Teen Expected Arrest After Darkweb Drug Purchase

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An Isle of Man teenager admitted ordering 53 grams of ketamine on the darkweb. “I’m not surprised. I was expecting to be arrested,” the defendant told the police during his arrest.
Joshua David Quayle, of Ellam Park, Ramsey, admitted production of ketamine and possession with intent to supply ketamine.
Authorities intercepted a suspicious package at the Isle of Man Post Office on November 5, 2020. The package was addressed to a woman at Waverly Terrace in Ramsey but postal authorities noticed that Quayle had made several calls about the package’s whereabouts.
Law enforcement opened the package and found two DVD cases containing bags of white powder. One bag contained 32.67 grams of ketamine with a purity of only 36%. The other bag contained 20.57 grams of ketamine with a purity of only 34%. Police reported the ketamine was worth up to $3,000 on the street.
When the police arrested the teenager, he told them, “I’m not surprised. I was expecting to be arrested.” He responded to all their questions with “no comment.” He was released on bail.
Later, the teenager contacted the police to attend a voluntary second interview. During that interview, he admitted obtaining the ketamine on the darkweb. He told the police that he had planned to pay £800 ($1,065) in Bitcoin for ketamine. He said he had also planned to sell some of the ketamine to pay the darkweb drug dealer.
Sentencing will take place on January 2021 following the completion of a probation report.

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