Three Arrested in Austria for Selling Ecstasy and Marijuana

~2 min read | Published on 2022-03-17, tagged ArrestedDrug-BustDrugs using 270 words.

Police in Braunau arrested three people for allegedly buying drugs on the darkweb and reselling them to local customers.
Police in Braunau arrested a 29-year-old Romanian, a 40-year-old Croatian citizen, and a 35-year-old Hungarian citizen for selling drugs to people in Braunau. The suspects allegedly distributed “almost 1,000 ecstasy tablets, 700 grams of marijuana in the last six months.”
Investigators believe that the 29-year-old has been ordering drugs from vendors on the darkweb since the summer of 2021. In two instances that the police are aware of, the suspect imported 1.5 kilograms of cocaine from a supplier in Germany. The 29-year-old, using a fake identity, worked as a waiter in Braunau. The suspects allegedly sold drugs to people around a “trendy bar” in the area.
He is also accused of selling a large part of the drugs to mentally disabled, underage buyers and of having received sexual favors in return.

Those allegations seem like quite the jackpot for a prosecutor. Are they saying that mentally disabled 15-year-olds, possibly at a bar, had sex with one or more defendants? Is there a concentration of underage drug buyers with mental disabilities in the area? Surely the crime would be the “sexual relations with a minor” part. Otherwise, wouldn’t the customer be just as guilty of exchanging sex for drugs?
What is the implication here?
The State Criminal Police Office of Upper Austria, the police in Vöcklabruck, and the police in Steyr arrested the defendants after the trio had received a shipment of amphetamines. During the execution of search warrants, the police found drugs intended for sale.
All three suspects made full confessions. Police are now investigating the trio’s customers.