Yellow Brick Market Has Returned

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Yellow Brick market, one of the semi-private marketplaces attracting attention from a portion of the community interested in markets such as CGMC or TMG, has returned after a short period of downtime. Many knew the market would return. And it did.
Yellow Brick, on June 3, re-opened its doors after more than a week of silence and absence, originally citing “maintenance issues.” It appears the downtime was related to the recent attack most markets have been trying to handle for the past month.
One email received from a vendor on the marketplace telling Darknetlive to remove the “potential exit scam” tag from the market’s listing on the Darknetlive market list.
Hi there i see its still up but in maintenance
[the Yellow Brick maintenance page]
i heard that some orders disappear so that they are fixing that bug, but aint spoke them for some days now since i cant login yet,
But i think its not fair to place already a exit scam tag.

The Message from Yellow Brick
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512We are back! Our order system will be open again within 48 hours.Please open a ticket if you have missing orders or have missing withdrawals and this will be fixed. We will heal from this attack, and Yellow Brick will never exit scam. Welcome home!-FANTASY------BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----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aLZd-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

Yellow Brick Homepage

Yellow Brick market’s homepage
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