Trio Admits Selling Psychedelics on the Darkweb

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Three defendants admitted they played part in the sale and distribution of psychedelic mushroom analogues through the darkweb.
The defendants, 44-year-old James Verl Barlow, of Las Vegas, 35-year-old Matthew Taylor Barlow, and 42-year-old Jennifer Helen Campbell, both of Utah, admitted they had conspired with three others in the sale of kilograms of psychedelic mushroom analogues via various darkweb marketplaces under the usernames TripWithScience and PerfectShrooms.

In addition to powdered mushroom analogues, the vendors sold liquid psychedelic mushrooms in nine-milligram vials for approximately $20 each. The defendants operated the accounts from at least November 2013 to April 2021. They distributed 315 kilograms of powdered mushrooms and 3,200 kilograms of liquid mushrooms.
The investigation that resulted in the successful conviction of all three defendants began after law enforcement officers caught an Ohio resident who had purchased liquid mushrooms from TripWithScience.

The investigators established that TripWithScience had operated on a host of darkweb marketplaces, including Monopoly, Televend, Empire Market, Dream Market, and Dark Market. Further investigations revealed that James Barlow owned the TripWithScience and PerfectShrooms vendor accounts.
Barlow had recruited his co-defendants and tasked them with processing orders he received from buyers from all over the United States and Europe. Matthew Barlow and Campbell mixed the liquid mushrooms and shipped them to co-defendants tasked with packaging the drugs and shipping them to their respective buyers.

Each of the defendants was charged with one count of conspiring to possess with intent to distribute a psychedelic mushroom analogue.
James Barlow and Matthew Barlow admitted guilt on November 23, while Campbell pleaded guilty on November 22.
James Barlow also pleaded guilty to money laundering and agreed to forfeit approximately $15 million in cash and assets he acquired from the sale of the mushrooms. The items he is set to forfeit include millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, more than $500,000 in cash, a Tesla, and land worth more than $1.5 million.
Each of the defendants could be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison on an undisclosed date.
The trio’s co-defendants Tony Du Phan of Tennessee, Ronald Royal Edward Brust, and Monet L. Carriere both of Las Vegas have not yet entered their pleas.

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Damn 10 yrs


Only 10 years and 6 years? This is fucking murder. Fuck anyone who sells something and labels it as something else. They should get life.


Not to mention he was fucking 16 years old... Literally murdered a child. Their combined sentence is 16 years, they will be out in the time he lived his life and can live more. I fucking hate this shit. People like this should be thrown into a hole, they knew, the fucking KNEW they sold poison. How the fuck is this not first degree murder? Fuck the injustice system. This is absolutely disgusting and fuck the double jeopardy laws, they should be retried for fucking first degree murder. What an absolute joke, this pisses me off so badly. As someone who loves acid, the kid was just looking for a great time, instead died. My heart goes out to the parents, I can not even imagine the loss they are going through. Fucking scumbags I hope they get shanked in prison.


straight outta compton brother, shank thoxe baddies


A reply to injustice.... People are not knowledgeable about the substances and how dangerous they are. I have done nbome many times and I was not aware either. This was not pre-meditated murder... as you can see by what was collected at the house, the amount of drugs they have was very small scale. They were small scale dealers, friends of friends most likely... and i would count this death closer to an accidental overdose. Is there a 3rd degree murder? They indeed mislabeled the tabs as lsd which they should not have done.... but it isn't really first degree murder either, they certainly did not mean to kill this boy.... and generally speaking ... there aren't SO many nbome deaths around (not to say it isnt dangerous).


This was in the early days of the dm and a lot of people were uneducated about nbomes. But that does not excuse resellers from not going the extra mile to learn exactly what they purchase for resale and to properly educate end users.


good, theres rules, and they broke them. Everybody knows nBome is terrible and can cause death like this and the people who lay it don't give a flying fuck about the dosage.


there is alot more to this story... When the kid died nBome wasnt even illegal... yup they indicted these guys after the law changed... one case is state the other Fed... The Fed Case look at the dates.. the feds waited 6 years to indict him... 6 years its now 2020 and he has to start his 10 for something that happened 8 years ago that wasnt even illegal! Any of you screaming lock him up! put him! away should be ashamed of themselves. This exactly whats wrong with the American criminal justice... We have more americans locked up then all other countries combined! and your screaming lock him up?? you dont even know these people?!


It is crazy to see this guys face in the news yet again. I don't really get it. He did 6 years, now hes doing 10, is it for the same crime?

Time Served2020-05-16

I assume after spending 6 years awaiting sentencing, he'll get 6 years time served... then the remaning 4 he needs to serve he'll probably do half.


You people screaming "lock him up" are the same kind of people that were burning witches in the 17th century. Nothing in this article said that they lied to anyone about what the substance is, so don't accuse them yet of selling something that it's not. Go to your local pharmacy and literally every item you see on the shelf has in some way been associated to a human death. There's almost nothing in the known universe that hasn't been associated with a human death at some point. There are nearly a million NBOMe users worldwide. Every state in the US including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and even some military bases at some point have had NBOMe. Every major city in the US had thousands of units being distributed. You hear one headline about it being associated with a death (which I am highly suspicious of) and it forever blocks you from considering that maybe it was as powerful tool that helped people cure lifelong anxiety and depression. But that all came to an end because of mindless witch hunters like you. You ruined it. Hardly anyone is selling NBOMe anymore, so you already got what you wanted I guess.


Filthy hippies. Couldn't be bothered to learn what it was they were selling. To busy taking it and not showering.


Imagine spending probably hundreds of bitcoin on the first silkroad buying nbomes, small amounts of hash and mdma and you end up killing a friend, go to jail for 10 years when you could have just held those cheap coins and became a millionaire legally. sad


Wow, nice fucking comment. ^ I would rather give my sincerest gratitude to the legendary vendor for fulfilling so many orders, for keeping customers happy, for bringing so much joy and amusement into our lives.


15 million dollars from shrooms. Maybe it’s just me but after the first 5 mill I’d get the fuck out of there and enjoy life. Shit 5 mill can turn to 20 mill real quick with the proper investing. This just goes to show that people aren’t in it for the money, they like to have people that rely on them. It’s an amazing feeling seeing hundreds of sales come in a week. Fucked up system we have where only the government and big pharma is allowed to distribute drugs.


15 million dollars from shrooms. Maybe it’s just me but after the first 5 mill I’d get the fuck out of there and enjoy life. Shit 5 mill can turn to 20 mill real quick with the proper investing. This just goes to show that people aren’t in it for the money, they like to have people that rely on them. It’s an amazing feeling seeing hundreds of sales come in a week. Fucked up system we have where only the government and big pharma is allowed to distribute drugs.


Man I always suspected this dude was selling analogous as "all natural " shooms. I hate when peoole do that shit.


RIP to a hero. Hopefully they all get a short sentence, because these chemicals are very obviously THERAPEUTIC and TREAT DEPRESSION. And to all the wooks who still care about natural vs. synthetic - 4-AcO-DMT is metabolized into psilocin dipshits. It's arguably a better pro-drug than psilocybin. If this guy was guilty of anything, it was price gauging. Fuck the cops.


The Coinbase subpoena results showed Barlow had vanity wallet address 1Bar1ow5zwy47N5ZkRLhvaWvVYFKT8xg8q on the account. Through cryptocurrency analysis tracing, investigators learned that 1Bar1ow5zwy47N5ZkRLhvaWvVYFKT8xg8q shares private keys with vanity address 1TWS1XtNX9pwjWJSxnRarqiZhYWRHoUWs. Investigators believe this address is associated with TWS.

dogshit denier2021-11-27

¨It´s the greed that gets ´em.¨ ---Dead criminal. If you´re getting a cool 15 million from dealing shrooms you´re doing something wrong.


funny how we live in a world where "the law" is above all logic. Like what did he do to deserve spending his life in prison? Sold some drug that makes people see through an different perspective? Ok The real crime is if he sold that stuff as "organic" shrooms when it was some psylocibin analogue but even that isnt that bad

oh ok2021-11-30

good - criminals like him deserve to be put in a cage. now if youll excuse me, i need to go pick up my oxy script at the pharmacy


Wow - They made so much money that even when they get out of the slammer, they will still be ahead. No way the feds will get all their crypto accounts, if I was them I would have crypto wallets burred or hidden in plane sight. The point I am making - If you hide your money in cryptocurrency - their is no way the feds can be sure they got it all


coinbase newbs who dont understand opsec and accept payment in btc. fail.


RIP a fucking legend m8 :^(