Tabooless Chat Member Appeals Sentence

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After being sentenced for his role in the abuse of a nine-year-old boy in the Schleswig-Holsteiner abuse case, the 44-year-old defendant has appealed his eight-year prison sentence.
In his appeal, he argued that the court could not prove that he wanted to both rape and kill the child.
The police had taken over the accounts of the boy’s parents, so they caught the man before he managed to see or interact with the boy
The trial is related to the case of the abused nine-year-old from the
Freiburg area. The court ruled that the electrician planned to rape
the boy
He had met the mother’s partner through the Darknet and asked whether
he could abuse and kill the child. He had serious intention to carry
out these killing fantasies, the court said. For the planned rape he
had traveled to Karlsruhe with handcuffs and tape with a cloth to
gag. But he fell into the police’s trap and was intercepted upon
arrival at the meeting place arranged Tabooless Chat
The case is ongoing.