Three Sentenced to Prison for Selling Amphetamines

~1 min read | Published on 2022-05-19, tagged Darkweb-VendorDrug-Bust using 196 words.

Three drug dealers were sentenced at the Munich Regional Court to lengthy prison terms after police intercepted a package containing 10 kilograms of amphetamine.
In February 2021, the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (BLKA), in close cooperation with local law enforcement, arrested three drug dealers for “drug trafficking via the dark web.”
“This investigative success was preceded by extensive investigations into orders for narcotics on an online trading platform on the darkweb,” according to an announcement from the BLKA.
Police arrested three people on February 10, 2021, after one of the defendants had accepted the delivery of a shipment containing ten kilograms of amphetamine. The press release indicates that a supplier on the darkweb had shipped the amphetamine.
A separate investigation into two of the drug dealers is underway. Investigators are analyzing so-called “crypto cell phones” for evidence of additional criminal activity. One of the dealers may have dealt up to “90 kilograms of marijuana, 13 kilograms of amphetamine, and one kilogram of cocaine.
The court sentenced the defendants to prison terms of 9 years and eight months, seven years, and six years and four months. The defendants were also ordered to pay fines of up to six figures.,,

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