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3-CMC Crystalline powder
4-CMC Crystalline powder
A-PHP Crystaline powder
A-PHP Crystaline powder WHITE batch
NEP Crystals

Delivery Information

We ship worldwide, although the local laws and regulations regarding the import/distribution of our products differ from country to country. Consequently, we have certain restrictions in place. It is therefore a requirement that all customers check the legal status of their chosen products before placing any order with us.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Europe.

*Payments accepted during the day are in 99% cases shipped the next day


Delivery time: 4-8 working days in EU, 7-14 to USA

price: 10 eur

We dont guarantee delivery with this kind of shipping,


We dont reship in case of lost or seize.

UNREGISTERED TRACKABLE SERVICE ( FOR ORDERS ORDERS OVER 701 eur +) ( price does not include shipping and pick up fee ) ( ONLY FOR EU CUSTOMERS)

Delivery time: 4-8 working days in EU,

price: 15 eur

Tracking available

Guaranteed reship

( please inform us whether package is not delivered )


Every order is treated as individual and will be processed to ensure customer satisfaction.
The orders will be shipped within one business days following the date on which the order was paid. The date of order dispatch is determined by the sender, not the client.

We reserve the right to cancel any order whereby the following circumstances arise:

  1. If we find out that the ordered product or products are illegal in the destination country.

  2. If we find out that the client use the product (or products) for another purpose than it was intended (technical use).

If payment has been made and we decide to cancel the order, full refund will be issued!
Client will always be informed when the order is cancelled.

Delivery address can be changed or the shipment can be held until the order leaves our shipping facility. Once the package is passed to shipping company, we cannot intercept the shipment, change the address or redirect the package.
Every customer is obliged to check the legal status of the product in the destination country before placing order with us! The packages seized by customs will not be reshipped!

Due to the nature of products the seller cannot accept them back in case the customer decides to return them. We expect our customers to order only those products, they are acquainted with and know exactly their technical use.

We do not take responsibility for delays caused by courier companies/postal services. Unfortunately some circumstances are beyond our control.
Cancellation of the order is possible until the seller has passed the shipment to shipping company.
Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been shipped – due to the nature of products the seller cannot accept them back.

The shipment that can not be delivered, will not be resubmitted and money will not be refunded to the customer. So please be careful when entering the data in the order form and properly mark your letter-box.

We offer a free reship in case the shippment doesnt arrive in 21days for shipping service DPD. We DO NOT reship in case the shippment has been stopped by customs. If the customer receive ripped or any other way broken package without the product, we don’t reship. In case of ripped or broken package customer should not accept it and should report it to his post and to us.

All products are intended for technical use only. All products are harmful and strictly not for human consumption. We refuse to be held responsible for any harm or accident resulting from the use of product contrary to its purpose of using! Keep out of the reach of children and animals!