Two Australians Charged for Importing Methamphetamine

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Authorities in Australia arrested and charged two people suspected of importing 18 kilograms of meth from the US to Western Australia.
The Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force investigators arrested a 31-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man on October 18, 2021, as a result of an investigation into an intercepted meth shipment.

The AFP only provided pictures of one of the suspects.

The investigations began on October 6, after Australian Border Force officers at the Perth international mail facility intercepted a suspicious package mailed from the US. The package had a plastic container whose labels indicated that it contained wall coating. An x-ray by the officers allegedly led to the discovery of inconsistencies in the contents of the container. Two narcotic-detection dogs also gave a positive reaction to the container.
On opening the package the officers found that it carried a thick black paste that tested positive for methamphetamine. Australian Federal Police officers placed a container without drugs in place of the drug-carrying container and had it delivered to a short stay apartment in Scarborough, Perth.

The 31-year-old woman allegedly collected the package from the apartment on October 18, before meeting the 32-year-old man. The two suspects then took the package to a residence in Willetton, Perth.
The investigating officers arrested the suspects as they attempted to leave the Willetton home. They then searched the residence and found out that the duo had opened the package and emptied the container.
They were each charged with attempted possession of a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug at the Perth Magistrates Court on October 19.
ABF Commander Shaun Senior:
“Our officers are dedicated to stamping out attempts to bring illicit drugs into the country. We have the technical means and expertise to unearth any concealment method,” Commander Senior said. This outcome demonstrates the strength of the ABF’s long-standing relationships with law enforcement partners. We stand together to protect the Australian community from dangerous substances. It’s a simple message: don’t smuggle drugs into Australia. We will stop you, and you’ll face severe legal consequences."

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