U.S. Loses Extradition Bid for the Welcome to Video Admin

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A South Korean court rejected a extradition request from the United States in a case against the administrator of the largest child pornography site on the darkweb.
A South Korean court found Jong Woo Son, 24, guilty of operating an onion service where he “monetize[d] child exploitation videos using bitcoin” called “Welcome to Video.” The court sentenced Son to 18 months in prison for his role as the administrator of the site. He completed his sentence in April 2020.
After completing the sentence, Son remained in custody while he waited for an extradition hearing. A nine-count indictment–returned by a grand jury in the District of Columbia–charged Son with an assortment of money laundering and child pornography crimes.

The Welcome to Video seizure banner

During the highly-publicized trial, human rights groups in South Korea called for Son’s extradition to the United States where he faced a lengthy prison sentence (some Welcome to Video users in the United States received 15-year prison sentences). Son’s father fought to prevent his son from being extradited. As described in a previous article about the case, Son’s father filed a lawsuit against Son in an attempt to block the extradition.
On June 7, reports from South Korea announced that the Seoul High Court had ruled against Son’s extradition to the United States. The court’s decision was based on the country’s ability to fight “sexually exploitative content” in the future. Son’s extradition to the United States would interfere with South Korea’s investigation into Welcome to Video and similar sites.
The court also said, “The decision should not be interpreted as exonerating him. Son should actively cooperate with the investigation and face proper punishment.”
An international investigation into Welcome to Video resulted in the arrest of 337 suspects worldwide, the seizure of approximately eight terabytes of child sexual exploitation videos, and the rescue of 23 children.
Son operated Welcome To Video website from 2015 to March 2018. In that time, the site’s Bitcoin addresses received more than 420 Bitcoins in more than 7, 000 transactions. An I.P. leak led investigators to Son’s residence where they arrested Son and took control of the site.

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18 months in prison for his role as the administrator of the site.? What a tally?


busted in 2018 and free in 2020. Ross Ulbricht and Julian Assange still sitting in Prison. What a cruel world.


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Dudes lucky he’s staying in Korea — good ole US of A would give it to him rough with no lube 10 + years easily.. not to mention all the people that would trying to stomp his brains out his ears in the pen. Such filth


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The Realness2020-07-09

The people calling for him to be tortured and to inflict a great deal of suffering are so idiotic because they are allowing what this man did to control them, and shows how sick people are, because you do not have to be a pedo to be a sick fuck! All the people hoping that this man gets tortured two death are saying two things... First, they are saying they do not believe in God, because if they did, they would know that God will settle things on God's terms! Two... That this man, in all his sick, and deplorable actions, also reveals the pedophiles but also the sadistic people who wish to inflict horrendous amounts of suffering onto this man as if that type of brutality is ever acceptable! This man needs a bullet to the head, and that is it! But the sick fucks wanting to hang him, beat him, piss on him, torture him, etc are equally as bad! Just like the KKK and the BLM are actually not that different, polar opposites, but equally as sick, especially when given power over others! What I am wondering is why South Korea is not extraditing him? Is the USA afraid that this man is going to snitch on US politicians and the Pizza Gate people? What does this man know? And why is South Korea resisting the USA? It means one of two things... The South Koreans are sick fucks who were bribed by all the powerful pedophiles that this man knew... Or, South Korea struck a deal with him, he said he would talk, release names, and give the South Korean government some serious clout on certain individuals, or group of individuals, which is why they are rejecting the USA because the USA doesn't care about him talking because they want to shut him up? But either could be the case and I am not sure? South Koreans can be really sick just like all humans, but after Epstein, it makes you wonder what did this guy know and why is South Korea willing to fight the USA over this little POS pedophile? I wish I knew the answer.


Cp aside How did an IP leak happen?


@Idontgetit Didn't used a Kill-switch. Or used Windows 10 / Mobile Device. Who knows.


WOW 8 terabytes of child exploitation videos that's terrible


Due to everything going on right now I was curious as I was ignorant to the whole world of cp. I looked into it and what goes on in those videos, and I seriously can't believe that this shit exists... I wanna fuck up those fucks that are doing that shit to those children, i know so many people that had that happen to them when they were kids that are all addicts now or fucked mentally. Theres some pure evil people in this world, what the fuck.

The money tree2020-07-16

420 bitcoins to himself goes to show how many perverts are using tor and the DDOS wankers would rather blackmail admins. Go blackmail the pedo site owners looks like you will make just as much money.

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Sad Eyes Mcgee2020-07-26

Seriously, we are busting old family men who are operating honest(albeit illicit) marketplaces, while this sick fuck gets a yr and a half for crimes against humanity.If only the punisher were real.


damn 18 months in prison for sharing pictures over the internet , what a crazy world we live in


This man. And those like him are very high up in politics. He knows too much. He will go free to protect others. Sick.


pedos are scum but so are rapists, murderers and other violent predators. The hate pedos get is miscalibrated. Why should they be raped in prison if rapists aren't raped too? Or murderers?