The Admin of SamSara Market is Gone

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SamSara Market, the official yet unofficial successor to Dream Market, has been down for several days without any explanation from the market’s administration. The administrator of the market has been keeping the staff in the dark as well, according to a recent post by one of the market’s most senior staff members.
Although the unexpected downtime of SamSara Market was initially blamed on a denial of service attack, staff members have now changed their statements. They have no reasonable explanation for the downtime or for the suspicious disappearance of the marketplace’s administrator. Market staff are now approaching on two weeks without hearing a word from their employer on the marketplace.<h2 id="the-timeline">The Timeline </h2>November 9
On November 9, the “Announcer” account for SamSara Market, /u/SamSara, blamed the downtime on a “heavy denial-of-service attack.
Dear users,

We are currently under a heavy denial-of-service attack.
The market will be backup running any time soon.
We apologize for the downtime.
Best regards,

-Team SamSara.

At the time, the given explanation made some sense; the market has been struggling under the weight of an ongoing denial-of-service attack for months. It frequently timed out in the middle of sessions. Users saw the messages from staff on the SamSara homepage that often contained information about the denial of service attack and the implementation of countermeasures. For the casual user, perhaps the November 9 explanation made sense.

The SamSara Market Homescreen

Darknetlive stopped receiving messages from the administrator approximately one month ago. Others on Dread seem to have experienced something similar. Waterchain explained that the administrator had not been arrested and that he simply had no free time. This is a point he reiterated in the most recent post on Dread.November 12
On November 12, the SamSara account on Dread posted the following message (emphasis added):
Hey everyone,

I want to make clear to everyone on what is going on , i am going to have to be honest with everyone.<br>The last message i had from the admin was a message saying that i had to be here on Saturday, so i was there at Saturday and the market seemed to be offline.<br>So me and other staff members thought the usual that there was a DDos so my colleague did setup the post as it is an denial of service attack.<br>The reason for me to be there on Saturday was probably to CROWD control as it is my job.<br>I do not see any reason to EXIT from the admin, especially when the market was going so well in such a fast time.<br>From my believing it might be an update or something, the admin loves to have things set and running smooth and is very annoyed by the Ddos attacks.<br>The admin would also never pull the plug without even letting people withdraw their money.<br>For op-sec reasons i do not wan’t to go to much in details, but our admin was pretty much every now on then on vacations and living life, so it could be that some error happened on the server and he just did not check it.<br>As again i do not see any reasons for an EXIT.<br>I hope SamSara will be back online as fast as possible.

A Post by Waterchain on Dread

In short: the market administrator had apparently instructed the operator of the /u/SamSara account to be online on November 9. On November 9, SamSara staff noticed that the market was down and that the administrator had stopped responding to their messages. The staff, believing the admin had wanted them online to work in a PR capacity, posted the November 9 message on their own.November 12 Pt. 2
On the same day that /u/SamSara posted the above message, the “General Support” account “/u/BlueSamSara” posted a somewhat contradictory message on on Dread about the status of the administrator. It is unlikely that BlueSamSara is in contact with the administrator and not the senior member of the staff.
Throw your rotten tomatoes or whatever you’d like at me when I ask to have a little more patience and unfortunately that’s all I am at liberty to say.

A SamSara Staffer Defending the Market

November 14
Waterchain, in response to a request from Darknetlive, provided the following statement:
We believe, as moderators, that the server has been turned off. We also believe the admin was very upset due to the ddos again, there was an easy way to figure it out by using “rotating mirrors” as a temporary solution, but the admin kept refusing to use them.

Many people believe my colleague Alexei has disappeared. I can tell you that he was around during that time (messaging me) even though he kept ignoring people. I was told on Friday (November 1) to be online on Saturday. So I kept waiting and waiting and the next week exactly on a Saturday the server shut off.

The whole ‘shutdown’ does not make any sense at all, but I do not believe the admin has been arrested. The admin is one of the smartest guys around and i respect him for who he is.

The statistics were rising we had tons of users and everything went well. There were a lot of new moderators in the line ready to jump in.

I hope the market will be back up any time soon so we can resume everything and hopes it goes smooth. Furthermore i have no information about the shutdown.

The last time I spoke to Alexei was within the last 14 days.
<h2 id="ongoing-status">Ongoing Status </h2>
There is no point in warning users to stay away from the market as the market is clearly inaccessible. Very few people likely expect the market to return at this point. The return of a market after more than a day of unplanned downtime is more than statistically unlikely. The disappearance the only person capable of bringing the market back online makes the return even more unlikely.
On Dread, some users have proposed a theory involving the CyberBunker raid. It took place around the same time that Alexei stopped replying to messages from anyone but market staff. Waterchain’s statement revealing that he had last heard from Alexei “within the last 14 days” contradicts the theory (assuming Waterchain was not unknowingly talking with undercover law enforcement officers).

The CyberBunker Seizure Page

Waterchain posted a comment about the date the server went down.
It could be very well that the server cost are not paid, why ? the launch was on the 7th of a month and the server went offline at 8th.
Technically on the 4th but those could have been client sided edits without it being hosted on a server yet , i got invited on the 7TH.

One of the most reasonable explanations yet. It still does not explain why. Did the administrator intentionally ignore the market or is something preventing him from paying for the servers. It also seems unlikely that the administrator of such a popular market would have paid enough to host the market for a couple of months. Did he plan on dropping off the face of the earth only five months after launch?
This post is open ended. Waterchain might have something to say about the ordeal on Sunday if the market has not returned by then. Feel free to post your wild speculations because at this point there is no better information. Of course, the simplest answer is that the administrator exit scammed with a young market.

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Other css exfil vulnerability victim. This will continue, if not patched by Chrome and Firefox.


Regarding the cyberbunker. When LE seized the Servers they Did Not immediately shut them Down. To This Very moment They are working on Securing evidence rack by Rack and shutting down servers if Ready. What I mean. The market could Have been on a server secured just few Days ago and when ready that’s when The the site went down finally.


Seems this vector attack will be used on all the weak markets. Long live Cryptonia, #1 in the game.


Synchronizer, you need to stop using security terms incorrectly and actually ship product to your customers!

This is not a bust2019-11-15

Admin made enough money in the five months it was running had the staff meet him and no show. This alone should show you it's an exit scam he wanted the staff around to deal with the fallout he knew was coming.


one word. Honeypot Soon the first Vendors will disapear, they will snitch anyone else to makle their sentence lower. There where enough warnings, but some thaught they know better.


If you have bought from Samsara in the last 3 months, I would get rid of any evidence including the machine you bought it from. LE has the PGP keys to read your orders.


Did waterchain ever sign a PGP message?


Wow, pathetic to see Synchronizer would shill for his scamming ass on dnl.


I'm shocked to see Synchronizer shill for his scamming ass on dnl... Fucking loser and waste of space


welp time to hop over to darkmarket yall

Blah blah blah2019-11-15

Haha, great honeypot since the market is down. It is highly entertaining to read all the the unfounded theories every time a market goes down. FUD, FUD and more FUD.


The Honeypot-theory doesn‘t make much sense. Why? For simple reasons: The cyberbunker was in Germany. The german law makes it impossible to run a hole market as a honeypot for german LE. Look how it was with Hansa. The admins where Germans, but the server from Hansa was in the Netherlands. Who run the Hansa-honeypot? It was the Dutch police... So when the server from Samsara was at Cyberbunker, they where under german law and it‘s defently illegal for german LE to create or run a market as a honeypot. Do an exitscam, in of course, dangerous times that we have actually on the Darknet is the best thing what an market admin can do. Not every market has an idea of freedom and a political statement behind it, how for example Ross Ulbricht had once behind silk road. So an exit scam is a good way to make money in a short period and they give a fuck of the community that was scamed and that is now pissed of, or scared why nobody knows what really happened. Thats business. Samsara has do a simple exit scam like many others before. And even if the admin of samsara is getting busted maybe, it‘s not sure that LE has control over the market.

He gets it ^2019-11-15

The poster above me gets it. This is another exit scam. The admin asking team members to come online the day Samsara went down gives it away. The admin knew this would cause a fuss and having the team around to defend it gave him time to clear wallets etc crafty trick. Another scumbag admin bites the dust hopefully he is raped by a nigger.

SHE gets it, please ;)2019-11-15

...hopefully raped by a nigger with a huge dick *lmao* :D


So German LE couldn’t allow a joint investigation with an agency that DOES allow running dnms? Let that sink in.

What now?2019-11-16

So do y’all think this was a honeypot for LE? Ark would it be linked to Dream?

Honeypot is bs2019-11-16

Honeypot is bs. The market looked like Dream and that's all. Not the same admin. Nothing to indicate a honeypot and if it was there would be a big fat seized banner up right now to cover up the fact it was a honeypot.


Damn @123 CSS vulnerability is working since 2012 it's the user's fault if they got fucked by it


SR3.1 is the Honeypot They’re taking down all the other markets in hopes frantic buyers go to the most well known name and send currency and get rich.

Question for everyone ever scammed by a market admin2019-11-16

You're alone with a loaded gun no dna evidence and no cameras around do you shoot the admin dead? Only can answer for my own self and am shooting him/her dead and any family he/she has with them family first so he knows why.

Are You Trying to Get Arrested2019-11-16

Shoot the admin their children and their family. Traderoute admin aka NIghtmare admin aka a UK cocaine vendor is on **[removed as a borderline call to action]**

Joint investigation2019-11-16

Even if they wanted to conduct a joint investigation, the fact is that the servers are on German soil and under German law. The german law clearly states that no crime may be committed to uncover another crime. So as an extreme example: they are not allowed to sell drugs to anyone to arrest a dealer. They are also not allowed to operate an illegal platform to uncover something illegal. They make themselves liable to prosecution. The Americans may, according to their law. But that doesn't change the fact that German law applies here. What they will definitely do is evaluate the seized servers and their data. Since wallstreet market was operated through the cyberbunker, LE will search for usernames, passwords and unencrypted addresses and conversations and they will try to log in to current markets with usernames and passwords. Anyone who hasn't encrypted with Pgp and doesn't know what 2FA is, is fucked. LE will fuck without much investment the users who have made mistakes. Tracking Bitcoins is possible, but it takes a lot of effort, because of the amount of data they will be able to lock up enough people without much effort. So this Scamsara exit, will surely not be biggest problem in the future.


@123 css exfil attacks? stop spreading FUD to scare people and sound smart a content security policy (which samsara had) and escaping html characters makes it impossible



fuck it2019-11-16

its just sad, that this beautiful market closed.


Why tf did this happened sucks. Had a few orders coming too one got seized and the other two haven't came. Pos admin damn.


Why hasn't anyone suggested that the admin of Burpsalami was the same executive operator behind Samaryan?


Its actually a bonehead move, because forums like hydra, that successfully thwart ddos attacks and apprehension of server, have operated for nearly 20 years. That forum earns about 1 billion annually. So exiting with a million or so, is not really smart business at all. Smart business is creating an honest site, that has a responsive admin, and a fair resolution system. Dream did a great job at that as well.


Schwerer Gustav has hacked Samsara, he also hacked Cryptonia and he will not stop! in my humble opinion, he also hacked Dream Market and others. This will not End, belive me


Hey guys do you knew any darkt net web sites like samsara ?? I Think samsara will never going on again, you know ?? Write me please web sites like samsara, but not point free markt, because this markt can I already.


Few weeks before it went down, I transfered 47€ worth bitcoins to my new samsara account - after transfer my balance was over 500€. I quickly ordered for 50€ (no sign of order as of today) and cashed out the rest. Anyone explain how that is even possible?