Talking to Cops: Austrian Man Admits Darkweb Drug Orders

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Police in Upper Austria arrested a man suspected of importing large quantities of drugs purchased through the dark web.
The Upper Austria State Police Directorate disclosed in a press release that police officers in Wels received information about the defendant from an undisclosed law enforcement agency. Austrian law enforcement launched an investigation into the 29-year-old man using the received data.
The undisclosed law enforcement agency informed police in Wels that the 29-year-old had ordered a total of 1500 grams of amphetamine from a vendor on the darkweb.
Police in Wels executed a search warrant at the suspect’s residence on January 15, 2022. The search resulted in the seizure of an undisclosed quantity of amphetamine and a handgun. Police officers arrested the 29-year-old at the residence.
During an “interview” with police, the defendant allegedly admitted to investigators that he had imported a total of at least four kilograms of amphetamine, approximately 180 grams of cocaine, 48 ecstasy pills, as well as tilidine and Xanax.
Authorities transferred The defendant to the Wels Prison pending trial.

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