Two Arrested in Portugal for Selling on the Darkweb

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Polícia Judiciária, Portugal’s national investigative agency, arrested two students for suspected drug trafficking through the darkweb, according to recent announcement from authorities in Portugal.
The Announcement

The Judiciary Police arrested two men—both of whom were students—suspected of being the perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime.

One of the arrests was conducted in compliance with an arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor of Castelo Branco. The second arrest was based on probable cause evidence obtained during the execution of the search and arrest warrants for the first suspect. Both suspects were targeted during the course of an ongoing investigation targeting drug trafficking through the darkweb and other so-called “computer platforms.” The investigation is primarily focused on distributors of “synthetic drugs.”
During execution of the search warrant, the police seized 311 MDMA pills; 689 grams of hash; 62 grams of marijuana; computer equipment and cell phones; and 420 euros in cash.
Both suspects, a 20-year-old and a 29-year-old, had no criminal record prior to their arrests on May 15. Both were taken into police custody, questioned, and remanded into police custody for “preventative measures.”
Authorities have not revealed any further information at this time.

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