Washington Man Admits Selling Fake Oxys on the Darkweb

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A Washington man pleaded guilty to distributing a wide variety of drugs through the darkweb.
According to court documents, 28-year-old Nicholas Partlow of Issaquah, Washington, distributed fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and other drugs through undisclosed darkweb marketplaces. Partlow also admitted to possession of firearms during his drug trafficking operation.
In total, Partlow had more than 400 completed transactions on darkweb marketplaces. Through his darknet sales, Partlow sold an aggregate amount of at least 52 grams of heroin, 13 grams of methamphetamine, 142 pills containing fentanyl, 866 suboxone strips, and 1,513 pills containing other controlled substances. The pills containing fentanyl were counterfeit oxycodone pills.
In 2020, postal inspectors ordered drugs from Partlow’s vendor account on an undisclosed marketplace. Court documents do not reveal the identity of the vendor account Partlow had operated. The drugs ordered by undercover feds included 1 gram of heroin, 4.07 grams of methamphetamine, and 79 pills containing other controlled substances. Feds also intercepted packages Partlow had shipped to his customers. The intercepted packages contained 3.25 grams of heroin, two pills containing fentanyl, 18 suboxone strips, and 1,680 pills containing other controlled substances.
On November 18, 2020, feds executed a federal search warrant at a house in Issaquah, Washington, where Partlow was living. During the search, agents found 21.446 grams of heroin, 27.234 grams of methamphetamine, a bottle of GHB, 27 pills containing fentanyl,
[img=]As of the acceptance of the plea agreement, the darknet includes zero of those sites.[/img]

0.859 grams of Ketamine, and 33 pills containing other controlled substances. They also found supplies that Partlow used for selling and shipping drugs, including a scale, U.S. Postal Service envelopes, bags, and vacuum-seal bags. Agents seized five firearms, $4,360 in cash, a Trezor cold storage wallet, jewelry, and several electronic devices.
After the November 18, 2020, search, Partlow knowingly and voluntarily gave law enforcement permission to seize all cryptocurrency funds from any darknet markets associated with him and all cash found in the November 18 search. Approximately 11.219267790574 Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency and 0.0064688 BTC (Bitcoin cryptocurrency) were seized on or about December 11, 2020. Partlow admits that the cash and cryptocurrency funds are, or are traceable to, proceeds from the drug trafficking conspiracy

After the house search on November 18, 2020, Partlow continued to sell drugs to his customers. On March 31, 2021, police in Bellevue, Washington, caught Partlow and an associate using heroin in a parking garage. Partlow possessed 27 counterfeit oxycodone pills, five alprazolam pills, and a drug ledger notebook containing information about his transactions.
Authorities freed Partlow after the March 31, 2021 arrest.
On September 9, 2021, in Renton, Washington, Partlow crashed a car. A federal warrant had already been issued for Partlow’s arrest. When the police showed up at the accident scene, they arrested Partlow. In his possession, the police found 57 pills marked as Xanax, 12 blue pills marked “M30,” and 0.05 grams of methamphetamine. Partlow had a taser in his pocket. He also had a silver, key-shaped LaCie brand computer thumb drive.
On March 7, 2022, the defendant pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute controlled substances and to possessing firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Partlow agreed to forfeit assets found in his possession, including approximately 11.2192 Monero and 0.0064688 Bitcoin.
On July 1, 2022, Partlow will be sentenced by US District Judge Richard A. Jones in the US District Court in Seattle. He could be sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute drugs and a minimum of five years for the firearms offense.
plea agreement (pdf)

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Fucku hoe2022-03-10

lmao agreed to forfeit 11 Monero coins AND a few hundred dollars worth of btc lmaoooo broooooo like whose fuckin man’s is dis?


someone should just kill biden already10 dollars for gas per gallon. isnt anyone pissed off enough ?


what was his sellling name


What a fucking morron! lol Trezor cold storage wallet! Completely through all his OPSEC out the window with that one. He could have kept that 11 XMR until he got out as a nice nest egg. These days time flies by in jail for silly shit like what this kid got caught with. He'll probably do no more than 3. I always suspected buying a Trezor wallet or even participating with your home IP and email in crypto exchanges puts you more on the watch list than dare i say speaking anti semetic shit on Fedbook. Dowloading apps for Monero (XMR) probably does to. Best to never use Monero (XMR) applications on devices that will trace it back to you. Doesn't Monero (XMR) have a price on its privacy right meow?

Dirk Digler2022-03-19

How do they get traced? Doesn't VPN like Proton hide your IP?

dirk digler2022-03-19

Thought VPN like Proton would block your IP?

Wannabe Gangster2022-05-28

Someone needs to make their own private delivery service. A private network of nationwide couriers, with tracking information updated to a secure server. The delivery crew can be disguised as food-delivery couriers. The common thread in most cases seem to be a weakness in shipping. I suppose a private network of couriers won’t be invulnerable to undercover purchases. I suppose if you were able to independently verify each customer, that would help, but taking random customers just invites agents who will use assumed identities. Maybe a private courier network with dead drops? As long as they aren’t spotted by cameras..


I also called for that. but with few differences; if only every vendor chooses 50 to 100 trusted local customers (and same city) and delivered by themselves with no courier it would be better than using mail or couriers. Some use pigeons but they get caught.


private network of couriers would not work, good luck standing up to federal warrants plus if the service allowed for drugs to be mailed they would face trafficking charges,best to just not order if you scared


@e7ccb037 still better than relying on your street nigger/afghan/paki/etc.. for buying. These ppl always sell bad shit and they turn customers to police once caught.


seriously, I've been thinking about this for a while, only real issue is if one of the couriers gets compromised by a LEA or undercover buyer.


no bro its not commonly shipping weakness. if this article is accurate the dude made like 5 rookies OPSEC mistakes, prolly more, he did a lot of lazy shit


what a retard.. UPS.. Checking tracking without proper opsec.. the whole 'stealth' situation the feds called cracked me hahaha those cuckolds crack me up.

big brown truck2022-05-29

why are so many busted vendors using UPS? vendors actually ship with UPS? i've never seen or heard of this before in my entire DNM life. was he dropping at a UPS store and then it being delivered by USPS or was UPS delivering the pack?


A lot of dumb mistakes made here by the vendor. ALWAYS use a VPN. The servers that host the USPS tracking website obviously keep logs of IP addresses. Secondly, why the fuck wouldn't you use an anonymous BTC wallet operating on a VPN or Tor and use a mixer? They had undercover feds sending BTC straight to an account registered in his name! Also, their stealth was absolute shit and they were using UPS. They also used the same PGP keypair for two different vendor accounts. Lastly, you might as well consider wickr deprecated since it's now owned by Amazon and used by the feds themselves. They basically have an open subpoena and will hand over your ID and phone number per the wickr website as of this posting. The amount of fuck ups here is staggering. It always amazes me how much money these idiots manage to make before getting busted. Take OpSec seriously people.


You ever think that it doesn't matter regardless? I feel like no matter how good the OPSEC is, there will always be some crucial flaw that gets you caught. I'm really starting to think that everyone in that lifestyle is just living on borrowed time..


No because only cucks like u think that u bitch ass faggot. That's what LE would want every self respecting vendor to believe, yet its only self owning clowns like this that ever manage to get caught while you lap up the LE propaganda off like your faggot ass would. If you're going to be tracking your illegal shipments from your naked IP you are low hanging fruit that deserves to get busted you dumb bitch.


Thank God, put these criminals away forever and throw away the key!


e2b2575a said: "was he dropping at a UPS store and then it being delivered by USPS or was UPS delivering the pack?" You sound as stupid as the tool that got busted.


Well can anybody share the onion link of the real ToRReZ marketplace. There are a lot of these marketplaces by the same name. It's FRUSTRATING.


Well can anybody share the onion link of the real ToRReZ marketplace. There are a lot of these marketplaces by the same name. It's FRUSTRATING.


torrez is gone m8

I Go HUH????2022-06-02

The real vendors need idiots like this to keep the Po-po busy! I love it, lets get some more fools to fall on their swords.... fucking moron gave the DEA his BTC Wallet attached to his Square Account? What a fucking dumbass.... I GO GAWRR is another idiot that kept the DEA busy....

your buddy2022-06-06

Ares marketplace is planning exit scam save you money do not shop there!


are there any legit marketplaces left?


There's definately a lot to learn about this issue. I like all of the points you've made. save refuges


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