Tabooless User Klaus Sentenced to Prison

~2 min read | Published on 2018-05-22, tagged Child-AbuseSentenced using 271 words.

During an ongoing legal battle between the courts and the eight alleged child abusers in the Staufen abuse case, one suspect felt motivated to inform on the other alleged child abusers. This information, to the police’s surprise, connected several members of the recently seized darknet chat site “Tabooless” or “Tabooless Chat.”
Through the use of information from the informant, the information from the seized Tabooless servers, and clever analysis of videos taken by the abusers, German prosecutors convicted a man for his role in the abuse of a seven-year-old.
On some darknet child abuse sites, the 50-year-old used the name “Klaus.” In the courtroom, though, the people leaned his real name: “Knut S.” S pleaded guilty to the following charges:

  • Sexually abusing the seven-year-old on two occasions (rape);
  • Producing child pornography;
  • Forcing the child into so-called prostitution.

  • The prosecution urged the Freiburg Regional Court to sentence S. to 12 years in prison. The defense argued for a maximum of four years. Clearly the court subtracted the defense’s number from the Prosecution’s number and handed down the difference: eight years in prison. He also owes the child 12,500 Euros for the “prostitution.”
    I understand the concept of restitution all too well. But a price on the already-illegal child abuse is based on what, ex
    actly? The judge’s random decision making or how much the could would have earned as an adult? If the past few months have shown me anything, though, it is that German law enforcement are learning how to handle crime on the darknet and child abuse sites in particular. While I do not understand the decision… they know better than I do when it comes to the law.
    Hat tip to Rüdiger Soldt for fine courtroom reporting.