The RCMP Arrested XanaxLabs aka Pasitheas

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In response to a warrant issued by the United States, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested Arden McCann, 32, for allegedly distributing $13 million worth of alprazolam (Xanax) and fentanyl to customers in the U.S through Alphabay, Agora, and Empire Market.
A grand jury in the Northern District of Georgia named McCann, a resident of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, in a four-count indictment. The indictment (.pdf) accuses McCann of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance; conspiracy to import a controlled substance; distribution/manufacture of a controlled substance for illegal importation; and money laundering. McCann allegedly sold millions of dollars worth of alprazolam, fentanyl, and fentanyl analogues on darkweb marketplaces under the usernames RCQueen; DRXanax; XanaxLabs; Pasitheas; TheMailMan; WhiteYellowGreen; and XanaxBlotters.

A Picture of Arden McCann | La Presse

McCann allegedly had accounts on Agora, Abraxax, Valhalla, Dream, Alphabay, Nightmare, and Empire Market.The Informant
Much of the evidence linking McCann to the darkweb vendor accounts as well as the charges in the United States came from the seized Alphabay servers as well as from an informant in the United States, according to La Presse. Information from the informant came first; U.S. customs officers arrested a 21-year-old young man for transporting approximately 82 kilograms of counterfeit Xanax pills into the United States in January 2016. Customs Agents arrested the man–identified as Cédrik Bourgault-Morin–after he had set off motion detectors in the woods near the border between the United States and Canada. Footprints in the snow showed the he had been dragging his sled from Canada into the United States when stopped by agents.
The drug trafficker pleaded guilty and received a one-year prison sentence. Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration later met with an individual identified as one of McCann’s co-conspirators in the drug trafficking operation. The informant told the DEA that the 21-year-old had been trafficking drugs for McCaan.
McCaan, according to court documents, imported bulk quantities of alprazolam and fentanyl from China and processed the drugs in Canada before sending his products to customers in the United States. McCaan had co-conspirators move weight from Canada to the United States.Alphabay
In July 2017, agents with Federal Bureau of Investigation seized an unencrypted computer owned by Alexandre Cazes, the alleged administrator of the Alphabay darkweb marketplace. As the FBI conducted a raid on Cazes’ home in Thailand, the RCMP raided houses and businesses in Canada where the Alphabay administrator had installed the servers responsible for hosting the market. Law enforcement then had access to all the information available only to the administrator of Alphabay, including information on the accounts McCann allegedly controlled.

Also in July 2017, the RCMP C Division’s Joint Organized Crime Investigation Unit (UMECO) placed McCann under 24-hour surveillance. An undercover agent contacted McCann daily. Agents monitored McCann’s communications. Canadian law enforcement collected evidence linking physical activities to matching activity on McCaan’s accounts on the darkweb. Finally, in late 2019, the RCMP executed a search warrant at McCann’s house where they seized computers and other electronic devices.
Using the data seized by the RCMP as well as the information from the Alphabay servers, United States authorities linked McCann to seven vendor accounts and more than 10,000 transactions between 2015 and the Alphabay seizure in July 2017. He had allegedly earned 1,675 Bitcoins on Alphabay alone (worth more than $14 million now). The electronic devices contained information on customers shipments, allowing authorities to identify some of the vendor’s customers on Alphabay.<style>.ajr>details{max-height:350px;overflow:auto}</style>
<details class="ajr"><summary>Dream Market Archive for Xanaxlabs</summary>

Investigators also demonstrated that McCaan continued to sell drugs on different darkweb marketplaces, such as Empire Market, even after the Alphabay takedown. McCaan had no plans on stopping, according to US authorities. The XanaxLabs account on Empire was last accessed on February 28 (which could also be the date law enforcement last accessed the account).

Using the Pasitheas account, the suspect posted advertisements on Dread as recent as last week.

United States authorities asked law enforcement in Canada to arrest McCann and hold him through the extradition proceedings, citing McCann’s potential flight risk. The United States has already seized the accounts McCaan had used for cyptocurrency transactions but is not sure if the 32-year-old still has assets outside the traditional banking system.
An investigation by the RCMP is ongoing.

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So he was ratted. Shame.

Tyrone Jamal Johnson2020-03-02

Fucking rat should've done his time and walked out with a big chunk of change


Although not mentioned as an alias, I wonder if this is Alpraking


Is this any relation to doctorxanax3


Alphabay, Agora, and Empire Market all u need to know moving on


Fuck boy robbed me for $4000 as the “RCQueen” Karma ... lol 😂 Piece of shit trash ass Xanax also ... fuck him


Soooo that was who was behind sled boy. Xanax cartel. His own greed fucked him because after your boy is busted with kilos of Xanax you don’t think homie is going to cop a deal and not set you up?!? Another one bites the dust.

which doctor xanax2020-03-02

Yeah I just placed an order from DoctorXanax3 on Empire like 2 minutes before reading this. If it is actually him, I'm very much hoping they didn't get his private key. After searching for all his vendor names on Empire, I found: - DRXanax: not a vendor on Empire - RCQueen: not a vendor on Empire - Pasitheas: a vendor on Empire, but with zero feedback - WhiteYellowGreen: not a vendor on Empire - XanaxBlotters: a vendor on Empire with only 82 feedback, and has been on vacation mode since November 2019 - XanaxLabs: a vendor on Empire, operates in Canada, and has no feedback after Feb 26. Could totally be him, but the account has only 27 feedback, and this guy supposedly sold $19 million worth of goods. Perhaps most of that was sold outside of Empire? Other observations: - The key listed for XanaxLabs on Dream doesn't match DoctorXanax3's Empire key - In DoctorXanax3's Empire profile he mentions that he had the same name on Dream (i.e. not XanaxLabs) - DoctorXanax3 has positive feedback as of today - Someone on Dread listed a bunch of accounts other than DoctorXanax3 as being controlled by this guy My conclusion: this guy and DoctorXanax3 are not the same person. I hope.


This seems to be the right answer.


So we finally hear who is behind the sledding. I remember that Alpraking completely denied being connected to this. Wonder if his name will show anytime soon (I think he said he retired before the sledding incident)


That's what you get for having such a sloppy operation that you're having 21 year olds who KNOW YOUR REAL NAME haphazardly walking across the border with 82 kilos in pills. Brainiacs. Low hanging fruit on a high level.


The Canadian judicial system is a joke. This guy got 90 days and a $2500 fine for getting caught with 5 pill presses. It's no wonder canada ran the xanax game for so long.

str8 faggot2020-03-06

lmfao fake old news candyland234 aka quantikusa


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