best quality rc chemicals in stock now. if you are interested in. please do not hesitate to contact us. All my friends. come back and hug me. you will get the highest quality products and the best price and service.

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clonazolam 2g$200 5g$350 10g$550 25g$1200
Meclonazepam 2g$130 5g$250 10g$400 25g$700

Metizolam 2g$130 5g$250 10g$400 25g$700

Flubromazolam 2g$180 5g$280 10g$450 25g$800 50g $1200

bromazolam 2g$180 5g$280 10g$450 25g$800 50g $1200

Tianeptine sodium 5g$100 10g$180 25g$375USD 50g$600 100g$800 1kg$4500

CBD powder 2g$120 5g$180 10g$250 25g$550

Eutylone 10g$100 100g $350 1kg 1200USD

Hep 10g$100 100g $300 1kg 1000USD

Mfpep 10g$100 100g $300 1kg 1000USD

bmdp 10g$100 100g $300 1kg 1000USD

4fadb 10g$120 100g $350 1kg 1500USD

5fmdmb2201 10g$120 100g $350 1kg 1500USD

5cladba 10g$120 100g $400 1kg 1700USD

sildinafil 10g 100USD 100g 250USD

tadalafil 10g 150USD 100g 350USD

In addation,we have other products in stock. Fasoracetam Pramiracetam, Coluracetam, Phenylpiracetam
Tadalafil ,sildinafil , vardenafil, Dapoxetine hydrochloride, Flibaserin, Orlistat ect

Shiping :
All orders will ship within 24 hours after payment received. it will take about 1-2weeks to arrived at destinations . after sending ,we will give the clients tracking number .

About payment ,we accept BTC ,LTC,ETH ,western union ,money gram .

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